Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Searching The Jail Roster For Info About Hit-And-Run Driver Who Confessed To Killing Good Citizen Jessica Hanson, 24, In South Minneapolis...

Facebook profile photo used under First Amendment Fair
Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Jessica Hanson, a former resident of Hoffman, Minnesota, was killed while biking in South Minneapolis. Somebody sent me a link to the story and, even though this is South Minneapolis related, it wasn't hard to dig up some additional information which the mass media didn't cover so I feel a sort of duty to share what I found...

Abdirahman Abdi Ali, born January 1, 1988, reportedly turned himself in after pressure from the community and a trail of evidence a mile wide which led to him, anyway. But JNS blog always tries to acknowledge when an accused criminal does the right thing and turns himself in. In this instance, it wasn't only the accused criminal who did the right thing but his social circle, as well.

According to the jail roster, Abdi's bail is set at $150,000. He has a court appearance July 10 at 1:30. I do not yet have a copy of the criminal complaint and I suspect it is still being drafted. I do not see any charge listed on the roster of driving with a suspended license, fleeing the scene of a crime, etc. There is only a single probable cause charge of criminal vehicular homicide. Other charges might be added later, of course.

Abdi's home address is 3416 Chicago Ave. S., a rental property owned by Alexander A. Gladkov who, on the same online property listing, is listed in both Eagan and Robbinsdale. This is fairly typical of the city's online property records.

Jessica Hanson's Facebook profile reveals she liked the Minnesota Food Truck Fair and was a member of the Bartender Secrets group.

Jessica Hanson was a Good Citizen.

Though her Facebook profile has high privacy settings, her last mobile upload (which is visible) is very revealing of Hanson and who she was.

Here is the photo and what she wrote about it.

Came across a water geyser on my way home. Pretty pissed that this apartment complex is still watering their lawn in the first Effing place. But secondly there is no one that can fix this issue except the landlord. I did call the Minneapolis non emergency line to try to get someone to shut the water off. What a waste of gallons of water (that mn kinda needs to preserve right now!!!!!!!) 

(End quote)

These are the sort of small acts of good citizenship this blog encourages so our city will become cleaner, safer, richer, a better place to live all around. Hanson was that sort of person. I attribute part of it to having small town roots.

This blogger frequently looks at the Facebook profiles of deceased individuals and I have noted there is often an eerie quality to their final post. (Or, in the case of profiles with high privacy settings, an eerie quality to their final VISIBLE post)

Well, judge for yourself.

Here is Hanson's final post, which was to change the cover image of her profile:

Rest In Peace, Jessica Hanson, a good citizen of Minneapolis. 


Anonymous said...

Speeding, running a stop sign and not having his headlights on. WTF was he thinking? Goddamned moron. Like you said, at least he came forward and/or the community disgorged him. I haven't heard whether she had a bike headlight. Note to self: get headlight for bike.

Another Jonny in the Northside said...

MPR said Ali claimed he thought he was being shot at. Looking at his MN criminal record, it suggests he is both a gunslinger (felony weapons possession) and a liar (false info to police). So while it’s plausible he was being shot at, it’s hard to believe him anyway. Interesting that the media only reported on his license cancellation due to scofflaw driving behavior; though to their credit it was mentioned that a relative of his was convicted of a triple homicide (Mahdi Hassan Ali?).

Anonymous said...

I have been riding my bike in this city with regularity since 1985, and stories like this never fail to horrify me. A cyclist can be doing all the right things and suddenly their important, valuable life is over. Rest in peace, Ms. Hanson.

Joe said...


May have given the gun to his little brother for the triple homicide. Also, known gang member.