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Patrick Carl Timberlake And Anthony Jenkins Enter Guilty Pleas In Drive-By Shootings...

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In early January, this blog wrote about a criminal complaint against Patrick Timberlake, age 16, which revealed incredible details in the North Minneapolis gang war. Timberlake is now 17 (happy birthday, Patrick Timberlake!) and for a birthday present will be getting a getting a prison sentence. So will Anthony Jenkins, age 20.

Timberlake's sentence will be something between 96 and 114 months. The sentence for Jenkins is already known; 84 months.

The Hennepin County Prosecutor released a statement today. I'm not sure if other media have published it, yet, but here it is word-for-word including (conveniently) the suggested headline...

Two men plead guilty to separate shootings in Minneapolis, Richfield

A 17-year-old pleaded guilty to drive-by shootings in Minneapolis and a man pleaded guilty to shooting another man at a Richfield gas station in two unrelated gun cases, the Hennepin County Attorney's Office announced Tuesday.

Patrick Carl Timberlake, 17, of Minneapolis pleaded guilty to two counts of drive-by shooting from last year. He is looking at between 96 to 114 months in adult prison when he is sentenced April 29. The shootings were part of the gang violence in North Minneapolis.

Anthony Jenkins, 20, of Bloomington pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and Tuesday was sentenced to 84 months in prison for shooting a man in the head, abdomen and left shoulder at the SuperAmerica at 7720 Nicollet Ave. S. on January 3. The two men had argued outside the gas station when Jenkins suddenly pulled out a handgun and fired, according to the criminal complaint. The man survived.

According to the criminal complaint against Timberlake, Minneapolis police handled a series of shooting cases on March 5, 2012. First a woman walked into the Fourth Precinct Station and said she was at 21st Ave. N. and Lyndale Avenue when a black Crown Victoria made a U-turn. She jumped in her car and drove away, but saw someone shooting from the passenger side of the Crown Victoria and a bullet struck her foot.

Later, the black Crown Victoria pulled in behind and then alongside a car with a driver and two passengers. As they were driving on West Broadway near Penn Avenue North, a number of shots came from the Crown Victoria and one of them lodged in the driver's neck. (JNS blog says: Check out the criminal complaint. Doctors decided to LEAVE THE BULLET IN THE GUY'S NECK)

Then police spoke to a woman and two men who said they were in their Chevy Suburban near Dupont and 25th Avenues North when the black Crown Victoria drove by and the gunman hung out the passenger side window and fired three shots into the driver's side door of the Suburban. No one was injured according to the criminal complaint.

Police eventually found the black Crown Victoria and determined it was owned by Dexter Lee, who lived at 2954 Dupont Avenue North. Juwan "Skitz" Osbourne was murdered near there in 2011 and Lee, Timberlake, and other Osbourne friends blamed rival gang members and formed the Skitz squad to retaliate, according to the complaint. The night of shooting appeared to be part of that retaliation, according to the complaint, though some of the victims appear to be unrelated to the feud.

Timberlake pleaded guilty to the incidents in which the woman was shot in the foot and the driver was shot in the neck. Lee also has been charged and is awaiting trial.

(End of press release)

The address of 2954 Dupont Ave. N. is, according to online city property records, a rental property owned by Delora A. Freeman of 1595 Christie Pl, St. Paul, Minnesota. She obtained the property from Hennepin County. The county hoped this property sale would promote the development and preservation of quality housing, click here for document. (How's that working out for us?) The property is now listed as "license in review" but notations like that tend to last a long time and only rarely produce any meaningful action.

At the time of the property sale, Freeman's address was listed as 2815 Irving Ave. N. 

That's now listed as a vacant building. 


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Anonymous said...

With good behavior, Timberlake will be out in six years and will be all of 23 years old. He shot at numerous people not knowing if one would die. Too bad he didn't kill one of his targets so we could have had at least one more piece of shit off of this planet.
He will become stronger in jail with more gang affiliates and will laugh his way through his time standing on his head(while giving head, probably) So once again, justice is really a slap on the hand for these coward pussies and the dogs who shit them out. Ditto for Jenkins who will be spreading it wide in the hoosegow.

Johnny Northside! said...

Is AWOL a nickname for Anthony Jenkins?

Anonymous said...

This picture is solid evidence that the moon landing was staged and never happened. The people in the background make it a dead give-away.. appropriate for NoMi.

Johnny Northside! said...

The photo was taken at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

I was trying to allude to something like, "One small step for North Minneapolis..."

Anonymous said...

JNS is a gov employee in on it.

I know for a fact the "landing" was faked. I worked at NASA at the time and helped doctor the paperwork.

Anonymous said...

The Richfield police tweeted today about the sentencing of Jenkins https://mobile.twitter.com/RichfieldPD

Interesting how someone https://mobile.twitter.com/RealDreWilliams/tweets can tweet out how the Richfield police "searched my car and didn't even find the ONE illegal item LOL". He taunts them with "good job guys" and COPIES the Richfield police on the tweet. These stupid kids are so used to referring to people as "@______" that they'll start accidentally reporting themselves to the cops when they tell the tales of their crimes (minor or major).

Anonymous said...

Timberlake knows the way to the top of the charts. Maybe he can show me how to perfect the art (when he gets out that is).

Anonymous said...

Drive by shootings and real estate ripoffs. Chimos and turd burgulars. Some call it news but it might just be a part of a bigger plot. Probably why that moon lander picture is here is by mistake, and it sure doesn't have anything to do with drivebys and homies in the juvie.

When the news reports showed how nasa faked the moon landing (Documented by the documentary Crapricorn One and the actual news reprots can be seen in the documentary if you watch very carefulley) they tried to cover it up. All reports were scrubbed form the internet immeaditly. It is hard to find the evidence of what really happened but those that know do know what they do know.

It takes a large number of people to fake the moon program and then successfully cover it for years. As older reporters in on the scam retire it is nesessary to get in new blood. It may be that the entire JNS character and blog is an elaborate scheme to help keep the coverup alive.

I will watching the JNS blog very carefully for future clues to how nasa didn't do what most sheeples really think it did. Meantime what happen to Larry Maxwell? HE BE TURNIN HIS LIFE AROUND YET? How many square feets do his cell be havin?

Anonymous said...

You didn't post my snarky comment about the nasa conspiracy!

Johnny Northside! said...

I didn't? Maybe it was just delayed. Isn't that the comment above, the long one?

Anonymous said...

ehhh. that's it. so much for the snark after the discussion.

Anonymous said...

timberlake is only 17 with a little heart
he has been through alot
lost his father when he was 4 lost his mom at the age of 6
ever since then he has been loosing everything that he has gained
he lost trust he lost juwon he lost hollywood . if you live on the northside you will have to defend yourself with a pistol, knife, youre hands
either way it goes everybody is in the wrong.
yall worry about the dumbest cases and not worrying about murders that happen
still not finding the killers
yall are trying to take kids lives by throwing them in jail;.
dont get me wrong jail is better then being in the streets not worrying who might be the next killer or person in a casket but come on now its not clicking to me without patricks family or friends what will there be..? he is nin there by him self #FREE PATRICK

Johnny Northside! said...


Juvenile sentenced to 8 years in prison for night of shooting

Patrick Timberlake 17, was sentenced to eight years in adult prison Monday after pleading guilty to two counts of drive-by shooting, Hennepin County
Attorney Mike Freeman announced today.

Hennepin County District Court Judge Lyonel Norris sentenced Timberlake to 48 months on each charge to be served consecutively. Timberlake told the
court that shooting at numerous people in North Minneapolis one night last year was a mistake and he wanted to learn from it. Judge Norris lectured
Timberlake on the need for him to turn his life around before handing down the sentence, which was less than the 114 month sentence assistant Hennepin
County Attorney Michael Radmer requested.

“This kind of random senseless gun violence must be dealt with firmly,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said. “While we hope Mr. Timberlake can
turn his life around, he has committed a serious crime. We hope the fact that he is doing hard time will not be lost on others who are thinking about
similar dangerous conduct.”

Timberlake was only 16 years old when he went on his shooting spree. The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office requested that Timberlake be certified as
an adult and the motion was granted.

Anonymous said...

after all that has been said on this blog, there is several false statements. All that matters is Patrick will be released
in 2017!

Johnny Northside! said...

Kindly tell me what are the alleged "false statements" or shut your lying lie-hole.

Dae'Reyana said...

WELL U Don't know the truth about my older cousin and he been through more then u did so u need to stop judgin him U DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH SO JUST STOP IT!!!!!!!!! KNOW IT BEFORE YOU POST IT NIGGA

Anonymous said...

Antonio Timberlake tried to stab two people to death in Southwest Minneapolis along with some bitch named Ross ..and a 13 year old. There's one for your crime family catalog.

Anonymous said...

What about Tavon Timberlake? According to the story Tavon Timberlake is brother of Jamica Timberlake (Holden).

"In the prosecution's version of the case, Watkins and his friend Keith Hemphill entered the Markses' home with guns while Holden sat in the car. Watkins dragged Heather Marks throughout the house in search of valuables while Hemphill kept the others at bay with his gun, the prosecution says. Eventually, Jamis Marks demanded to know what was going on and he was shot, according to Hangartner. Prosecutors say Hemphill fired the shots. He goes on trial next year.

Colich, however, is arguing that Holden and her brother Tavon Timberlake worked together to blame the crimes on Watkins."

About Tavon the FBI anounced:

"U.S. Attorney’s Office May 27, 2011

District of Minnesota (612) 664-5600

MINNEAPOLIS—Earlier today in federal court, a 31-year-old Brooklyn Center felon was sentenced for possessing a .40-caliber pistol. United States District Court Judge David S. Doty sentenced Tavon Tarrell Timberlake to 80 months in prison on one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Timberlake was indicted on October 5, 2010, and pleaded guilty on November 30, 2010. This was Timberlake's fifth conviction for felon in possession of a firearm.

In his plea agreement, Timberlake admitted that on June 3, 2010, he had a loaded .40- caliber, semi-automatic pistol tucked in his waistband when police stopped the vehicle in which he was riding. Officers also found a loaded .40-caliber firearm in the glove box and a nine-millimeter gun with 24 bullets in an extended magazine underneath the front passenger seat. Moreover, a distribution amount of marijuana was located under a car seat occupied by a 4-year-old.

Timberlake's first felony conviction occurred in 2000, when he was convicted in Hennepin County of fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance. After that, Timberlake was prohibited from possessing firearms at any time. Nonetheless, Timberlake was convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm in Hennepin County twice in 2005, in Ramsey County in 2006, and in Anoka County in 2009. He was also convicted in Hennepin County in 2000 of third-degree possession of a controlled substance.

Following today's sentencing, Donald E. Oswald, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Minneapolis Field Office, said, "The Safe Streets Violent Gang Task Force was formed to specifically target the most violent gang members in the Twin Cities. Tavon Timberlake, a Gangster Disciple member, fits that bill. The Twin Cities are a safer place now that he has been sentenced to a federal prison term."

This case was the result of an investigation conducted by the Safe Streets Task Force. Safe Streets is an FBI-sponsored task force that focuses on combating violent street crime as well as gang and drug trafficking offenses. The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Carol M. Kayser."

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the go-to blog in all of Minneapolis. Information overload and plenty of contributors. Give me the information IS ALL I ASK BECAUSE I AM, I GUESS, LIKE YOU AND NEW TO THE SCENE. Eyes wide open and I love the diversity of this toned down like area from where I just came.

Anonymous said...

I am killing this nigger when he gets out so he might want to stay in

Anonymous said...

Keith Hemphill back in jail for predatory offenses...all murderers.. Watkins in jail for assault..the dude looking bitch, jamale selling her diseased pussy.
All deserve to die painful deaths.

Johnny Northside! said...

Normally I would reject a comment like that on the basis of the use of the "n word," but in order to document what time the comment came in and the fact of the existence of the comment, I am put in the position of being forced to publish it.