Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year On The Jordan Pond!

Sesame balls, mmmmm.
Many small children were at the party in traditional Chinese costumes. Some or all of the costumes were past gifts from the Yin family.
Photos by John Hoff and Megan Goodmundson,
blog post by John Hoff

As has been the custom for a number of years in the Jordan Neighborhood, friends and neighbors enjoyed Chinese New Year with the family of Ann and Yulin Yin. The event was catered by Keefer Court, a Chinese bakery/restaurant on the West Bank near U of M, and included delicious...

...sea bass, sesame balls, green beans, fried rice and noodles. An alcoholic concoction called a "Lucky Rabbit" made the rounds, which included fresh mandarin oranges and ginger which went through a juicer, along with Prairie Vodka, an organic and locally produced liquor. There was also a ginger-infused vodka which was the best vodka I've ever had, ever ever ever.

Ann Yin mentioned how Governor Dayton had dropped by her Local D'Lish store in North Loop, which features organic and local food. His Governorship left Ann a note asking her to "keep an eye on my sons." The two sons of Governor Dayton are opening a restaurant next door in the near future.

The highlight of the party (I think it was the highlight, but the party is still going as of this moment) was an incredibly scaled down version of a Chinese "dragon dance." Johnny Northside Dot Com hopes to have exclusive video posted soon.

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