Sunday, April 21, 2013

Minnesota Department Of Corrections Says "IN YOUR FACE!" To Minneapolis City Council, Allows A Level Three Sex Offender To Move Four Blocks Away From City Councilman Don Samuels And His Family...

Department of Corrections mug shot, therefore public domain,
blog post by John Hoff

On March 20, the Minneapolis City Council passed a resolution about Level Three Sex Offender concentration in the City of Minneapolis. The resolution was spearheaded by City Council Member and  mayoral candidate Don Samuels. It would be fair to say the resolution was a stinging rebuke of the Minnesota Department of Corrections and its wanton dumping of sex offenders in Hennepin County, generally, and North Minneapolis in particular.

One week later, around March 27, the Minnesota Department of Corrections (MNDOC) gave what appeared to be an answer of defiance to the resolution, by sending out an email notification that Roderick Lamoryne Hamilton (pictured above) would be moving to the 2000 block of Hillside Ave. N., which is a mere four blocks from Samuel's house.

Coincidence? I don't think so...

Hamilton has more aliases than I have china plates, and here are the ones that MNDOC actually knows about and lists on its website.


Hamilton's particular sex crime was to abduct and rape an adult female victim by forcing her into a car and driving her somewhere. The victim was a complete stranger to Hamilton.

Hamilton was featured once before on this blog, click here, when I was doing "permanent public forum blog posts" about random Level Three sex offenders. (I am currently thinking hard about how to tweak that tactic to make it more effective and will say more about that at some point in the near future) For a while, Hamilton was living on the 2500 block of Golden Valley Road. He was involved in an incident where his ankle monitor was cut off and for a while he disappeared off the radar of his zoo keepers. He did turn himself in a few days later. 

It is unknown what specific house Hamilton is living at on the 2000 block of Hillside Ave. N. But there are only seven Hillside Ave. N. addresses on the 2000 block, all with odd numbers.

2003 Hillside Ave. N. is a parcel of tax forfeited land, so that's definitely not it.

2005 Hillside Ave. N. has no rental license, so that's probably not it.

2011 Hillside Ave. N. has no rental license, so that's probably not it, either.

2013 Hillside Ave. N. is a former Paul Koenig property, now owned by Assertive Mpls Properties LLC. This is the same entity that was responsible for the rental property travesty at at 1611 Hillside Ave. N., where the house caught fire and, well, a whole lot of people were living inside. 

2015 Hillside Ave. N. appears under the "master address" of 2013 Hillside Ave. N., so this is probably a duplex.

2017 Hillside Ave. N. is owned by Affordable Green Homes LLC. I can't help but think "green homes" aren't going to be big sellers when a notorious rapist is living on the same block, but whatever.

2023 Hillside Ave. N. is a rental owned by Brian T. Vikingstad, with the taxpayer listed as 2023 Hillside Ave. N. LLC. There is a rental license for the property. The name "Brian Vikingstad" and "Brian T. Vikingstad" turns up all sorts of interesting stuff on the internet, but I'm not headed down that rabbit hole at the moment; especially since I can't confirm with 100 percent certainty whether this is really the same guy. My main focus is Roderick Hamilton.

I believe I can say with certainty that Hamilton is living in a rental property. And I can say with certainty there are only three possibilities, or two possibilities depending on how you count the duplex.

In all likelihood, he's either living at 2023 Hillside Ave. N. or the duplex at 2013/2015 Hillside Ave. N.

JNS blog continues to express a willingness to publish the address of every Level Three Sex Offender in North Minneapolis, if such a list falls into my hands, or the address of any individual Level Three Sex Offender, if I can verify the information to my satisfaction. 


Anonymous said...

Johnny, it would be nice to see the five white sex offenders who move into north Minneapolis over the last 45 days.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Anon at 3:55 PM would have given all five of their names.

Anonymous said...

"Johnny, it would be nice to see the five white sex offenders who move into north Minneapolis over the last 45 days."

Well here is your chance! YOU can do it yourself! Just type your information right here inside the little box. (You already know how to do it since you've posted your prior rather pointless comment.) Then you can click "Publish Your Comment". Then it goes straight to JNS Central.

So instead of this mindless kvetch, where is your 411?

Anonymous said...

Can you get the criminal compliant on Cory Bryant we..... I mean they got him again put the news out Johnny!!!!

Johnny Northside! said...

The comment about more sex offenders moving to North Minneapolis made me check into something and, well, even though I can't confirm that info one way or another I can tell you the number of sex offenders in the 55411 zip code has climbed from 31 to 34.

Watch for the blog post set to auto publish around lunchtime tomorrow.

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to Cory Bryant, I am trying to obtain the criminal complaint but tomorrow is the soonest I will get it. Hopefully the mainstream media has caught wind of any new charges but if you've been reading the comments, well, you read it here FIRST.

Naysayer said...

As I have stated before, DOC practices are not going to stop unless they are prohibited by statute. The analogy with pollution is appropriate here. MN statute needs to define a threshold limit on the dumping of harmful (human) substances into the local environment that puts the public at risk. The legality of such a toxin restriction will be tested in court, so it must be explicitly codified. No amount of language to the effect that: "we will try, where feasible, to do this or that" will either change DOC behavior or hold-up in court.

One has to wonder why BJ Champion and R Dehn aren't on this issue. They seem to be pretty ineffective legislators, who steer clear of anything that might be construed as controversial. This is not what our community needs, and I will be working to unseat them next time around.

Anonymous said...

It has less to do with DOC practice and more to do with individual rights. People on parole, even sex offenders actually have the right to choose where then want to live. Denial based on concentration is not much of a factor. This comes down to economics and where sex offenders are able to find someone to rent to them and where the can afford to live. Get the State to pass geographical restrictions (best of luck on that one) or force other municipalities to charge much less or force them to rent to offenders. There are level 3's in NoMi that are no longer on supervision and the DOC has zero say in where those perverts live. I wish you luck!

Naysayer said...

To Anony 7:56: According to Association for the Treatment of Sex Abusers (ATSA), over 30 states and many municipalities have residential restrictions for sex offenders. The rights of convicted felons are whatever the law says that they are, if it is constitutional.

Yes, unfortunately economics along with social collusion makes NoMi what it is, but one of the main purposes of the law is to try to fix market failures that impose external costs on parties not involved in an economic transaction. And, we need more than luck--we need courageous political leadership willing to fight against the use of NoMi as a dumping ground for the deviant and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Face it. NoMI is a ghetto of criminals, prostitutes, pimps, and gangbangers. At least the sex offenders aren't shooting innocent little children as they sleep in their homes. As I look at the crime reports, sex offenders seem to be the best offenders to have as they are monitored by the system. I bet for every sex offender living in NoMi there are 25 other dirtbag criminals living in the nearby neighborhood.
I bet 50% of adults playing basketball in the Farview gym have a criminal record, and 25% are high on drugs.
And this blog confirms that NoMi is filled with scumbags, just look at the jail roster. Those names aren't folks living around Lake Calhoun.

Anonymous said...

Naysayer.....perhaps for those that cannot follow that we are talking about NoMi and The Minnesota DOC, I should have qualified that offenders under supervision in Minnesota have very little to no restrictions on where they live.

Not defending sex offenders, there are also studies that show residence restrictions do not reduce recidivism and may increase public risk. The same goes for sex offenders living together. Sure no one wants 4 in their back yard but the risk does not increase and there is little to no correlation to sexual reoffense. In fact, case law is being establish in some States. California found it unreasonable and oppressive.

Naysayer said...

I wouldn't necessarily disagree with the statements by Anonys 11:20 and !2:16. The trouble is that transforming NoMi into JNS's "urban utopia" is thwarted by perceptions that it is filled with the deviant and dangerous. Those of us who live here know better, but the fact that the MN govenment is complicit in reinforcing such perceptions is reprehensible in my opinion. My expectation is higher than that of simply doing what is most expedient.

Anonymous said...

it's scared white people figuring that everyone in nomi are broke dick dogs who would prefer to beat the hell out of these freaks and if they stick them in our midst we will oblige. I agree and will do my part to help.