Tuesday, April 2, 2013

JNS Blog Digs Deeply Into Recent "Loud Pack" Arrests And Charges, PART TWO OF TWO...

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In Part One, this blog published nine criminal complaints connected to a group calling itself the "Loud Pack." This gang had its 15 minutes of fame about a month ago when the Hennepin County prosecutor sent out a press release about a raft of charges against Loud Pack, with the criminal complaints attached. Apparently JNS blog was the only media entity which published all the complaints online but, hey, we're thorough like that.

Then I proceeded to dig up info about the addresses associated with the complaints, looking for patterns and the names of property owners.

What is left to dig up after that?

Well, there are a number of different names mentioned in the complaints who have their own set of criminal issues. These names appear to be a "criminal support network" for the members of the infamous Loud Pack...

Dwain Anthony Joseph (DOB 9/27/91)

One name is Dwain Anthony Joseph. In fact, there is a criminal complaint against Joseph (click here) which is virtually identical to the Loud Pack criminal complaint against Dementry Loyd, click here to compare and contrast. 

In the complaint against Dwain A. Joseph, his address is listed as 1421 44th Ave. N., Apartment #9 which is the address where (as described in Part One) Dementry Loyd was discovered with a bunch of loot.

Well, turns out this is where Dwain Joseph lives. I love it when I see the dots connect.

Interestingly, a search of online Minnesota court records for turns up only a Fourth Degree Assault conviction in 2010. (27-CR-10-1685)

Andre Xavier Taylor (DOB 3/10/1990) 

Andre X. Taylor, another supporting actor in this little thug drama, is mentioned as a defendant in one of the criminal complaints against Dementry Loyd. He resides (or did reside) in the same apartment as Dwain Joseph.

Taylor has a juvenile conviction for obtaining services with no payment, a fifth degree possession charge for "not a small amount" of marijuana, and a conviction for giving a false name to a police officer. As of today, Taylor still owes $128 for that last conviction. (Case number 27-CR-09-38913) Each of these convictions lists his address as Brooklyn Center.

Hamp Townsell (DOB 8/16/1990) 

Hamp Townsell was another of the defendants involved in the "shooting up a house" incident at 3330 Oliver Ave. N., mentioned in Part One. His criminal record began when he was a juvenile and was convicted of possessing a pistol or assault weapon. He was later convicted of possessing a small amount of marijuana.

This was actually the first time I've seen "small amount" instead of "not small amount" listed in court records. He has also been convicted of "disorderly conduct in a public or private place." He received a year of probation and served 4 days in the workhouse, with 26 days stayed.

Townsell stayed out of trouble long enough to avoid that 26 days hanging over his head, but last year he was convicted of second degree burglary and served 161 days. He is on probation until September 11, 2015. He is currently scheduled for a probation violation hearing on this charge. The time has been twice reset by the court.

Oh, he's also been convicted of giving a police officer a false name. He's on probation for this until 2014. The last activity in the case was the appointment of a public defender. (9/7/2012)

Your tax dollars at work.

Tashawna Shaquay Woodard (7/19/93) 

Woodard, who thankfully provides some feminine balance to what has (so far) been nothing but a thug sausage party, was alleged to be involved in the same incident where police turned up a handgun in the possession (allegedly) of one or more Loud Pack members.  So far, the only conviction I can turn up for her is a conviction for giving a police officer a false name, birthdate and/or identification card. Court records say she also spells her name "Tashanna."

And The Award For Best Supporting Thug Goes To...

Though criminals like the members of the Loud Pack get a lot of attention, their criminal prominence wouldn't really be possible without the support of bit players like Hamp Townsell and "thug temptress" Tashawna Woodard. They, too, deserve some attention on the internet.

Well, today is their special day. 


Anonymous said...

The Loyd gang has been terrorizing Minneapolis for at least 30 years.
Disgusting that they are still bredding rotten family members.
MCullen NE

Anonymous said...

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