Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nitelen Jackson Faces Gun Charges, Possibly Involving The Facebook Photo Below...

Photo obtained from Facebook and used under First
Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post
by John Hoff

Remember Nitelen Jackson, who starred in The Nine Days Of Nitelen right here on Johnny Northside Dot Com?

Well, it turns out Nitelen couldn't keep himself out of trouble and also he couldn't stop himself from posting information all over social media, even though he must have KNOWN police were watching and taking notes. Recently, an anonymous commenter tipped me off to the fact Jackson had posted a photo of himself on Facebook posing with a gun. When I located the photo and mentioned this little factoid to a high ranking police contact I was told...

They know. They're already all over it.

Now information on the jail roster shows Jackson is indeed rotting in jail, with $30,000 bail for a weapons possession charge and $20,000 for a theft of moveable property charge. JNS blog doesn't have the criminal complaints quite yet but I hope to have them soon. The photo above may be involved in the new charges but that isn't confirmed. The arrest took place April 13. Oh, my goodness, I hope Nitelen got his taxes filed in time!

Jackson has a hearing on May 14. Though he's a skilled thief, I doubt Jackson has that much money laying around so he's likely to do every day of that jail time just waiting for his hearing, and then more time after that, and then a lot MORE time if he's convicted.

It's a shame, really. This is a very clever young man whose personality attracts many followers and admirers.

He also can't seem to stop himself from breaking laws and bragging about it all over Facebook. 


Anonymous said...

I noticed that in your linked blog post from last year that some commenter kept accusing you of "cyber stalking". I'd like to thank you for cyber stalking. More people should do it. If these stupid criminals continue to post incriminating stuff ON THE INTERNET, they deserve to have that incriminating stuff brought to the cops' attention. You don't need to have your own Twitter account to look at people's Twitter lines. is a good place to start. He's the guy still in a coma since January after being shot in S Mpls.

Anonymous said...

I just checked his online court record.... I had to run out and buy a larger monitor! (lenk is to plese clack)!

Anonymous said...

Muzzle pointed at head and finger on trigger. Gun safety at its finest.

Johnny Northside! said...

You should see their MARKSMANSHIP skills.

By the way, I have the criminal complaint in my possession and it does not, DOES NOT mention the Facebook photo where he's holding the gun.

Anonymous said...

Damn Yall ALL Eating Too Much Dick Wtf! Hop Off And Let His Nuts Breath GOTDAMN!