Tuesday, August 5, 2014

(TEMPORARY NON-CONTROVERSIAL BLOGGING RESTRICTION IN PLACE) You Must Be At Least $10 High To Get On Board The Johnny Northside Donations Fun Ride...

Stock photo, child at a North Minneapolis Islamic learning center,
circa 2008, blog post by John Hoff

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Yesterday I received a THIRD cash donation. And don't think I don't realize what's up, oh, yes I do...

Some folks realize as soon as I receive a donation I'm blogging about it, because I'm temporarily unable to blog about (here insert a list of names, all more or less public figures, other bloggers and former candidates for office) or (here insert a long list of controversial Northside topics, I simply don't have time to list them all) and I certainly won't be publishing any JAIL ROSTER for a while, heavens no. 

The publication of public documents is likely to cause controversy, complaints and professional difficulty. I am chilled like a margarita. What flavor margarita would Johnny Northside be? Simple, you just mix all the flavors together and see if it produces a rainbow or a muddy, carbonaceous brown. Either way, you drink the result rather than let it go to waste. I would call it a Carbonaceous Rainbow Margarita ala Johnny Northside. 

A virtual toast, my virtual comrades-in-arms! TO FREE SPEECH!!! 

But back to cash donations via PayPal, and why does the repeated mentioning of money make me sound like (name withheld) writing on (name of blog withheld) and rubbing his palms together and chortling?  

Here's what I see happening: 

If I'm blogging quickly and in a profusely thankful way about donations, it produces a kind of fun feedback loop. In response, some of my readers are all, like, HEY!! For just ten dollars I will have the thrill of seeing Johnny respond on his hot blog about my donation! AND I CAN BE ANONYMOUS!

OK, that's fair. But this blog has a habit of developing little "policies" in response to ongoing experience. So I have decided that while I am grateful for all donations, I will only write profuse public "thank you" for any donations above ten dollars. 

Be of good cheer, readers. There is divine justice in the universe. This, too, shall pass. 


Anonymous said...

I don't understand what you want donations for. Are you paying a lawyer or something?

Johnny Northside! said...

My friends know and GET IT. If you don't want to donate, nobody is stealing your wallet from your bedside at the VA hospital and writing checks on your account, if you catch my in-jokey drift.

Yalanda Gomez said...

you don't deserve any funding you need to leave our families alone.

Anonymous said...

I Love my Muslim brother's and sister's. Get to know our continental African community and realize we are all part of the Brotherhood of Man and Woman.
No religion necessary, please.

Anonymous said...

To bad those charges were dropped and nobody plead guilty after they found out the truth. But you know this already. #justicewillbeservedcold

Anonymous said...

Yalanda, Your family needs to leave MINNESOTA the fuck alone.
Between the senior citizen butcher a.k.a. kin Chardin... the kin "Malo" hombre who likes to use cop's as target practice.. and the kin, alleged murderer DaShaunta,(STAY TUNED FOR CONVICTION)(who is looking at serving up tight boody in jail for a stretch)(Wink,Wink):)>
You need to shut the fuck up, Bianca, and you should be in Shakopee for the crime of having any one somebody sticking their dink in you and the unknown daddy slash daddies for aiding and abetting a stank snatch.

Johnny Northside! said...

That comment is disgusting and does not help matters at all. But I wouldn't want to deprive "Yalanda" of a reply made to her comment and I feel compelled to publish it for THAT reason. Normally I'd reject a comment like that but Yalanda did open up the conversation and I feel like I shouldn't stifle responses.

Anonymous said...

You have a hell of a way of rationalizing shit while your commenters express what YOU feel. That family in question is a big scourge of society and needs to be caged. Enough with the self indignation for yourself or the peanut brain sewage smelling masses.