Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rosie Bardney, Wife Of Criminally-Inclined Shooting Victim Tommy Bardney, Is No Angel Herself...

Image from Facebook profile of Tommy Boy Bardney, used under
First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John

Tommy Bardney, a violence victim whose death appeared to be plotted and planned, not random, left behind seven children by his wife Rosie Bardney. I'd like to see proof she's actually his wife, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Rosie Bardney doesn't have a criminal record.

However, Rosie Bardeny wasn't always (or isn't always) Rosey Bardney.

She has also gone by the name...

...Rosie Denise Lee, and she was born October 22, 1979. The reason I can find this information is because in 2010, Rosie Denise Lee from the 55411 zip code was named in a child support case filed on her behalf by Hennepin County against Tommy Bardney in "Lino Lakes, Minnesota."

For just a second there I thought, "Why was he living in Lino Lakes?" Then I realized there's a prison in Lino Lakes.

The Star Tribune names "Rosie Bardney" as the wife of Tommy Bardney and says they have been married four years. However, as late as January of 2010 (which is only three years and four months ago, roughly) the court documents name her as Rosie Lee and she is seeking child support.

Um, who seeks child support from a HUSBAND? Particularly a husband who is in PRISON? I mean, is he sitting on a pile of money in prison?

Oh, wait, it gets better! Plus it gets better in a way that supports my suspicious little theory they might not be married or, to put it more objectively, I'd like to see hard proof they are married before I believe it. Because Rosie Lee has a conviction for CHECK FORGERY.

ADDENDUM, APRIL 12: They are married. The evidence was brought to my attention in the form of an actual marriage certificate posted online. More in corrective addendum further below. 

Which makes her a liar and (if it's like most check forgeries) most likely a liar about who she actually is and what her own name is. The check forgery conviction happened in 2006 and Rosie Lee was sent to the De Novo program, which sort of helps criminals who might be rehabilitated. IBNN blogger Don Allen is a fine example of somebody who was in the De Novo program and is kind of, sort of rehabilitated because he's not in jail.

But I digress, because Don Allen tried to call my phone a few hours ago and now I have Don Allen on the brain and there's no antibiotic for that kind of thing, not yet...

Anyway, Rosie Lee was convicted of check forgery, possession with intent to defraud. The court record shows she was discharged from her probation over this charge on December 2, 2011. I remember that day. That was the birthday I celebrated in Afghanistan.

In another criminal case, Rosie was convicted of disorderly conduct but a 5th Degree Assault charge was dismissed. As of today, she still owes the court $43. She has been making little payments here and there, it would appear.

There is some other interesting stuff happening on the civil side of the court system with Ms. Rosie Denise Lee.  There's a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against A Plus Investors, Inc (27-CV-11-12761) which was filed in 12/08/2011 (shortly after she finished her probation) and was settled February 21 of 2012.

She also filed a civil suit against Management Resolutions LLC in housing court over some kind of rent escrow (27-CV-HC-10-1215) It was dismissed by stipulation. There are a couple other "Rosie Lee" cases in other counties which do not appear to be "our" Rosie Lee but one might be. In 2006 there was an eviction order for non-payment of rent against a "Rosie Lee" who lived in the 55412 zip code.

There's another which is certainly her, though the name of her alleged husband is spelled differently in the court record. In late 2000 and early 2001, a guy named Steven J Gotham of Inver Grove Heights filed an action in court for non-payment of rent against Rosie Lee (who lived in the 55411 zip code) and somebody named Tommy Bardeny (sic) in the same zip code. The case was "settled by the parties" though at one point Gotham was trying to enforce a writ to recover the premises.

All in all, one gets a picture of Rosie D. Lee as economically desperate at times, somewhat prone to criminality, but also prone to go on the offensive within the legal system in hopes of winning the almighty buck.

These are the facts from the court records to the degree I can obtain, understand, and relate the information. Make of it what you will.

The "assassination" of Tommy Bardney remains unsolved. His "wife" (show me the marriage certificate) who identified herself as Rosie Bardney to a Star Tribune reporter has been using the name Rosie Lee in the legal system as late as December 8, 2011, despite a claim to a Star Tribune reporter of being married the last four years and using the name "Rosie Bardney" unless the reporter just got something wrong. (Don't make Johnny Northside run behind you and fact check your fact checking on a Northside story, Star Tribune)

ADDENDUM, APRIL 11: "Show me the marriage certificate," I said. Well, turns out she posted a copy on Facebook and it's dated 2010. They are indeed married. I am leaving this blog post as it is because it was the best information I could obtain at the time it was written. I am, however, removing the word "alleged" from the headline. She's his wife and they were married. Better late than never. 

Rosie Lee a/k/a Rosie Bardney was seated with Tommy Bardney in a vehicle parked in front of her house when a mysterious assassin came up and killed Bardney.

There was a great deal of domestic violence committed by Bardney, for which he went to prison twice, but the online court records don't specifically say who the domestic violence was directed toward.

Looking at this disturbing assemblage of facts, I can't shake a feeling Tommy Bardney was somehow worth more dead than alive. I hope the cops are all over this one. Despite some rough edges on Tommy Bardney, there is heart-rending evidence on Facebook that, in his own way, he was truly the Northside homicide victim who really was "trying to turn his life around lately."

I'll discuss that evidence in a subsequent post. Stay tuned. 


Anonymous said...

Case No. 27-CV-11-12761
Rosie Denise Lee vs A Plus Investors Inc, Gary Hogren

Case Type: Sexual Harassment
Date Filed: 06/09/2011

Anonymous said...

Johnny Norfside Say's: Sgt. David Clifford of the Minneapolis police SWAT Team. Should be found guilty of sucker punching
[the charge should be assault with a deadly weapon] Brian Vander Lee. In Anoka county by the end of the week. Let's hope gun control starts with him, losing his job and the right to own any firearm. After all he's a trained professional and his hands / feet are deadly weapons. (SWAT training for temper tantrums. Needs to start right away.)And not fleeing the seen of a crime, or assaulting the general public using MPLS Police self defense techniques.

XOXOXO Johnny Norfside

Johnny Northside! said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, but since you punctuate like Don Allen I assume what you are saying is probably a bunch of bull but whatever, it's a free speech forum on my blog as long as you don't act like a troll.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is the Major Topps sitting in the Hennepin County Jail, John? cheggitout.

Anonymous said...

I expect in looking at cases, if Jill Clark were counsel of record that would have been mentioned.

Did she litigate pro se?

Anonymous said...

well.. she posted a pic of the marriage certificate on her FB page.. so they are legally married since 2010..

Johnny Northside! said...

Wow. I said to the Universe, "Show me the marriage certificate" and an image has turned up. For the record, I've been asking the Universe for a satchel stuffed with millions of dollars in drug money for a long time.

Anyway, yes, I can confirm that info. Since this blog post is relatively fresh I am going to add an addendum to reflect that info.

Johnny Northside! said...

No, she didn't litigate pro se. It was some lawyer's name I hadn't heard of before and didn't bother to publish. For all I know, maybe she WAS sexually harassed. I'd be interested to see the lawsuit which, once again, was settled.

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to the Major Topps comment: I will go look for that info, but I believe his son shares the same name.

How unfortunate for the son.

Johnny Northside! said...

I have been told Steven J. Gotham is a name known to our city leaders because of some other property ownership in North Minneapolis. I am working to track down that info.

Anonymous said...

April 10, 2013 at 9:32 PM
An off-duty Swat cop punched Vander Lee in a bar because Vander Lee was drinking and getting loud at another table.
The swat cop says he asked Vander Lee to quiet down....
It's in the Strib, either Thursday or Friday.
I agree that Clifford is guilty
of assault. He says self-defense.
People can't go to a bar and get loud and have a good time any more because you never know when a mean-spirited asshole will show up.
A Piss stain like Clifford needs to serve time.

Anonymous said...

I would have to believe he will do his whole time in protective custody. He will be serving time with others whose asses he sucker punched while brown-booting it on the streets. It is officially open season on the felon Clifford and let the chips fall where they may.

Anonymous said...

i believe that tommy is flashing a pitchfork which would be the appropriate hand signal for the entrance to hell....getting hot, bubba? say hi to the fellas!

Anonymous said...

check out willie bardney in jail for assault on may 20..relative?

Anonymous said...

A little late to the party, mr johnny on the spot? I posted the previous message on may 20..relative? you are full of yourself mr. eight plus weeks late

Anonymous said...

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