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Social Media Revelations Continue About Nehemiah Steverson As Pundits And Politicians Stake Out Their Positions, JNS Blog Has Its Ear To The Ground For The Name Of The Shooter As An Individual Claiming To Have Inside Knowledge Posts Video On Facebook, Calls The Shooter A "Hot Head" Who Acted Solely On His Own Behalf...

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Nehemiah Steverson, click here and here for previous blog coverage, has a very distinctive name. For that reason, it's relatively easy to search out people talking about him on social media. 

Steverson As Viewed By FB Friend "HC Cashout" 

One of the most chatty individuals on social media is a female who goes by the Facebook moniker "HC Cashout" and appears on the list of Severson's many Facebook friends. She is apparently a former girlfriend of some sort. Incredibly, after her Facebook name she has this notation in parenthesis:


Though many of her postings might be described as "routine sadness, grief and anger" in the wake of yet another Northside murder of a young person a lot of what she writes is quite revealing of the lifestyle choices Steverson was making and the kind of crowd he was hanging out with...
On the very day of the shooting, May 30, there was talk of a "party bus" event.

Who wanna Get On The Party Bus With me

Later that same day, just like on Nehemiah's Facebook page, a strong yet vague hint of some kind of interpersonal conflict:

Play pussy get fucked 💯

Then a few routine postings extending into May 31. A Facebook image making fun of young men who promise to support a woman but don't have a job. An image of a new baby described as a nephew. The cryptic phase "TBH" which means "to be honest," but nothing afterward except "lms." (A request to "like my status") 


I wanna get so high Off dope I can't Feel My face


Soowwoo blood gang

This blogger assumes the first word is "so," stretched out and highly emphasized? 

Then a funny video of a child at a pool, what can only be described as routine Facebook clutter. The two previous posts are apparently NOT reactions to news of the shooting but routine Facebook posts. 

We then have the following three posts: 

King Party Tomorrow TURN UP

I love all my lil cousins On me

It's a small world you can grow up with somebody and get older and not even remember

On June 1, HC Cashout gets news of the shooting and writes:

Regardless what me an Nehemiah Steverson ever went through Get well Man You gone Pull Through !

One commenter asks, "Damn, what happened?" but nobody answers. HC Cashout writes later the same day:

Keep Everyone In My Prayers Life Is too Short And Crazy All that Banging Shit I need too Sit Down Cause In all Honesty I'm Not Ready too Loose my life and neither is my momma .

Now HC Cashout drops an interesting piece of information, that Steverson had been present on the aforementioned party bus mentioned on May 30, the day of the shooting.

That shit wild as hell we was just on the bus Turnt Sis I Love You Man This shit crazy

Just Friday I was with him Turnt Up This Shit ain't real 

Cashout then makes mention of Ciarra Champion, a name that appears with frequency on Steverson's Facebook page. 

Me and Ciarra Champion Stayed talking about her and Nehemiah smh that shit unreal

In fact, searching the last name "Champion" among Steverson's friends turns up five individuals with the surname "Champion." This is one of the surnames provided to JNS blog by a highly placed and trusted source in the community who provided a list of crime family surnames, in response to a public position taken by Mayoral Candidate Don Samuels that "six crime families" in North Minneapolis (who have never been publicly named by the former Fifth Ward Councilman and Chair of the Public Safety Committee and believe me, my email inbox is wide open) are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime and future city policy should squarely address this fact. 

Too bad he lost the election. Our city has been waking up since November to how bad off we are for that fact in the wake of each fresh Northside murder and suggested policy solutions from the new mayoral administration of Betsy Hodges that border on Tylenol and teddy bears. 

I digress, but it was a necessary digression to explain why THAT NAME (Champion) jumps out at THIS BLOGGER among the Facebook friends of a murdered teen. Back to what HC Cashout wrote in the wake of the shooting of Nehemiah Severson...

All I can Think about Is Friday

HC Cashout then posts images of messages between her and Nehemiah though, interestingly, this evidence tends to reveal how attenuated the old relationship between her and Nehemiah actually was. 

This type of macabre teen drama is fairly common in the wake of every Northside shooting, where numerous young individuals post photos and messages in a kind of public competition on social media to show how close they were to the victim. 

This bloody melodrama feeds on itself, waxes and wanes but in general burns steady, and it ultimately manifests in musical tributes on (for example) YouTube that require a higher degree of production values. 

The romanticization and glorification of the victim and his death, the calls for both peace and vengeance, the pull between a martyr nominated for sainthood versus a fallen soldier of the streets is ENDLESS until quite suddenly...

Oops. Another shooting.

Lather, rinse and repeat. When winter comes it tapers off a bit, but that's when you can stay inside and work on the musical tributes, suitable for posting around Valentine's Day.

HC Cashout then posted this photo. Steverson is on the left.

One of the other individuals in the photo has the surname "Champion" and another is Tay-Tay Rippuddalocc, whose Facebook name references DeCari Antonio Starr, a murder victim known by the street name "Pudda."

HC Cashout, commenting on this photo, wrote: Fuck who Don't Like always be my brothers

Fifty people responded by "liking" the photo on Facebook, and one individual stepped forward to claim credit for being the person who took the picture. 

(I am skipping some stuff, here)

HC Cashout posted a complimentary likeness of Steverson wearing a letter jacket from Edison High School. Somebody asks, "Wasn't he just on the party bus?" 

One can't help but think: What happened on that bus? Were words exchanged? 

Apparently turning over a new leaf, HC Cashout then writes: 

Getting Off Dope All Day

Not a popular sentiment. Only three people "liked" on that thought. Now came these cryptic thoughts:

I can't say who others know I know who I know I rock with who I rock with I love who I love with that being said

R.I.P. Nehemiah 💯


The resolution to stay off drugs apparently did not last through the same day. HC Cashout then posts the following image with the words "Nehemiah dope." Unknown if that means it was a picture of his dope or, shall we say, "memorial dope."

Fascinating how the paper containing the dope says something about "education empowering families." No matter what new social programs the Hodges administration plans to produce, one good thing will come of those programs:

Plenty of paper to hold dope.

Twenty individuals on Facebook "liked" the image (so much more popular than the sentiment to NOT smoke dope all day!) and one wrote: 

im so sad i cant smoke

Another said:

Match one for bro nem 

This apparently translates: "Put a match to one of those for our brother and them."

An image is posted which says "RIP Nehemiah" and appears to be of four individuals in a car who share this "RIP" sentiment. A female in the picture is flashing the ubiquitous "L" hand sign, assumed by this blogger to mean the "Lows," an ill-defined area of North Minneapolis and those who affiliate themselves with that area. 

HC Cashout then posts a Facebook video from CarMeecia NoWorries McMillan, click here for her Facebook profile. The video is a young man speaking in a heavy urban street dialect. In the video, he states he is "paying respects" to "the Low End that just passed." 

"We had nothing to do with that," he continues and says the individual who did the shooting is a "hot head." He wants "one thing" to be known, which is "We ain't looking for trouble but we ain't ducking s***." He emphasizes he is "paying respects" and wants to "let go" of what happened, because "We have families." He states "being black is already hard" and "We have to stick together instead of killing each other." 

The video appears to have been shared EXTENSIVELY and making the rounds on Facebook.

HC Cashout continues:

I'm thinking hard high as hell RIP my brother Nehemiah Steverson

She posts a complimentary "selfie" of herself with Nehemiah in a vehicle, not published here. This happens on June 2. A great deal of material was posted on June 1, but June 2 will be just as prolific.

She posts a video of three individuals in a car sharing a blunt, and one flashes the "Low End" L. She posts the following paragraph of text which references dope being smoked on a bus, it's not clear which bus is being referenced; the "party bus" from the day of the shooting or a long ago school bus preserved in memory...

I woke Up Nehemiah Steverson Heavy On My Mind All I can think is like hell naw imma see him and Tay-tay Rippuddalocc some where or fuck it Tre Kirksey finna say finna go get Nehemiah or him walking up looking goofy asking where the turn up at shit unreal I can't face it it don't seem face able this shit Lol I can see the chewing on a straw the trus the polo shirt him telling me Hc u ain't on shit u just got on Lacoste I'm like I been doing this Lmao Man I miss u holding back all tears I remember when we was in the lows at the party and I start driving off u hoped on the car and Sammy as damn nea fell this shit so crazy how can we be on the bus smoking dope getting turnt then u gone . I keep thinking Imma see u or ask Ciarra Champion who all.over there and she say nehemiah manman n esau Man This shit ain't Real But I always Love n fwu Brother on 

(Emphasis by JNS blog)

HC Cashout posts the following bit of poetry but somehow the style doesn't seem to be hers, at all. 

In any case, here it is:

They took my bro Nehemiah , Man I can't even picture
They took a fucking savage man, bro was a killer man
Bro was going crazy, now shit done got real
Fuck this rap shit, I say shit that got real bro
Run up and we kill stuff, act up we gon' let it bust

See now you can fuck my bitch, cause nigga i'm the shit
I'll salute ya, but yall know who i'm with
So try to take my shit ima shoot ya
And we all lost a couple this year, so all us here with eachother
I'm here with my brothers, in here with my brothers

She then posts a picture of Nehemiah contrasted with a photo of a female child who appears about two or three years old and says the following:

I remember Nehemiah Steverson said he was gone take a picture with Mari and say it's his baby cause she got the same eyes I was high as hell laughing here u go nene

JNS blog notes there is, yes, truly a notable resemblance between Nehemiah Severson and the child in question.

She posts the following:

Nobody Can Wear The shirts too the funeral SO DONT 

JNS blog has seen the same message elsewhere on social media. The family is requesting that "memorial" shirts not be worn at the funeral. Normally these shirts pop up everywhere after a shooting and appear in numerous Facebook posts. They become a kind of status item, and the more you have, the more your street status. The request NOT to wear the shirts can only be described as unusual for the Northside.

HC Cashout wrote about (or republished) a memory where Nehemiah helped set a bike on fire. 

I miss the days we sat in front of Sammy Got Cash or Tre Kirksey house looking for turn up looking for action tre had his truck I had mine marcus had his car I remember when tre n nehemiah set Tay-tay Rippuddalocc bike on fire taytay was hot I remember the late nights out side the house playing around just the guys bored as hell so bored we will just hop in traffic if I can go back too those days and keep all my brothers together I will this shit is nuts Nehemiah Steverson Bro come too tre house we at Tre House 

Ten hours ago she wrote:

It's a lot of fufu shit going on I just gotta seperate my self 🚶 LONG  LIVE  POLO KING  Nehemiah Steverson

Four hours ago she wrote:

Johnny Northside Really Be On Yall Pages Yikes !

To which I say: This blog is the least of your worries but thank you for noticing. 

If I had the name of THE SHOOTER, I'd be on HIS page instead, wouldn't I?

Whisper the name to Johnny in an anonymous comment. 


Anonymous said...

Damn, Johnny. U got my head spinning' with all this shit. How do u stay on top of it?? No matter. We thank u for yr perseverance.

Anonymous said...

Good work translating, Johnny.

Anonymous said...

Self cleaning oven and any one who might have been innocent has cleared another obstacle...I pray that you keep killing each other and keep the collateral damage to fucking zero. My time to take a porch full of you bitches out and make national news is coming and you can't do shit about it.

Anonymous said...

put on earth and conceived by similar shit and society has been done a favor since this work won't be around to cause anymore havoc. rest in war.

Anonymous said...

It is fascinating to see a lot of those people get worked up (most times rightfully so) about police brutality or tragedies like the Trayvon Martin case. Yet, these sociopaths are murdering each other all the time, doing the Ku Klux Klan's job much more efficiently and prolifically than the Klan ever had. They are quick to label anyone who calls them out "racist", "cracker","uncle Tom". Ironically they are the biggest enemy of the Black race. They are the women who abort babies at a greater rate than any other group. They are the men not standing up like real men in order to raise their children. They're the ones having countless children out of wedlock. They're the ones who think that being illiterate, unable to speak or write the English language is cool. They're the ones who think that doing drugs is so much better than getting a job or an education. What the hell is wrong with these people? I'm not referring to the Black race! I am Black!!! I'm talking about this subculture in the Black community that feeds off constant negativity. Unfortunately, with Hip Hop glorifying this b.s. (with Wall Street benefactors) this has become quite prevalent in our inner cities. What these fools don't realize is that 99% of those rappers are studio-gangsters. For example, one of the most popular rappers who glorify gang and drugs, is Rick Ross, a former highly-decorated correction officer. Alas, I think it's too late for this generation of idiots; I hope and pray that the cycle of violence and negativity, end with them. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you honkey and fuck you too faggot ass john hoff

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear....to "Match one" means that you will both be bringing some dope to the table. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

READ POST ANONYMOUSE 10:11. John, don't you understand the damage that you are doing to the Northside? YOU are going to get someone killed (if you havent already)!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:16 am, if you think the big worry on the Northside should be that some white guy will go vigilante, then you haven't been paying attention for the last thirty years.

Anonymous said...

You cant be black saying "they're" a proud black person wouldnt seperate him or herself from the young definitely misguided black children. If youre not working to be part of the solution you are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Sooowoo is a term used by the blood gang. . Doesnt really mean anything. Its just what they say (sue wue) is how its pronounced

Anonymous said...

The guy in the video is keenan agee apparently fresh out himself

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @8:55 pm If you think doing drugs and having children out of wedlock is a subculture in the black community, you’re ridiculous. Do some research. It’s so ugly when someone throws out a bunch of stereotypes without know the numbers or the facts and then adds I am black. As if somehow that gives some FACTS or truth to what you say. When you speak of one small area of one small city you are not speaking of the black race, you are speaking a North Minneapolis and what is going on here. FYI only 22 states ask a women her race prior to abortion and MN is not one of them. Anyone will tell you the numbers are completely flawed.

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to "match one," I think I read a sort of double meaning in that but it's my first encounter with the expression in my attempts at "translation" of the street dialect. If it means "to match" like to bring some to share and not "to match" like to set a match to it, well, at the end of the day either way these folks are talking about getting high in memory of the shooting victim.

Johnny Northside! said...

Who is this Keenan Agee? I"m not finding him on Facebook. Not the same guy, anyway.

Anonymous said...

This don't mean nothing you need to look a little deeper

Johnny Northside! said...

To the "this don't (sic) mean nothing" commenter who says I should "dig deeper."

Where exactly should I dig and what, exactly, would I be looking for? If you want something published, spit it out here in comments. I have often articulated my policy about somebody telling me to go "dig up" stories.

My answer is: No. Not when stories are laying around like fruit rotting away in an orchard, unwritten. I will not spend the time or effort to "dig." If you know something, say it, or hold your peace and quit pretending like you know anything.

Anonymous said...

In reply to anonymous on June 7 @2:19 a.m. Saying "they" voids the fact that I'm Black? LOL, only in your world, which has no bearing on my life whatsoever. You may be part of "they", but I've never been, nor ever will. No one that I associate with is part of "they." "They" are not children. "They" are either homicidal maniacs, or maniacs waiting for an opportunity to murder. Ironically, it's people like you who tolerate bad choices and behavior by kids, who later gravitate to that lifestyle. You are the problem, and couldn't find a solution, if it slaps you in the face. Funny that you find time to condemn me as the problem, yet there are killers out there, for whom you have nothing but reverence. So come again, who is the problem? As for anonymous @8:55pm, what planet are you living on? What ails North Minneapolis is not unique to this area. It's the same things that plague most inner cities all across America. I made a point in the original post, that I wasn't referring to the Black race; how could I? But I won't hold your lack of reading comprehension against you.

Johnny Northside! said...

The Facebook user known as Tay-Tay Rippuddalocc has changed their Facebook name to Tay-Tay Ebk.

His current location is listed as "Chicago."


Anonymous said...

Mind your own fucking business you don't be knowing shit better stay your cop ass in a cop place !