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Two Evictions, At Least Three Child Support Cases By Three Different Women, (One Of Them A Real Prize Of Criminal Behavior) And A Lawsuit By An Insurance Company, This Is The Struggling Life Of Randy Donnerson, Father Figure In The Life Of 17-Year-Old Nehemiah Steverson, Latest Victim Of Gun Violence In North Minneapolis...

Image from the Facebook of shooting victim Nehemiah Steverson, being a Facebook
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Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

What We Do, And What Some Loyal Readers Have To Say

Family of victim believes shooter poses risk to public, click here for the highly-relevant KMSP story. The police want information. So does this blog. 

To the commenters who come to this blog and ask daft rhetorical questions about the purpose and impact of airing specific ugly and un-whitewashed, un-sugarcoated facts in the wake of yet another murder of a child in North Minneapolis, I offer you the words of blog commenters who actually get it, as follows...

On balance, it's better to show the facts the way you're doing, Johnny. Some parent might learn that spending 30 days in the hole could leave their kid on his own just when he needs the parent. Teenage kids seeing the photos of kids clowning about being gangsters is serious business. Twitter wars have erupted into deadly violence. Even clowning about thug culture works to glorify thug culture, and that works to foster thug culture.

I would love to see JNS news on tv, just couldn't imagine getting real info from the television. Was using this story as an example the other day to prove to a friend how bad the news sugarcoats things in nomi. Keep it up Johnny! (Jake G)

keep up the honest digging up of the facts ,John, the dwarf star and so called tribune are afraid of a lawsuit and you are correct when you talk about them losing advertiser's who love to suck the life out of the Black community.

(JNS blog says: What is the "dwarf star"? Is that the Pioneer Press? And which advertisers are you talking about, and why?) 

And Now For The Ugly, Awful Airing Of Relevant Facts Because This Northside Child Murder Stuff Just Keeps Happening And, Really, What Is Going To Stop It If Not A Bitter Dose Of Varnish-FreeTruth? What Matters Are The Children Who Aren't Dead YET, Right? 

Yesterday, this blog unflinchingly examined the constant minor to mid-level run-ins with the law experienced by Randy Donnerson, biological father to Nehemiah Steverson, since around the time Steverson came into this world for (sadly) a relatively brief sojourn. Though certainly not a career criminal, perhaps not even a "bad guy," the man's life is a MESS. 

That was, however, just the "criminal" side of the MNCIS online court record system. Now it's time to look at the civil side. And once again, it ain't pretty, folks, and the $64,000 question is "how did the lifestyle of his biological father impact 17-year-old Nehemiah?"

First of all, it appears Randy Donnerson had more children than just Nehemiah. By my count, four children by four women, minimum. Three women sought child support through the court system, but Nehemiah's mother, Angela Steverson, does not show up among those names. 

I don't know why. It's an open question. There's no evidence this woman is independently wealthy. 

In any case, two of the child support enforcement actions involve women from Arkansas seeking support from Randy Donnerson here in Minnesota, a woman whose initials are "R.P." and another whose initials are "P.H." The case numbers are as follows:

27-FA-07-4076Rxxx Pxxx, STATE OF Arkansas vs Randy Donnerson
- Hennepin Family
27-FA-07-4087Pxxx Hxxx, STATE OF Arkansas vs Randy Donnerson
- Hennepin Family

There was also a separate case,  27-FA-10-5956,  in which the State of Arkansas registered a support decree. I am not clear if that means another woman is out there, or if that pertains to one of the two cases above. But it was only October of last year that an "order for child support" was issued. 

The Arkansas Connection 

At first, this blogger hesitated hard over these facts thinking, "Arkansas? Really? ARKANSAS? Not CHICAGO, like I see so often? Is this really the same Randy Donnerson or some fact-pattern interloper from Arkansas with the same name?" 

I was ready to write a "one woman for sure, but two are just a maybe" kind of article when I checked and discovered a strong Arkansas connection with Nehemiah Steverson. According to the Star Tribune, ("Fight breaks out at slain teen's vigil in North Minneapolis") the young man was supposed to spend the summer with his grandfather in ARKANSAS to get away from neighborhood gun violence. 

Of course the real reason (I'm speculating, clearly, but not wildly) wasn't just the stray bullets but all those GANG MEMBERS the young man would friend on Facebook, try to hang out with, emulate gang hand signs, post stuff on his Facebook referencing the "low end," an area rife with gang activity and drug sales even if the specific geographical boundaries aren't laid out precisely like a map in National Geographic. The mother let the young man stay in North Minneapolis long enough for that fabulous prom, but then it was OUT TO ARKANSAS TO STAY WITH GRAMPS, POP-POP, OR WHATEVER AFFECTIONATE NAME WAS USED.  

And Nehemiah almost made it. A rumor reported to JNS blog third hand (I am identifying the information in that way to note it is NOT as nailed down and verified like JNS blog "premium" info from MNCIS or official sources) says the young man sneaked out of the house late at night, without his mother's consent. This was reported by (I'm laying this out, here, the tenuousness of this rumor) a friend of the mother, who told a frequent source to Johnny Northside without realizing this person often provides info to Johnny Northside. 

And Then There Was Nekisha Q. Bowman

Besides the two Arkansas women, a woman woman from Minneapolis named Nekisha Q. Bowman obtained a child support order. The child, whoever that child is, would be a half-sibling to Nehemiah. At least one of Nehemiah's known stepbrothers was encouraging Nehemiah to get involved in a "clothing line" they were trying to start according to the "fight breaks out" article in the Star Tribune. 

But back to Nekisha Bowman, mother to a half-sibling of Nehemiah. She has a fairly extensive criminal rap sheet, as follows. 

27-CR-02-060481 BOWMAN, NEKISHA QUANTA 05/16/1982 07/29/2002 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed THEFT 

Pled guilty. Paid a fine. 

62-K6-02-004087 BOWMAN, NEKISHA QUANTA 05/16/1980 11/05/2002 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Felony Converted Closed ATT THEFT BY CHECK Attempt to Commit - GOC 

Convicted. Conditions included working for Volunteers of America. 

62-K5-02-004744 BOWMAN, NEKISHA QUANTA 05/16/1980 12/31/2002 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Felony Closed Theft-by check 

Guilty. The probation was complicated and violated. An arrest warrant was issued. She just had her voting rights restored in 2013. 

27-CR-03-021115 BOWMAN, NEKISHA QUANTA 05/16/1982 03/26/2003 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed THEFT-$201-$500 Not applicable - GOC 

Guilty. Probation conditions included "STAY OUT OF MARSHALL FIELDS IN BROOKLYN CENTER." (Capital letters in original MNCS notation) 

02-K9-06-006957 BOWMAN, NEKISHA QUANTA 05/16/1980 07/03/2006 Anoka Felony Under Court Jurisdiction Assault-2nd Degree-Dangerous Weapon GM THEFT Aid/Abet - GOC 

Guilty on the assault but the theft charge was dismissed. Got credit for 6 days served. There was a probation violation hearing at the end of April of this year, but the record says "probation violation dismissed." This victory was apparently celebrated some days later by sending an "NSF" check to cover court fines, which remain at $1,130 still due after the check bounced. 

And then there's the traffic stuff. Whatever. For the record, Nekisha couldn't beat either one of these: 

12-VB-07-883 TV01825 TV01825 BOWMAN, NEKISHA QUANTA 05/16/1980 08/08/2007 Chippewa Crim/Traf Non-Mand Closed Traffic - Speeding - Exceed Limit Traffic-Drivers License-Driving After Suspension 02-VB-08-2444 BOWMAN, NEKISHA QUANTA 05/16/1980 01/18/2008 Anoka Crim/Traf Non-Mand Closed-Physical File Destroyed Parking Ordinance Overtime Parking

A "Biblical Baby" 

Though Nekisha Bowman is a bit of a factual foray, the "degrees of separation" between her and Nehemiah are few to none. Yet the mother of Nehemiah, Angela Steverson, called him her "biblical baby." She named him after the Old Testament prophet Nehemiah who rebuilt ruined cities of Israel because his presence helped to rebuild her life. (All this according to Star Tribune) 

Based upon what was on that kid's Facebook, the mother's struggle to keep that kid off the streets was constant and overwhelming. The mother was losing. Who on earth was helping her? She had a fairly good plan given the resources and opportunities at hand (get the kid to Arkansas for the summer when all the gang activity and shootings in North Minneapolis heat up) but the siren call of the streets was too strong. The 17-year-old boy's life was claimed like a ship on the rocks.  

It was such a good plan, though. So good others might consider it. Are there grandparents? Extended family? Living someplace where you hear crickets at night instead of gunshots? Or someplace affluent? Heck, wasn't this plan the entire plot of the hit television series Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Will Smith? 

I got in one little fight/
And my mom got scared/
She said you're going to live with your aunt and uncle/
In Bel-Air 

On television, it worked out very well. 

But We Were Talking About Randy Donnerson And, Well, Who Is This Dude Named "Jumoke?" 

As for the father, Randy Donnerson, there are a few more minor court cases to mention in closing. There was an eviction action by the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority. (27-CV-HC-07-4456) There was yet another eviction action by an entity called VO Management LLC. So that's twice the father of Nehemiah was kicked out of the roof over his head. 

Also, he was sued by Illinois Farmers Insurance (27-CO-00-0421084) in conciliation court, along with a co-defendant named Junoke Abayomi Owens. 

THAT IS HOW THE FIRST NAME IS SPELLED ON MNCIS with that little insurance case, "Junoke." And I don't turn up much of anything looking for a "Junoke Abayomi Owens." And, yes, his precise connection to Donnerson is not clear, though they were close enough to be defendants in a court case together. 

But Google keeps suggesting a spelling of "JUMOKE," with an "M." Well, THAT turns up all kinds of interesting stuff on MNCIS, including this rap sheet; not all entries may represent actual convictions:

27-CR-92-059099 OWENS, JUMOKE ABAYONI 09/14/1972 07/31/1992 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed 1ST DEG ASSAULT Not applicable - GOC 2ND DEG ASSAULT Not applicable - GOC 

27-CR-96-006590 OWENS, JUMOKE ABAYONI 09/14/1972 01/25/1996 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed 3RD DEGREE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE CRIME Not applicable - GOC 

27-CR-96-044258 OWENS, JUMOKE ABAYONI 09/14/1972 05/30/1996 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed HIT AND RUN-FAIL TO STOP CARELESS DRIVING-NO ACCIDENT DRIVING W/O INSURANCE 


27-CR-00-113674 OWENS, JUMOKE ABAYONI 09/14/1972 12/01/2000 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed DRIVING AFTER REVOCATION DRIVING W/O INSURANCE POSSESS'N OF MARIJUANA IN MOTOR VEH 

19-T1-01-085275 B5OR129244 B5OR129245 OWENS, JUMOKE ABAYOMI 09/14/1972 12/07/2001 - Dakota-Apple Valley Domestic Assault - TRF Converted Closed 5TH DEG DOMESTIC ASSAULT CRIM DAMAGE TO PROPERTY 

27-CR-02-044218 OWENS, JUMOKE ABAYONI 09/14/1972 06/05/2002 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed CONTROLLED SUB CRIME 3RD DEG-POSSESSI Not applicable - GOC 

27-CR-02-063012 1021266414 OWENS, JUMOKE ABAYONI 09/14/1972 08/06/2002 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed DRIVING AFTER REVOCATION

Because Readers Demand It, Even More Jumoke!

If this were a sitcom, Jumoke would be the main male character's colorful, hard-living friend; a friend the long suffering wife or girlfriend hates to have around her man. Even on the civil side of MNCIS, which misspells Jumoke's name in that Illinois Farmers Insurance case, stuff turns up when his name is spelled correctly.

Here's Jumoke in a case where he appears to be suing for cash seized by the authorities. 

Case No. 62-C9-05-005670 (Ramsey County) 

And there was a child support case, but then the whole case got dropped. (27-FA-06-6710

That's just the stuff for Jumoke which turns up in MNCIS. In the bigger part of the internet, his mugshot turns up in Cook County, Illinois where he was charged with something that required a $50,000 bond. He was also the subject of a Fourth Precinct Task Force Report online, click here, where a report was received that Jumoke's parole was expired but (I guess police wanted to know where he was) Jumoke was reportedly living on Bircher Street in St. Paul with two dangerous pit bulls. This mugshot was included as part of the report:

And then the foray, the tangent, the FROLIC of this blog in the attenuated direction of Jumoke (who is only known to be connected to Donnerson through that ONE court case) reaches the ridiculously sublime...

Click on the mugshot above and look at the face closely, and compare it to the face on this YouTube video embedded below, particularly the shape of the nows, distance the eyebrows are apart, the small scar on the right cheek (viewer's left) and the skin tone. If this guy WHO IS ACTUALLY NAMED "Jumoke Owens" on YouTube isn't the same guy, well, he's some kind of evil twin. 

The poem or rap is called "What you really deserve."

(Shrugging, chagrinned smile) 

I guess I just go where the fact trail leads, even if sometimes it's a rabbit hole. I won't know if a rabbit or a monster in need of exposure lives in that hole if I don't check out the hole. 

Often readers are able to contribute more leads once I throw some factual chum on the waters. The social connections, the back story, the "cast of characters," all of it keeps getting fleshed out by me, by sources, even by angry commenters.

But at the end of the day...Nehemiah, the "biblical baby," is dead. That's bad enough. That's awful and terrible.

Seriously, How Are We Going To Save These Kids If We Can't Even Tell The Truth Aloud About Their Lives?  

But it just keeps happening. And we collectively wail over each dead, fallen youth and swear to the heavens things have to change or their death will mean nothing, but things never actually change.  

And the mainstream media is afraid to speak out what everybody knows. Many of the lives in this neighborhood are a vile mockery of good citizenship, a heavily-government-subsidized parody of productivity, a tragic bedlam. But god help the blogger who "shines a light into dark corners" (certain community leaders keep characterizing my blogging this way) because the politically correct crowd will scream and wail as though whatever creepy crawly I find in that dark corner was somehow created by me. 

Why do I keep doing it? 

Well, I don't live upon advertising revenue. I guess that means the mass media is something of a chained up dog, who can't really bark or roam around even if it would like to, trading its freedom for regular food in a dish and a warm place to sleep. And this blog, while it may live hard and it may live upon scraps of almost nothing at times...

I am free. Free to chase down and bark the truth. And the truth is children are dying in the streets of North Minneapolis, have been for decades, and the mass media is afraid to give offense by airing the ugly, sordid facts of their lives and the lives of those around them. 

In other words...the abject failure of the society in which these children live, including in many cases (definitely not all cases) a notable failure by one or both parents to act like parents. 



It was a good plan. 

At the end of the day, God bless that woman.

She tried, but she was just one woman. If it takes a village to RAISE a child, does it take an entire metropolis to RESCUE a child surrounded on all sides by forces that present a danger to his life? 


Anonymous said...


Eggleston was shot in the leg by Jumoke Owens. The
shooting was in response to a prior altercation between Eggleston
and Owens's girlfriend Judonna Parker. Parker had previously
threatened Eggleston that Owens was going to shoot him.
The shooting occurred in a hallway in building 709 of the
Cecil Newman Plaza Apartments (the Plaza) in north Minneapolis.
Building 709 is not a security building, but has controlled access
through a buzzer/intercom lock system in each apartment.
About 10:00 p.m. on July 25, 1992, Owens came to the
door of building 709. Benner, who was visiting her daughter
Parker, opened the door to let Owens inside. Owens went to
Eggleston's mother's door and demanded to see Eggleston. As
Eggleston started to leave the building, two of Owens's friends
grabbed Eggleston and Owens shot him in the leg three times.
Eggleston suffered severe leg injuries and remains partially

Johnny Northside! said...

Thanks a ton for the "Owens" info. I hadn't run the trail down that far but this is EXACTLY how I anticipated a Johnny Northside reader would come through. Readers of this blog are not just readers, but frequent contributors and collaborators.

Not talking about the trolls and death-threat anonymous commenters, of course.

Johnny Northside! said...

And now that I see it come up in this context I'm going to add...

"Judonna Parker" was the name on that "filed then dropped" child support case against Jumoke Owens.

Anonymous said...

" Case No. 27-CR-04-080580
pplicable - GOC)
Statute 609.495-1-a
Level Gross Misdemeanor Date 12/07/2004" MNCO 20130227347

"826 N.W.2d 808 (2013)
Jermaine FERGUSON, petitioner, Appellant,
STATE of Minnesota, Respondent.
Supreme Court of Minnesota.
February 27, 2013.

Following a jury trial, the district court convicted appellant Jermaine Ferguson of first-degree premeditated murder and attempted first-degree premeditated murder for his role in a shooting that caused the death of one person and injured two others. In a consolidated appeal, we affirmed Ferguson's convictions...

Our opinion in Ferguson's direct appeal more fully discusses the facts underlying Ferguson's convictions. See Ferguson I, 742 N.W.2d at 653-56; see also Ferguson II, 779 N.W.2d at 557-58. We nonetheless recount the facts relevant to addressing Ferguson's appeal from the denial of his second petition for postconviction relief.

On December 7, 2004, three men — Kentrell Green, Johntaye Hudson, and Ferguson — kicked open the door to an apartment in Minneapolis and opened fire on its occupants, killing Joseph Papasadora and injuring Ernest Houle and Gordon Hill. The apparent reason for the attack was to retaliate against Collin Goodwin, the intended target of the shooting, who had assaulted a friend of the three men earlier that day. As it turned out, Goodwin was not present at the apartment when the three men attacked the apartment's occupants.

At trial, Green testified that he accompanied Ferguson and Hudson to confront Goodwin about the assault. Green's fiancée, Judonna Parker, drove the three men to the apartment. Green testified that each of the men had a gun. Green further testified that, once Ferguson kicked open the apartment door, all three men fired at the apartment's occupants. Outside, Parker heard 8 to 10 "real quick noises" that "sounded like gunshots." Parker then observed Ferguson, Green, and Hudson running down the street, at which point she drove around the block to pick them up.

Following trial, the jury found Ferguson guilty of first-degree premeditated murder and attempted first-degree premeditated murder.

Anonymous said...

"Minneapolis summer meals provide respite for busy parents and hungry kids," but in Cook County Illinois it was a mugshot allegedly for the possession of herb, not fruits and vegetables.

"(720 ILCS 550/4) (from Ch. 56 1/2, par. 704)
Sec. 4. It is unlawful for any person knowingly to possess cannabis. Any person who violates this section with respect to: (d) more than 30 grams but not more than 500 grams of

any substance containing cannabis is guilty of a Class 4 felony; provided that if any offense under this subsection

Anonymous said...

it all comes out in the wash after the coin boxes have been rifled....and the dryers....after they steal your favorite shirt and sport it for their Sunday go to meeting's.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the "Sunday go to meeting" commenter; when you say "they" I hope you are talking about people living bad lives in general, in other words, people who should be judged for poor moral character when the "content of their character" is examined.

Johnny Northside! said...

I actually saw the "summer meals" article but I made a decision not to attempt anything COMPREHENSIVE on Jumoke, since his connection to this story is attenuated to being with...

Or is it? There's always the possibility this is the guy the father "hung out with" all the time, at least for a certain period of time. Clearly, they were close enough to get sued together.

Johnny Northside! said...


And in no time at all, a connection to one of the known and notorious Minneapolis crime family surnames turns up.

Anonymous said...

Johnny on the spot always diggin' for snot without givin' it a thought..for the northside he has fought........and our back's he's got... cleaning out the rot.(SLAM) I guess those who contribute to the mess always want to cover up for their enabling and community crippling behavior to evade responsibility and continue with their criminality.
Fuck all of you because we out number you and have an ends that justifies our means attitudes.
You can't carry through because you end up dead..after snitching on each other or being completely stupid count silly fuck's.

jutone owens said...

I hate you for talking about my father and brother. You don't know shit!

Johnny Northside! said...

Well, but I do know (expletive), though, don't I? I know what's in the online court records and now readers know, too. If you have anything pertinent to add, there is a bunch of white space in these little comment squares and nothing is stopping you from relating the facts you feel matter.