Monday, April 22, 2013

In January Of This Year, There Were THIRTY-ONE (31) Level Three Sex Offenders In The 55411 Zip Code, Guess How Many There Are NOW?!

MNDOC mug shot, therefore public domain, blog
post by John Hoff

The correct answer is THIRTY-FOUR.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections has apparently settled on a policy of allowing as many sex offenders as possible to concentrate in the 55411 zip code until a lawsuit is filed to stop them.

Johnny Northside blog is keeping track and keeping score. In January I wrote how the number had reached 31, which was the highest I'd ever seen the number. 

Well, now the number is...bigger.

The googly-eyed letch pictured above is, by the way...

...Herbert Stanley Ward. He's been a sex offender since 1975, click here for a court case discussing how incurable he is and a danger to the public. He has a wide-ranging appetite for perversion, with his victims including a 6-year-old female, an adult female stranger, a 4-year-old female and a 14-year-old female. He also has an eerie ability to change his appearance. Compare the "friendly neighborhood super nerd" look, above, with the "old fashioned country boy" look, below.

Yup. That's the same guy!

Like so many OTHER sex offenders, Ward lives on the 2500 block of Golden Valley Road. His supervising agent is Daren Bocksell. For a while, Ward lived in Monticello, Minnesota, but I guess he didn't like it there. He was arrested in Monticello as recently as the fall of 2012, click here. 

JNS blog repeats, for the record, my willingness to publish the home address of every Level Three Sex Offender in North Minneapolis if such a list were to somehow fall into my hands. 


Anonymous said...

Even though "civil confinement" is problematic, this guy is a strong argument for civil confinement. Or better yet, harsher sentences. This guy should not be out amongst the public.

Anonymous said...

This might not be the exact address, but it is close:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just think of all the waves you could make and changes you could bring in for your neighborhood if you were a licensed attorney.
Why haven't you taken the Bar exam yet? A person with your education should be doing more than pissing people off with a blog. Wasted potential.

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny with your "Schtick" phrase of Collect Them All because, that seems to be exactly what north Minneapolis is doing.