Monday, February 21, 2011

Alex Hoff, 13, Buys His First Penny Stock, Instantly Doubles His Money With China Nuvo Solar Energy! (CNUV)

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

First of all, since my son Alex, 13, is a minor, he doesn't "own" any stock except through his parents. But a couple of weeks ago Alex took his "North Minneapolis savings"--about $80 in a bank account--and instead of spending the money on video games he bought 40,000 shares of penny stock in a company called China Nuvo Energy. (CNUV)

The company owns a patent-pending invention for a solar cell which is both more efficient than other solar cells and, it appears, can be manufactured cheaply. (For example, the lens is glued on) The devastating Chinese earthquake knocked this company's value into the basement, but they are making moves lately, trying to claw their way upward and produce value for their stockholders.

In that way I feel an affinity with the stock. I say to myself, "This stock is like my neighborhood. Right now, you can buy in for pennies on the dollar but we have unlimited potential."

When Alex bought the stock, with a little help from his dad, it was priced at about .0020 but not very long after that, the stock rocketed up to .0066. Currently, it is holding at around .0040 which means Alex has doubled his investment, turning $80 into $160. Rumors are flying about a pending "reverse merger" and suddenly millions of shares are changing hands. Word is high volume is usually an indication of something big in the works.

Not having any money which doesn't need to go toward bills, I still found a way to invest so I could be in the venture with my son...

I had an old 403(b) account from back in the day when I worked for a non-profit psychiatric facility in Seattle. I haven't added so much as a buck to that 403(b) since I left Seattle in early 2000 for a difficult, uncertain existence trying to be near my child and part of his life. There was about $1,700 in the 403(b) but I can't get at that money until I am 59 and a half.

No, I couldn't get at the money. But I could convert the 403(b) into a Roth IRA and put all the money--every blessed penny--into China Nuvo Solar Energy. And that's exactly what I did. Currently, I own 377,977 shares (including my son's 40,000 shares) and win, lose or draw I don't plan to sell those shares for a long, long time. (Of course, Alex can do what he likes with his 40,000 shares when he turns 18; I put them in an account separate from my Roth IRA)

What I especially like about this stock is that it's 100 percent alternative energy. As an environmentalist, I prefer to have my investment money (what little there is!) in alternative energy stock rather than, for example, earth-raping stocks. (Weyerhauser...cough cough)

One reason I am writing about this is to explain why readers may see links to China Nuvo Solar Energy appearing at the end of blog posts. My recent experiment with Amazon Dot Com advertising has been a failure, producing not even a penny of revenue. If anybody asked me about putting Amazon Dot Com ads on their site I would say "Forget it. Don't even bother."

My Google ads produce about a hundred bucks every six months--not a big deal, but it beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick--and I think advertising gives any blog a more "official news source" appearance.

But here's what I'm going to do for a little while. I'm going to promote China Nuvo Solar Energy. And I've been up front about the reason why: I own stock in the company. In fact, it's the only kind of stock I own.

Well, actually, I think I have some soup stock in my cupboard.

But beyond that I believe in the company, in the idea of making a better solar cell and getting solar power to catch on and replace fossil fuels. Maybe this won't be the ultimate and perfect solar cell for all time, but it sounds like a pretty good solar cell for the next few decades.

Or maybe I just love bragging about my son and the fun we have in North Minneapolis. We sat in Broadway Pizza as the toy train went around, got on the internet, talked about the stock idea and then said...

Let's do it. Let's put money in China Nuvo Solar Energy.


Johnny Northside! said...

Bye bye Amazon Dot Com gadgets. Just removed all those gadgets which have produced NOTHING for my blog in the way of money.

walter said...

What a great way to teach your child about the capital markets and have a father & son thing to do at the same time.
I do invest in the markets mostly NYSE/AMEX and not the OTC, however you make some good points about CNUV.OB. I just may pickup some shares.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting rid of the Amazon crap. However aren't they using 12 year olds to glue the lens on these products?

Anonymous said...

Hey Johnny,

Check out "changing World Technologies" they have a process that recycles anything. If every city had a plant like this, we would have no waste anymore, of any kind.

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to the child labor remark.

No. No they are not.

Their CEO is an American and he is highly regarded in business circles. Google "CNUV reverse merger" to pick up on the incredible amount of buzz this stock is making.

Johnny Northside! said...

China Nuvo Solar Announces Plans to Acquire Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer Freya Energy Inc.

Company Makes Large Format Lithium Ion Cells and Batteries for Demanding Applications

China Nuvo Solar Energy, Inc. (OTCBB: CNUV) today announced plans to acquire lithium ion battery company Freya Energy Inc. (“Freya”). The parties have executed a non-binding Letter of Intent (“LOI”) and are moving toward the signing of a definitive agreement over the next sixty days. Pursuant to the terms of the LOI, China Nuvo Solar would acquire one hundred percent of the outstanding common stock of Freya. Further details of the agreement will be released in the near future. The Company will continue to trade under the stock ticker “CNUV” with Freya becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the alternative energy parent.

Industry experts forecast the lithium battery market to triple from current levels of $11-13 billion to over $40 billion by 2015-2020. Historically, the lithium ion battery market has been principally 90% consumer related, however newer diversified applications including non-automotive vehicle propulsion, defense applications, and electrical storage systems ("ESS") are expected to be the new growth drivers.

"This potential acquisition of Freya Energy is the first in the series of planned steps in executing our business model and becoming a meaningful player within the renewable energy space. We believe Freya is an exciting opportunity for the Company and is part of our roll-up strategy to increase shareholder value. Freya is on the cusp of commercialization in a fast growing segment of the renewable energy sector that we believe offers unique advantages over similar technologies," stated Henry Fong, CEO of China Nuvo Solar Energy.

"This transaction is a logical next step in our commercialization efforts that we believe offers Freya the accessibility to the capital markets thereby allowing us to accelerate our path to market entry," commented Richard Fox, CEO of Freya.

Closing of the transaction is subject to customary conditions including, among other things, the negotiation and execution of definitive agreements as well as the approval of both companies' boards of directors and any necessary stockholder or regulatory approval.

About Freya Energy

Freya is a producer of safe large format lithium ion cells and batteries for demanding applications. Freya believes its proprietary separator provides greater safety than competitive products and provides a higher energy density than others on the market.

Freya's technology is protected by patent filings, ready for manufacture and requires no additional research and development. Freya has developed a commercialization plan for rapid market entry. Its personal relationships with known and established customers, positions the company for timely sales in the United States and Europe. Subject to initial funding and satisfactory prototypes, Freya has several million dollars in letters of intent that can be converted to purchase orders.

Freya has an experienced management and technical team led by well-respected innovators in battery technology.

About China Nuvo Solar Energy

China Nuvo Solar Energy, Inc. is a development stage company that owns unique patent pending solar and photovoltaic related technology. The Company's business model includes a roll-up strategy of clean energy companies and intellectual property within the renewable energy sector.