Wednesday, August 6, 2014

(TEMPORARY NON-CONTROVERSIAL BLOGGING RESTRICTION IN PLACE) A Reader Chimes In With An Idea About How Maybe Johnny Northside Could Blog Without Actually Writing Anything, JNS Blog Responds With A List Of Ways How "If It Bleeds..."

Photo, blog post by John Hoff, CENSORSHIP DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!!!! 

Click here for editorial explaining (to the degree I can explain it right now) why this blog is "chilled" in its free speech. Readers and supporters are directed to the PayPal button to the right to help me eventually achieve a thawing spell, or so I hope. 

In the meantime, I recommend my frustrated readers go to North Vent Facebook Forum for a pep-inducing addictive fix of North Minneapolis information and opinion. (For now, wait until THAT forum is chilled, too, and I can totally see the writing on the wall) 

But I am being careful over there at North Vent too, because I am CHILLED. Mostly I am just pressing the "like" button now and then. 

But recently my "$10 Johnny Northside donations fun rider" (who is getting this second ride for free, I guess, what a bargain!) gave me some feedback by email on this odd First Amendment situation, as follows...

How about a picture only blog? Remember when you were a kid how fun it was looking at picture books and maybe even when you were older and looking at playboys lol  just a thought I know you can tell a story without words and Id love to see what you can come up with in your archive of pics. 

Hope to see you back to writing soon, sorry Im so broke I would have thrown ya at least 20 but just payed the mortgage in my underwater home. 

To which JNS blog says: 

Ah, yes, my "archive of pics." I could just be like a French mime who doesn't use words but paints pictures with his hands, only I would be pressing the "upload" button over and over again instead of stroking invisible cats...

Well, I do have some interesting and exclusive photos taken of a recent murder scene but...not publishing those. 


My new mottos: 

If it bleeds, it doesn't lead; in fact it isn't even allowed in line. 

If it bleeds, it better have a belt to tie around the injured limb because I ain't helping and maybe getting hepatitis or worse.  

If it bleeds, well, that's what Band-Aids are for, not what blogs are for. I don't even have adhesive strips and I'm sure not sterile. 

If it bleeds, oh god, I can't stand the sight of blood. (Soft gurgle-y wretching sound) 

Murder? Controversy? Crime? Malfeasance with neighborhood monies? In my neighborhood? 

I don't see any evidence of it on this blog at this particular moment, do you?


The best I can come up with for an interesting "archive" photo is this sad little googly-eyed robot I saw recently at Ax-Man Surplus in St. Paul. 

Oops. I called him "googly-eyed" and he's WEARING A SIGN that says he's "fragile" and be nice to him. 


I must be soooooooooooo careful not to offend ANYBODY who MIGHT TAKE OFFENSE. 

Not somebody who is RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE, not somebody who HAS THEIR OWN BLOG, not somebody who is CHARGED WITH A CRIME OR CONVICTED OF ONE, not NOBODY.  

I am chilled so hard I fear my fingers will break off on the keyboard like icicles... 


Tinkle, pink pink plonk. 


Lion News said...

Wolfy Johnny Northside (of Oklahoma?) is such a drama queen, isn't he? Oh that's right it's part of a preplanned soap opera script for a threatened lawsuit, correct? “Give me (blank) or I'll sue you!”, right? Standard operating procedure for Wolfy Johnny, right? What does Wolfy Johnny want right now, huh? Permission to wreak havoc in Oklahoma, right? A license to hunt prey and victimize individuals in Oklahoma, right? Lest we forget Wolfy Johnny has a so-called “right” to howl “Fire!” in a crowded theater, doesn't he?

Aggressiveness: The Tantrum Trap … aggressive people are insistent on standing up for their own rights while ignoring and violating the rights of others. Contacts: Communicating Interpersonally, by Teri Kwal Gamble & Michael Gamble, page 351.

That way Wolfy Johnny has plenty of carcasses to feed on, right? And the most important thing (And I do mean thing, don't I?) in the world is Wolfy Johnny, right? Wolfy Johnny wants special rules for Wolfy Johnny, doesn't he? And why not? Wolf Johnny is “special,” isn't he? At least in his own sick and twisted mind, right?

For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Acts 20:29 KJV.

And if Wolfy Johnny doesn't get what he wants, then he is going to: 1. Threaten to hold his breath until he passes out, right? 2. Have a major howling hissy fit with all sorts of wolf-like crocodile tears, right? 3. Start threatening to sue all sorts of “naughty” people who didn't cater to Wolf Johnny's every capricious and arbitrary whim, right? I'm going to have to pop some popcorn the next time I read the sob story soap opera that Wolfy Johnny is spinning, aren't I? I am, aren't I?

Anonymous said...

Boy, you're really trying to play the martyr and make people feel sorry for you, aren't you?

You brought this all on yourself. You have no one to blame but John W. Hoff.

There are thousands of bloggers, yet few have as poor a reputation as you.

People call you an asshole.
You reply saying your blog is popular.

People warn you that you are your own worst enemy and you never learn from your past.
You call them trolls.

You only see what you want to see. You are blind to anything negative about yourself. All you have ever seen in the constructive advice people have offered are spelling and grammar errors.

And at long last when everything boils down to the fact that you screwed up your ultimate goal of a law license, you want to try and blame that denial on your first amendment rights being trampled.

Who is denying you the right to free speech?
NO ONE has denied you your first amendment rights. No one is currently denying you your first amendment rights.
You have written everything you have wanted in this blog since 2008.


If, in the end, the denial of your law license is affirmed it will not be due the the suppression of your first amendment rights.
It will be 100% due to your highly documented and well publicized lack of ethics, dishonesty, and disrespect for the law.

This blog is exhibit #1.
YOU have provided the evidence.
YOU are the smoking gun.
YOU have no one to blame but John W. Hoff.

It is truly is a shame that someone who is as intelligent and learned as you is incapable of recognizing the harm that you do to yourself.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you could read North Vent without having a facebook account, like North Minneapolis Crime Watch's facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shister John, what happened? I sure hope you get to write this "story of chill" when the ice settles. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:55 AM you sound like you're standing up for the trash in North. The sub human garbage that you're seemingly protecting are the ones who lack ethics, are dishonest, and have disrespect for the law head and shoulders above Johnny. I might not agree with everything John says or does but it's certainly going to be wonderful when you shit people are priced out of North for good. Have fun in Blaine asshole!... At least you'll be closer to your white trash heroin addict customers.

Johnny Northside! said...

I have told people commenting before that I do not care for that word "subhumans" which has racial overtones and even Nazi overtones. You discredit your own point when you use it. However, in a spirit of debate as usual--at least for a little while longer until an even deeper First Amendment chill settles in--I am holding my nose and approving your comment.

Lion News said...

Oh Wolfy Johnny do you have even have an iota or a scintilla of evidence to call my mental abilities into question? You don't, do you? However, you do have a family history of questionable mental abilities, don't you? Note: I live in lawless Pope Co. not lawless Douglas Co., don't I? Oh, and what did my comment that you rejected say, huh? Something about defaming me, right? By the way, do you have any proof that I believe in or promote any crazy conspiracy theories? You don't, do you? You certainly have an axe to grind with people who expose corrupt people like you though, don't you?

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, look who's here.

"Lion News" is a naive small town entity with an axe to grind against Stanek and, well, law enforcement in general. I know this guy and, well, I'm not impressed. Some time ago Lion News asked for my help with advice about how to obtain some police data and I foolishly helped. WIthin a day or two, Lion News started throwing my name around like I was an ally of Lion News and I had to put the word out to those concerned that I have nothing to do with this guy. This is pretty much the pattern. Associate with Lion News, give Lion News help, and you'll regret it.

But since Lion News is actually commenting on point and raising substantive issues in a political race, I will allow that. But if Lion News ,starts to act nutty (which I fear is pretty much inevitable and will occur within no more than 48 hours) then Lion News won't be allowed to comment about ANYTHING AT ALL.
June 7, 2014 at 1:17 PM

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, you got me. A typo.

You totally got me.

I don't care whether the pictures are on your blog. You have them and I want NOTHING to do with ”you or your crazy little campaign to turn this minor matter into something of even modest size. I do not care to put that story on my blog and you will not be getting access to my 3,000 page views per day. Though, of course, if you had enough sense to ask nicely or be more manipulative you might sometimes get somewhere...

But you don't.

And what police reports are you even talking about? Kindly look over the FOUR THOUSAND PLUS STORIES on my blog and link to the single story which includes a Hennepin County POLICE REPORT. I think you have certain offices of Hennepin County all mixed up. I can see how that happens, give your limited insight into government entities larger than a county sheriff and half a dozen deputies. You really should stick to fishing in your own little pond out in Douglas County and not try to run with the big dogs.
June 7, 2014 at 7:13 PM

Johnny Northside! said...

Lion News,

Your comment is rejected.

And I don't want the reports or any further contact with you. You will not be allowed to comment further.

If somebody else offered me the reports I'm sure I would find them interesting. I might even publish those, though I don't see the actions of this young man as reflecting in any way on our sheriff. Fair is fair, though, I'd probably publish the reports because they are exclusive and "blog worthy."

But what it comes down to is I don't want the reports from YOU. That would require further sustained contact with you.

And therefore I don't want the reports from any other source, either, since they've already been yours and you are connected to them. I simply do not want to interact with you let alone receive information from you. I don't care if you have a picture of a gunman on the grassy knoll. Take your wares elsewhere.
June 9, 2014 at 7:27 PM

Johnny Northside! said...

A comment that I am rejecting asks why the phrase "white trash" is allowed but comments using the "n word" (which the commenter then throws around viciously in ALL CAPS) aren't published.

To which I say: Simple. Because "white trash" doesn't hurt or sting the same way and because it's my blog and I make the rules.

Johnny Northside! said...

My comment right above this comment was not directed at Lion News but a DIFFERENT commenter who was anonymous.

Well, that is to an anonymous commenter.

Anonymous said...

You are chicken shit boy so put your tail between your legs and go back to Grand Forks or Seattle or ..wait a minute're in Oklahoma so never mind. Al is still suing you and his relatives are ready to whup dat ass if they spot you.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am not aware of any lawsuit by Al Flowers.

Anonymous said...

Not aware of any lawsuits against you?
That would make sense because, as long as you avoid being served (in Oklahoma) then in your mind the lawsuit does not exist.

Johnny Northside! said...

No, it's really more like "as long as the lawsuit only exists as fictitious comments from anonymous people who are hoping to induce worry or paranoia--but can't because their pattern of behavior is too well known--THEN it does not exist."

Also, "If the lawsuit is not listed on MNCIS, then 99 times out of 100, it does not exist."

Also, "If I'm sitting right in plain sight, and nobody tried to serve me, then 99 times out of 100, it does not exist."

Also, "If somebody was trying to serve me, they wouldn't tip me off by anonymous comment, so almost certainly it does not exist."

Also, "If Al Flowers was suing somebody at this particular moment in time I'd already be reading about it in the news, so it does not exist."

Anonymous said...

You don't think it hurts when black folks call us white folks names?
Well, let me tell you a thing or two!
I was walking down Broadway coming back from getting a delicious hot and juicy from Wendy's and some old guy sticks his head out his car window and yells to me, "You ain't nothin' but a two-bit Ho!" I yelled back that I was worth at least six bits.
He just shook his head and said that's still less than a dollar.
So try to be a trifle more sensitive with these matters.
He just kept driving away and yelling at me.
Maybe he couldn't afford to have his tonsils removed and paid just to have them loosened.
I don't understand why he kept yelling, other than just having his tonsils loosened and needing to keep them limbered up.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Al doesn't sue me for breach of humor. That comment about a 3-installment tonsillectomy had nothing to do with him.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Johnny Northside! said...

"Two-bit ho" is not a racially pejorative term. I am afraid you missed the point of that discussion about the hurt of "n word" versus terms thrown at whites.

In any case, it's my blog and if I want to approve some comments and not others, IT IS MY BLOG. I am not required in any way to be completely consistent. Some comments strike me as garbage unworthy of publication and others strike me as...

Garbage I'm going to publish for purposes of a good First Amendment discussion.

Johnny Northside! said...

Comment rejected, though it has some very interesting free speech aspects I'd be interested in publishing, particularly the innovative use of a phrase. But for the moment, I am chilled in my First Amendment rights and I just don't need the kind of in-your-face racial politics represented by the rejected commenter.

Try reformulating your comment in a more moderate, less in-your-face kind of way and I will consider publishing it.

Anonymous said...

Well post the goddamn comment so I can remember what I said and let me see what needs to be "corrected"for my abused and misunderstood Johhny who seems to be totally intimidated by poverty pimps.
You have a lot of nerve when you tell someone to not be "in your face" and your consistency is lacking.