Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fare Thee Well, "Chick Magnet"

Photos By John Hoff

My vehicles all have names, but sometimes the names change when something notable happens. My 1988 Chevy Celebrity...

...acquired the nickname "Chick Magnet" from the times I drive down Lyndale Ave. N. at the end of the month, and prostitutes throw themselves at the vehicle faster than I can call their locations to the police.

I was wondering what I'd name my new vehicle right when a live chicken jumped inside. (See previous post) I realized the name was obvious: Chick Magnet Two.

Above, top picture, my old vehicle with the "good battery" removed to be placed in my new vehicle. Middle, the "sticker collage" inside the trunk, which was just starting to acquire some critical mass after I visited all those booths during the RNC 2008 protests. Sigh. Well, it's fun to start all over!

Below, a scene from one of the places I went to reconnect with my rural roots and, of course, acquire more supplies in the battle to revitalize North Minneapolis. What did I get THIS time? Well, long underwear...cans of soup...another pair of blue jeans...a fairly good jack for the next tire slashing...stubs from the two movies I watched on my mini-vacation away from North Minneapolis: House Bunny and Righteous Kill.

Righteous Kill was a stupid movie. As a member of the audience, I felt conned by the cheap slight-of-hand move designed to conceal an important element of the plot. It's a sad day when you've got Pacino and Deniro in the same movie, but it can't stack up to House Bunny.


jake said...

Aw, I'm gonna miss that car (sniff).

You know, contrary your car's nickname, Gabe had a Celebrity growing up (as did I, what a piece of crap) and he and his friends called it
the "Celibacy."

Fare thee well white, rusted, '88 Celibacy.

Gabe said...

Yes, mine was a gray 1982 Celebrity. At one point it had small plants growing in the crevice between the back windshield and the trunk. At one point the "check engine" light came on, and the mechanic fixed it by disconnecting the "check engine" light.

Jeanie said...

Wait! I have better looking sunflowers on my post! But, I digress.

In other words...step aside, Missy!

Johnny Northside said...

Jeanie is alluding to this blog post: