Monday, April 1, 2013

Charles Thomas Ortley Was Arrested On Two Attempted Murder Charges, But These Charges Were Recently Dismissed, Hmmmm...

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This is what I know from looking at the jail roster, and I'm not going to say more than what I know, and here we go...

Charles Thomas Ortley (DOB 5/19/1990) was arrested on March 13 and held on two charges of second degree, non-premeditated murder. (Addendum, April 2: The jail roster has a maddening tendency to use the word "murder" when it's nothing more than attempted murder. This was one of those instances. The headline of this blog article has been changed, as well, by addition of the word "attempted.")

There were also two charges of assault, great bodily harm. However, after a court appearance on March 22, the murder and assault charges were dismissed. Court records show he pleaded guilty to "Burglary, First Degree, Possess Dangerous Weapon or Explosive." Ortley is now headed for prison for 78 months with credit for 428 days served.

Orley's address listed on the jail roster is 3018 21st Ave. S. in Minneapolis.

There is a Charles Ortley (unknown if it's the same one) whose name turns up in association with a September 19, 2011 incident in North Minneapolis, as follows:

In-Custody. 11-282,171. ROBPAG. 2601 Longfellow Av. Two Asian males and a W/M were approached on the street by four I/M’s, assaulted and robbed at gunpoint. Officers responding to the area located four suspects walking nearby and they were arrested after a positive show up. Officers later recovered a handgun. AP-Charles Ortley and AP-Seth Hanks-Burns were brought to HCJ. Two other juvenile I/M’s were arrested and brought to JDC. Sgts. Carpenter and McLean are assigned this case. AP-Ortley and AP-Seth Hanks-Burns, along with a juvenile male, were each charged with Aggravated Robbery in the First Degree.

But in regard to more recent events in court: the murder charges did not stick but Ortley is headed to prison for a long stretch on a burglary charge.

But at one time, prosecutors thought Ortley had committed murder.

Twice, it would appear.

So who were the alleged victims?

That's the mystery. 


Anonymous said...

What does the I/M stand for?

What does the A/P mean? Accused Person?

JNS needs an acronym lookup on the site. Lets get it started. AUB= Assless Underwear Bandit, DTPWM= Dead Thug Posing With a Magnum, DTPTHLA= Dead Thug Previously Turning His Life Around, and so on.

Naysayer said...

That is funny 10:02. It would seem that JNS=Johnny NorthSide is lapsing into the acronym-laced argot common to crime reporters. With his knowledge and skill in the use of the idiom, along with his relentless investigative penchant, he might qualify as a 4th Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think he just reposted the official paperwork which is always loaded with acronyms. As the use of acronyms saves police and prosecutorial time, such use theoretically allows more investigation and arrests of the various perpetrators.

Additional thoughts on DTPWM:
TPWM = Thug Posing With a Magnum (just drop the D for the ones that are still turning their lives around, add or substitute a leading Y for Young and Magnum is useable for both the large champagne bottles and firearms). Thus YDTPWM= Young Dead Thug Posing With a Magnum. May need to add a letter or two to distinguish between alcoholic beverages, janky handguns, serious handguns, and serious long guns.

Also need some suggestions for the acronyms to use for the various types of thug facebook shots taken in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

That would be the second job that his family would like him to get. It is kind of ironic that if they do have a job like that, he seems to be well qualified and would take it very seriously.
DON'T FORGET, HIRE THE VET! was a public service commercial- reminder that aired for our men coming home from Nam and it remains a staple. Thank you for your service to our country and to North Minneapolis, John.

Anonymous said...

Somebody just got shot on humbolt ave north by PICA

Johnny Northside! said...

Yeah, I'm seeing that story but no victim is named let alone a perpetrator. Anybody got more details?

Anonymous said...

nuthin' but another mutha' fucka' who came back to minndianapolis gettin' his life togetha'... with a record a mile long and the government playing the role of supporting his SEVEN children.
Another piece of garbage to take to the landfill. Too bad he had a chance to leave society with other potential entitlement ridden ebt taki buyin' thugs.