Thursday, July 2, 2009

Company Vehicle Seen At Whorehouse, And More On The "Back Fence" Open Thread... (Summer Visitation, 2009)

Photo By John Hoff 

My experimental open blog forum is going gangbusters, with hot and fresh new discussion about a company vehicle seen at the known and notorious whorehouse at 2700 Morgan Ave. N. How I love it when somebody pulls up to a whorehouse in the company vehicle. Click here for another example. It's even more fun when a Level 3 sex offender gets fired a job which requires being licensed and bonded. Click here for an example.

So go enjoy the free speech "back fence" blog discussion, but then take the discussion further by making a call to the company which owns the truck in question.

I will keep linking to that thread in every blog post, until I make a judgment call the thread has gotten too long and then I'll start a new thread...most likely with a picture of my son prominently displayed. As for the photo above...

That's my son holding a check for $120 and some cents. This money comes from Google for ads displayed on this blog. It is my self-imposed standard (one of many) to disclose money which comes my way for blogging efforts from PayPal, cash donations handed over in person and now a check from Google.

However, this is MONTHS worth of ad revenue collected in a slow, steady drip of pennies from folks clicking on the various Google ads.

Yes, I would suggest bloggers put ads on their websites, but are you going to get rich or make a living? Obviously not.

In the meantime, I am trying to figure out a way to make this blog self-supporting. Our neighborhood revitalization efforts are unstoppable if these efforts become one with the power of information technology. So let us continue to speak, to write, to organize.

This blog will be shut down when the password is pried from my cold, dead brain. Patrons of prostitutes driving the company vehicle in North Minneapolis: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Jordan Neighbor said...

So all we need to do to help earn ad revenue is to click on the ads?

Like 2 clicks per day per reader?

Johnny Northside said...

I think under the rules of the ads I should say something like: you should click on those ads which actually interest you.

Jordan Neighbor said...

Well, now they all interest me.

Especially that Megan Fox survey...