Saturday, August 30, 2014

Minnesota Investment Property Blog Goes Away, Leaving Only "Is This Your Domain Name?" Notice To Mark Its Passage...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

This is the third of three blog posts making historical note of the demise of blogs that once occupied my blog roll, for two previous posts click here and here. 

The Minnesota Investment Property Blog (www.minnesota has occupied a place on my blog roll since about 2010, but unlike other blogs I've highlighted it was NOT a site with a mission I supported even in the broadest sense. 

In fact, "MIPB" was promoting tours through my neighborhood to highlight...

...depressed real estate prices and opportunities for investors to buy, buy, buy. 

While our neighborhood certainly needed good investors back then, (and still needs those investors today) it was the overall sense of prudent political leadership in the neighborhood that bus tours of random people with money burning a hole in their pocket was NOT the kind of investment we were seeking. 

So why highlight that blog on my blog roll? Simple. We wanted to keep track of what they were doing. 

And every time a new bus tour was announced and popped to our wary attention on the blog roll, it was an opportunity to make polite postings and say, hey, you bet... 

Come and see our neighborhood! And be aware that, yes, we DO have extensive rental property regulations and we DO have neighbors watching these properties and reporting outrageous behavior by owners or tenants. (That's when I'd post a particularly notable example of neighbors getting involved over outrageous landlord behavior) So be advised our neighborhood is NOT the Wild West where somebody with money and property can get away with almost anything and everything. Like the sign and the slogan say: 

"We Watch, We Call." 

Well, the days of the investment property tours seem to have ended. The last post on Minnesota Investment Property Blog was approximately two years ago:

Currently, nothing remains on the site except the usual "is this your domain name?" stuff with links for, inter alia, fixing bad credit and commodities trading. 

Once again, all that online material which was produced with so much human effort and creativity doesn't even remain as part of an archive for historians. Sad. 

But in the great battle for the heart and soul of North Minneapolis (what NoMi is, what NoMi can be, what NoMi will become) the home owners and their social media creations are still here, still dug in and holding on, and the "Minnesota investment property blog" is... 




Anonymous said...

Are these posts meant to prepare people for your blog going away?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully like the blog I hope its readers and participants have an early demise as well.

Anonymous said...

The tales of our demise(*deaths you dumb fuck's) are surely premature, sirs!(can you pluralize that?) The cream rises to the top you lame shit eating asshole.