Tuesday, February 15, 2011

416 31st Ave. N. Goes Down, Hawthorne Eco-Village Moves Forward...

Contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff

Located right next to "the Polish Lady" in the Hawthorne Eco-Village, the house at 416 31st Ave. N. was right in the middle of everything. And, by virtue of being in the middle of everything, it was the subject of several stories here on Johnny Northside Dot Com, everything from a bloody and disturbing tale of pit bull fighting to...

...stolen aluminum window frames to a real estate tour which turned into a festival of "stupid property repairs." Oh, and the owner of the property reportedly "trying to save face."

In the last year or so, the house was a rental while for sale on the market. There wasn't much trouble with the renters, unlike the situation for years before that as one no-account after another lived at the property and hurt the quality of life for decent people living in the Eco-Village.

About a month ago, I got word the house was demolished. As far as I know, no pictures of the demolition were taken. Progress in the Eco-Village has become so commonplace we are starting to take it for granted. The march of revitalization in North Minneapolis is unstoppable.

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