Sunday, February 6, 2011

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Blogger Donald WR Allen Of IBNN To Get $15,000 From Minneapolis School System For "Video Production"

Photo by John Hoff, JACC press conference of January, 2009
blog post by John Hoff

Word has been spreading among North Minneapolis leadership that Donald WR Allen of IBNN has received or will soon receive $15,000 from the Minneapolis school system for "video production services." Click here for a link to a list of contacts and scrutinize the item for $15,000. The entity known as DWRA2 is reportedly a Donald WR Allen entity.

Here is an example of...

...Don Allen's video production skills, click here for "The New Face Of North Minneapolis" video posted to YouTube. (Please note, if this link goes dead or if the video disappears from YouTube, please contact JNS blog through the comments, a back up copy may exist)

Here's another example of Don Allen's video skills, The Grim Reaper Of North Minneapolis Speaks, click here.

Finally, here is "North Murderoplis Auntie Speaks," click here for video.

Don Allen reportedly lives in Columbia Heights and has been a guest speaker at a Tea Party rally, click here for video. Couldn't the Minneapolis School system have made a much, much better choice for video production services?

I want to make this crystal clear due to the vexatious and litigious nature of some individuals: I am writing this blog post for the purpose of "procuring favorable government action" and I am seeking redress of grievances with the Minneapolis School system. It is outrageous to me as a homeowner and taxpayer that Don Allen should receive even a dollar from the Minneapolis school system, let alone a substantial sum like $15,000. The quality and editorial judgment of his "video production" speaks for itself from these examples. In a recent Minneapolis Issues List discussion, Don Allen's blog has been called "the equivalent of black on black crime," click here for a link to that discussion.

If there is a way to rescind this contract, it should be rescinded. And I am not the only one in North Minneapolis objecting to Don Allen getting this money, word has spread far and wide among North Minneapolis neighborhood leaders of this financial outrage.


NoMi Passenger said...

Here are some questions I'd like to find the answers to, anyone who can help me find the answers please let me know.

How is it that the school system can't find a higher quality production company to contract with. Especially finding a production company that is based in the city, or whose principle owners actually live in the city rather than outside the city.

Was there an RFP issued for these video production needs of the school system? How does the school system typically fill its contracting needs, I am not savvy about school system processes.

Is this the best way to spend $15,000 of school system money?

What has DWRA2 Enterprises produced in the past that speaks to the results that the school system will be purchasing for $15K?

What/where is the discussion by school board officials in which they decided they needed to find a production company and what are the goals they decided on trying to fulfull? I'd like to see the minutes of the meetings in which they decided they needed to procure video production services and how they decided they would set out to find those services.

Who can point me to the minutes of those school officials meetings?

Anonymous so Don Allen doesn't sue me said...

Wasn't the Chris Stewart who called Don Allen's blog the equivalent of black on black crime also a former Director on the Minneapolis Public Schools board?

Donald Allen said...

Okay Mr. Hoff, I'll bite on this one. Not only 3 television commercials will be filmed, but also a series of print ads focused on the Minneapolis Public Schools and it's desire to make sure it's know global citizens are being created.

I am a private business person - not a non-profit. If you want more information or to even see some of the print campaign, I will be glad to share it with you.

Matter of fact, it will probably be more than $15,000.00 - over a six month period - please be advised and slander, defamation on this blog will not be tolerated - see you Monday in court.

Pond-dragon said...

Will the North High Crusaders be all over this one? No money for north but money for a Mr. Allen video? What next a JM-TB strategic Plan?

Anonymous said...

"The New Face of North Minneapolis" on touTube is labelled "Private Video" and can not be viewed. The few other IBNN clips looked like a non-professional running around with a videocam. None looked to be following a scripted play board as a professional would work from.

Johnny Northside! said...


Don't you mean "its" desire? Note the difference between the possessive form of "it" versus the contraction for "it is." There is no apostrophe in the possessive form of "it" to distinguish the possessive form from the contraction.

I am going to school you on this if I die trying.

Also, what on earth does "it's know global citizens" even mean?

I understand you have some issues with grammar and spelling but, geez, doing even a little proofreading before hitting the "publish" button would really help with some of your issues.

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to the "New Face of North Minneapolis," that video was not set to "private" as of this morning. The settings have been changed since the publication of this article to keep the video from being viewed and justifiably criticized for its production quality and content.

It's basically a poorly done video of a baby talking in the not-quite-disguised voice of Don Allen and saying a bunch of stuff about how bad it is for white people to move into North Minneapolis.

Johnny Northside said...

Here's an email I got from Don Allen:
You don't need and RFP for private service contacts. See you in court.
Don Allen tried to call me on the phone but I would not talk to him, due to his long and well-documented history of recording people without their knowledge or consent. If you ever have to speak to Don Allen, keep in mind he may be taping you without your knowledge.

Johnny Northside! said...

Latest bizarre email from Don Allen, as follows:
Tell your friend girl she can watch the commercials on TV. No questions will be answered from a private firm.

- Show quoted text -

Donald Allen operates under various legal entities and, except as specifically provided herein, this communication cannot be attributed to any given entity or be regarded as a statement of any given entity. The information in this message, including in all attachments, is confidential or privileged. In the event you have received this message in error and are not the intended recipient, you are hereby advised that any use, copying or reproduction of this document is strictly forbidden. Please notify immediately the sender of this error and destroy this message, including its attachments, as the case may be.

Donald Allen exerce ses activités par l’entremise de différentes entités légales et, sauf si autrement indiqué dans la présente communication, celle-ci ne peut être attribuée à l’une ou l’autre de ces entités en particulier ou considérée comme un énoncé d'une de ces entités en particulier. L'information apparaissant dans ce message électronique et dans les documents qui y sont joints est de nature confidentielle ou privilégiée. Si ce message vous est parvenu par erreur et que vous n'en êtes pas le destinataire visé, vous êtes par les présentes avisés que toute utilisation, copie ou distribution de ce message est strictement interdite. Vous êtes donc prié d’en informer immédiatement l’expéditeur et de détruire ce message, ainsi que les documents qui y sont joints, le cas échéant


Johnny Northside! said...

To which I say:

What? No Chinese translation?

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. All of this will be used in court to show the jury what a mean and spiteful person you are. Based on a preponderance of the evidence, a jury will hate you, there is ample documentation to bury you, and I'm sure there will be sufficient testimony to crucify you.
What is your problem? Or are you launching one final volley before you battleship sinks?

Johnny Northside! said...

What am I doing?

Fighting for $15,000 worth of tax dollars to be spent in a wise and accountable way, and questioning the fate of $103,000 in tax dollars, see the comments on the other post where there is discussion of whether Al Flowers received $103k from the Minneapolis school system, which Don Allen publicly states Flowers did.

What am I doing?

My job, my duty, my self-appointed role as a grassroots media public watchdog.

And it won't be a "final volley."

The volleys will go on and on, the volleys will never end, not until North Minneapolis is an urban utopia.

Anonymous said...

What am I doing? Fighting for $15,000 worth of tax dollars...

No. You are not.
If this was anyone other than Don Allen you wouldn't even care about it, nor would you have even known about it. And you know that.
Your transparency is obvious. You are attacking Don Allen because he has sided with your opponent in the civil suit.

There is so much money allocated to so many organizations that are questionable and you picked this one to attack. Just because of Don Allen. And everyone knows it John. Don't giver us that superhero saving NoMi bullshit. We're not that stupid. And a jury won't buy it.

Johnny Northside! said...

And I am also allowing an open discussion.

So I'll so this:

Unlike Don Allen, who goes off on his own crazy train and expects folks to jump aboard, I have a habit of checking with community leaders and seeing what issues they find of concern. And this will often result in blog posts. This is one of the reasons this blog is so popular and regularly receives accolades, because I'm not just doing my own thing. I'm looking into issues the community feels strongly about.

And it was community leaders I respect and care about who put me on this issue.

But you know what's another great issue? Whether Al "Mayor of Crazy Town" Flowers received $103,000 from the Minneapolis school system, as Don Allen has asserted on his blog.

Oh, and don't worry. We did screen shots in case it disappears.

Johnny Northside! said...

On another note...

Sigh. If only I could go after all those questionable allocations.

Alas, one has to pick and choose and prioritize in between coverage of, for example, house fires.

Some things are just more outrageous than other things. Like Don Allen getting money for his video production skills. And outrageous things are just more newsworthy.

Besides, didn't Don Allen write on his own blog pretty much THANKING me for publicizing his efforts? So what are you bitching about?

Pour yourself a nice big glass of wine, tune in the Superbowl, and relax.

21-17, Packers.

Johnny Northside! said...

Just in case the link to the document ever dies, here is what the document says on Item 5.
DWRA2 contract to provide video production
services to the Office of Communications for
the period November 23, 2010 through June
30, 2011. The contract is late due to a
misunderstanding of contract processes.

Office of Communication

Office of Communications

Anonymous said...

Even if JNS is spiteful and biased towards Don Allen for siding with an opponent on a lawsuit or other matter....ummmmm, what exactly is legally actionable about that?

Anonymous said...

$15,000 is a pretty low bid to produce 3 commercials. Equipment rental, lighting, crew, and post production can easily run 8-10G for a single commercial.
Heck, the guys that did my daughters wedding video charged $2200. Looks like the school board is getting a sweet deal, but the proof will be in the results.

Anonymous said...

I thought North High had a digital media department. Why didn't the school board have some of the North High students prduce something. If the school board thinks the result isn't professional enough, then farm out a contract. In the mean time, the kids have something they can put in a portfolio.

As to the idea that "Oh Dear, you are singling out Don Allen," well, a person can only battle questionable expenditures one allocation at a time. And, if the spotlight is placed on the budgeting process once in a while, perhaps the budeting process will become more transparent and responsible.