Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jaylin Davis, Known On Facebook As "Skooby Straightdrop," Was On Probation For Theft When He Died In North Minneapolis Shooting Incident...

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog
post by John Hoff

Summer In The City 

Jaylin Dvonte Davis, age 19, was shot in the head and died Sunday night as the much-predicted Long Hot Summer of 2014 finally kicked off in North Minneapolis, and god knows when and how it will end. Want to know about Jaylin Davis? Click here to check out his Facebook page, if you have Facebook. 

Some of Jaylin's photos, published in association with news about his homicide were first aired here on Johnny Northside Dot Com by guest author Jordan North, click here. Compare with mainstream media coverage on WCCO, click here.  

Who has better coverage? I say the entity with PICTURES has better coverage. 

Nothing Up My Blogger Sleeves! 

It is, of course, no great trick to have the name and likeness of a homicide victim before television stations and the major daily papers. We live in a world where 15-year-olds on Facebook are publishing hard hitting murder coverage while mainstream media sits on their hands and awaits a "press release" to find out the name of the victim. 

What, I wonder, does a "press release" do? What does it release? Does it actually release news or does it release THE PRESS, who had the news all along but for some reason aren't willing to use Facebook as a source? 

Is a "press release" like the old joke about...

...Prince Albert in a can? 

Yes? You have Prince Albert in a can? Well, for goodness sakes, RELEASE HIM!

But Seriously, Folks

So let's do that thing I do, repeatedly, like I own the FRANCHISE. 

First, I'm going to publish the criminal record of the victim, demonstrating (for the umpteenth time) that when it comes to shooters versus shooting victims in North Minneapolis, 90 percent of the time the difference is "who got the drop on who." (The recent death of Steve Martin appears to be a horrible exception) Decent people who are taking this neighborhood back from criminals are, for the most part, safe. 

In fact, this 19-year-old was NEVER a resident of North Minneapolis but lived in BROOKLYN CENTER. Apparently there wasn't trouble enough in his own neighborhood to keep him satisfied. This blogger keeps seeing subtle signs crime is going to shift out of our North Minneapolis neighborhood and settle in the "Two Brooklyns," but sometimes it seems like I'm the only one who has that vision. 

But back to my not-so-secret recipe. What comes next? 

Oh, yes...

Later, in another blog post I'll follow up with all the Facebook pictures of what appears to be drug dealing proceeds, (mostly in sad little 20 dollar bills) alleged gang signs being thrown, assorted bad lifestyle choices chronicled in selfies produced in dirty bathroom mirrors, etc. 

You know the drill, folks. So let's start with young Jaylin's BUDDING life of crime. 

OMG, did I say that? But I swear, how worked up are decent people supposed to get about yet another murdered drug dealer in the neighborhood? And when I say "drug dealer," I mean "Davis was never convicted of dealing drugs but look at his pictures on Facebook and DO THE MATH." 

When he's posing with a wad of marijuana leaf in his mouth like half a Polish sausage, (see photo above) well, DO THE MATH. 

Speaking Of "Do The Math"

Davis' criminal record on MNCIS begins (of course) when he's 18. If there's a juvenile record (and why would there be? Eye roll) it's not visible on MNCIS. 

His first conviction was a charge of underage drinking and driving. Another charge of "no valid drivers license for the vehicle being driven" was dismissed as part of what appears his first plea bargain, a banner day in the life of many a young man in North Minneapolis. 

He received probation and would have been on probation until October of this year. At one point a warrant was issued over a failure to appear. Davis died owing $78 on this charge. As is so often the case, the collection agency rejected the account for "incomplete party data." At this time, Jaylin's address was listed as New Hope, Minnesota. 

In 2013, now listed at an address in Brooklyn Center, Jaylin was convicted of theft. He would have been on probation until August, missing a sentence that, oddly enough, could have saved his life. If it seems like I just wrote something eerily similar, yesterday, about another murderer victim who was on probation, well...

That's because I wrote something similar yesterday about another murder victim who was on probation. Jaylin violated probation on this charge and died owing $300. He was scheduled for a probation violation hearing on July 1 but, instead, will be in a casket.

The electronic docket shows a second theft conviction, as well, with credit for two days served. In that case, Jaylin Davis is listed at a Brooklyn Center address.

What Is The POINT?

As per my recipe, my usual custom, my modus operandi, I plan to follow up and publish photos of the life and times of Jaylin Davis, but I have to wonder...

What is the POINT? Do any of our young criminals modify their lives and live differently when one of their comrades dies? And yet, compulsively, I chronicle their lives. 

This is who they were. Who they were before they died. This is the truth, revealed by the victims themselves, and preserved against the mainstream media purveyors of hogwash who tell us somebody was "just starting to turn their life around" and was "in the wrong place at the wrong time."


In the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dealing lord-knows-what. 

But phrases like "dealing lord-knows-what" don't make the press releases, do they?

No, for THAT readers come to Johnny Northside for a big helping of the not-so-secret sauce! 

Stay tuned, folks! Facebook photos and pithy commentary will follow, eventually. In the meantime, feel free to express yourself in written comments about THE LONG HOT SUMMER and what are we going to DO about this? 


Anonymous said...

The fact that so many young men think that their drug-dealing behavior is "no big deal" is exactly why Johnny SHOULD keep showing their Facebook photos and their low-level convictions. Even if these youngsters haven't yet been convicted of more serious crimes, the fact is that they are interacting with more serious criminals. The kid selling weed to his friends is only a few levels down from much more serious traffickers - the kind of guys who would threaten or kill someone who they think (however paranoidly) would turn them in. And only a few links up the distribution chain from selling to friends means possessing enough "product" to make you a target of other criminals. If you want to stay safe STOP BREAKING ANY LAWS and stay entirely away from those who do break laws.

Anonymous said...

He sure thought highly of himself.

Anonymous said...

glad marijuana is still criminalized, so much money and death to be made by the young black entrepreneurs

Concerned mother said...

Regardless of this young mans past doesnt mean he deserved to be killed. Have sympathy for his family and his 2 kids that wilk grow up with out a dad!! Instead of writing negativity about the murder victim why dont you write about how we as a community can stop the gun violence!!!!

Concerned mother said...

Whats the point of bringing up this young mans police record. He may not have been an angel but he certainly didnt deserve to be killed!! Wheres his or his families justice??? Or why his chikdren wilk have to grow up without a dad??? How about you discuss as a community how we can stop the gun violence with young people and try too make a difference instead of condemning the victims criminal record to basically say he had it coming....not!! Nobody deserves to be killed!! Have some sympathy for his family instead of bashing him!!!

Anonymous said...

If I'm reading this blog post correctly you are suggesting that "decent people" should care less that some drug dealer (you call him a drug dealer even though he has never been convicted, just based on photos) has been gunned down in the street.
You say if he had learned from his experiences he may still be alive today.
Why don't you look in the mirror Johnny Northside, maybe if you learned from your experiences you wouldn't be such an unemployed douchebag.

Anonymous said...

People should drive around like Google and take pictures of all these fucks and their cars.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Mother, The point of bringing up the thug's record is to alert the public to the revolving-door justice system that exists in this city. Hmm...he's served time, he's on parole, he's in possession of drugs(a violation of parole, associating with known felons(a violation of his parole). He's basically flipping off society. No, I don't really give a damn that he's dead.

Concerned mother said...

The best way to describe u is IGNORANT!!! So stay Anonymous!!!!! And i will no longer reply to ur ignorance!!!

Anonymous said...

U stupid mfka bitch I hope you die with a Dick down your throat he still dont deserve death..bitch you do

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Some people will say things just to push bottoms and get a reaction. I often tell people you don't have to attend every argument you invited to. But anyways change starts in our home. We can't keep thinking the same stuff we see our kids, our cousins or friends doing is okay, if it's not! If you out here doing wrong period its going to catch up. Don't wait until your love one is dead and get mad about this man posting it on his blog...I don't agree with everything that is posted on here but if people stop giving him stuff to post, he wouldn't be able to.

. U

Anonymous said...

People kill me that sit back and watch their family do wrong and don't say nothing until their damn......Why talk now?

Anonymous said...

I hope they continue to slaughter each other in record numbers rapidly and furiously. If they cross my path I will blow them away if messed with. This is life in North MinneChica. 11:13a.m. failed first grade and must not understand that they posted anonymous too and actually refers to people, including himself, as garden tools.

Johnny Northside! said...

I loathe, object to and do not endorse the "I hope they continue to slaughter each other" comment but I am publishing it for purposes of vigorous free speech debate.

Anonymous said...

straightdrop into the ground..six feet down.. poisoning the soil with a dead frown......that's too bad. Ha the fuck Ha Ha HA HA

Jaylin world said...

I feel that you people know nothin.... Nothing about him or his family everybody with there negative comments is real outta body how would yall feel if somebody said horrible things about your loved one. Your focusing on some of his flaws nobody i mean nobody is perfect you nor nobody else has the right to judge him and what he was doin while he was alive. We are not angels and you are not GOD. Nobody brought up the positives about jaylin nobody brought up about how he was a fantastic father and a loving brother and caring son and geniune friend. This hurts my heart to see all this bs posted about him ... Do you have a heart ?.... do you feel any sympathy? I can not belive this

meme said...

This is a damn shame as i am sitting here reading this bullshyt about skooby where is the positives where is the information on he was a great father and wonderful son and a caring friend and a fantastic brother. This sickens me to my stomach to read such bullshyt about him he was not a bad person he had goals and dreams and struggles like everyone else nobody is perfect. I feel like why judge somebody if you dont know them personally why judge the book from just reading the cover. #LONG LIVE JAYLIN#RESTINLOVE❤#JAYLINWORLD

Anonymous said...

Fuk you mfs that got negative shit to say bout my nigga goodsquad bitchs! Shout to my dougies we shooting for Skooby G bitch....SkoobyWorld BITCH! .watch how many niggas Str8Drop

Nae Nae SkoobyWorld said...

- Rest In Peace Baby Brother , Ily & Forever I'm #SkoobyWorld