Monday, April 15, 2013

Eric Christopher Simmons, Held Without Bail On Weapons, Assault And False Imprisonment Charges...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Mainstream media have reported a hostage incident yesterday on the 3500 block of Newton Ave. N., peacefully resolved by MPD without harm to the hostages; GOD BLESS MPD. At least one mainstream media outlet has identified the (alleged) hostage taker as Eric Christopher Simmons.

A perusal of the Hennepin County jail roster focused upon just the names of individuals arrested yesterday reveals...

Only one individual with an address listed for the 3500 block of Newton Ave. N., which is one Eric Christopher Simmons, DOB 10/14/83, with probable cause charges listed of Domestic Assault, Weapons, and False Imprisonment. The last charge is a very rare bird on the jail roster. This is the first time I've seen it.

Simmons is being held without bail. His home address is listed as 3507 Newton Ave. N., which is owned by Eagle Flight Development, LLP, of Waconia MN. It is a rental property. The rental license is listed as "in review." According to the Minnesota Secretary of State's website, Eagle Flight Development LLP's agent or contact is James B. Russell of 8875 102nd St., Waconia, MN. The address of the chief executive officer, unnamed, is the same.

At one point the 4th Precinct CARE Task Force was showing an issue with this property; it reportedly had a rental license even though there were delinquent taxes.

Though there are a number of individuals named Eric Simmons who have criminal records and even mental health issues, I have been unable to turn up anything for Eric Simmons with the middle name of Christopher. 


Johnny Northside! said...

Looks like another charge has been tacked on; a bench warrant for domestic assault by strangulation. Bail on that charge is $40,000 but elsewhere on the roster it still says "held without bail."

Dude has a hearing at 1:30 PM tomorrow.

Roberta Englund said...

I spoke with Mr. Russell, the contact for the property, after he asked me if I was threatening him he told me that the tenants in 3507 were not paying their rent so if the "cops" wanted to take care of that for him - it was all right with him! He also mention that some of his other properties had problems - I think that he deserves a much closer look by Inspections to say the least!