Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eric Christopher Simmons Dropped A Baby On Its Head, Allegedly, And Other Ugly Details Of The "Baby Mama Drama" Hostage Incident At 3507 Newton Ave. N.

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Charges have been filed against Eric Christopher Simmons, who was involved in a hostage incident at 3507 Newton Ave. N. the day before yesterday, allegedly. I've obtained a copy of the criminal complaint and it is seven layers of ugly, truly one of the worst cases of "baby mama drama" the Northside has witnessed in a long time.

Click here to read that document.

The incident began, incredibly, with police pulling over a vehicle with a broken tail light...

The driver of the vehicle, identified as T.Z., was crying and asking the officers for help. She said the father of her children had been drinking heavily and acting violent. She, Simmons and their children had all gone to a party that evening and Simmons became drunk and violent.

So, only a couple sentences into the criminal complaint, we know this couple had at least two children without bothering to get married and they like to go to drinking parties.

Anyway, moving on...

The family arrived back home but Simmons was began yelling and acting erratically. He dropped their 8-month-old child on the floor and the child hit its head. The baby mama managed to leave the house with one child but the other was left behind. She was afraid for the child. Officers escorted her home to retrieve the child.

Simmons came out of the house, appearing angry, and said "Who the fuck is that?" (Hey, I'm just quoting the criminal complaint) He asked, "Oh, this is how it's gonna be?" He seemed to be concealing a weapon behind his back and T.Z. cried out that she thought Simmons had a gun. The complaint notes, dryly, "Officers called for assistance."

To which I say: Damn right they did. From behind the steel cover and concealment of their squad car, guns drawn, I would hope.

Officers had the home surrounded soon enough. A female inside the house said "help me" to the officers, and pointed toward Simmons. At some point, the female hostage climbed out the window onto the roof of the house and escaped. The female hostage had the baby with her.

Another witness was also able to escape the house and reported Simmons was inside acting crazy; waving a shotgun and saying if he was going to jail everybody else was going down with him. Simmons kept officers at bay for seven hours until SWAT entered the home. A sawed off shotgun was located in the house, hidden under a pile of towels and clothing.

Simmons remains in custody. All the previous information should be read with a liberal sprinkling of the word "allegedly." Well, except the part about it being "baby mama drama."

That's just a FACT. 


Anonymous said...

It's pretty clear that everything would have been fine if T.Z. hadn't been such a naggy bitch. Only so much a man can be expected to take before he just gotta whip out the sawed-off shotgun and start dropping babies on they head.

Anonymous said...

He's 29 and originates from the Decatur- Atlanta area of Georgia. He uses Christopher as his first name and, once again, people come here for the welfare and stay to commit crimes.
Congratulations to all of you naïve white people who make the rules around here.
They ain't going nowhere else if you're going to hand them money here without them having to do a goddamn thing but lie to collect it or having to lift a thieving finger other than to jump your mother when the money runs out.

Anonymous said...

post a picture of this guy so I can hunt him down and do bad things to him...please!!

Anonymous said...

Why is my tax money going to these people?

Anonymous said...

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GOD BLESS THIS CREEP! I don't think so! And ALL the officers that said and did nothing when they were working with him. LET'S SEE 1.guilty on all 3 counts of assault,2.sued for $225,000.00 and 3.new charges for a Minneapolis cop who solicited girl, 11 years old!
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"who loves ya' baby"
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