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Outraged Northside Neighbors Form A Posse, Assist Police In Capture Of Creepy Dude Who (Allegedly) Tried To Perv On Two Young Boys, Roger NMN Miceli-Gonzalez, Held Without Bail...

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Yesterday, according to the father of one of the young boys in question, a creepy dude tried to molest his son and another boy, ages 10 and 11. Northside neighbors spontaneously formed a posse and assisted in keeping the fleeing suspect under observation until police could capture him. The individual in question has been identified by this blogger as Roger NMN Miceli-Gonzalez, currently held with no bail on a charge of criminal sexual conduct.

Here are the details according to the father of the 11-year-old boy, whose name is not being revealed by JNS blog. I will say, however, the father is part of the circle of people in North Minneapolis variously labeled "decent people," "good citizens," and/or "Northside neighborhood revitalizers." An injury to such a person or his family will be answered with fury by this blog...

According to my source, here is what happened. There were some neighbors who were cool and nice, a big Hispanic family. But the family was moving and, in the course of moving, a lot of old and broken toys were left behind.

Two little boys, 10 and 11, and the sister of the 10-year-old, who is 9, were interested in the discarded toys. The family who lived at the house was always nice and good with the neighborhood children, so the three kids approached the familiar house without any fear.

But the family wasn't there. The guy who was at the house was apparently a paid laborer, helping with the moving. The children approached, politely asking about the toys. The dude (later identified as Roger NMN Miceli-Gonzalez) told the kids sure, hey, no problem. They can have some of the toys.

IN FACT--! (He said, or words to that effect) There were some other toys inside. Really nice toys. Would the children like to come inside and see?

The two little boys went inside but the little girl either hung back or didn't get inside when Roger shut the door behind the boys. Then he pulled out his phone and started trying to show the boys pornography. He tried to grab at the buttocks and genital areas of the two boys. Allegedly. All of this, allegedly.

The two little boys managed to escape out of the house and went running back to their father, spilling the ugly tale. Naturally, the father was (as we say in North Minneapolis) all, like, WTF?

The father marched right over to find out what was up. Quickly, the father figured out, hey, I better call the police BECAUSE IF I HANDLE THIS MYSELF SOMEBODY IS GOING TO END UP DEAD.

By this time, some neighbors were involved. The story spread quickly. At least four neighbors got involved. One of the neighbors had a big blue bicycle.

Roger ran. Roger ran but the neighbor with the bike followed as police were called. When the police came (according to the father) they found the guy's cell phone did have pornography exactly the way the boys described. Unknown what type of porno it was.

As the police interviewed the boys, the father found out even more of the story. After all, the father hadn't waited until he had the WHOLE story. What the father heard made him even more outraged, but the father was grateful to God the boys were not raped. As the father phrased it, "He didn't get very far." The father also noted that Roger spoke decent English, but when the police showed up Roger switched into "I can only speak Spanish" mode.

It was the famous Squad 420 that responded, and the incident number was 13-219527. The badge number of the officer who took the report was 4636. God Bless The Fourth Precinct.

The father didn't have the name of the creepy dude, not even after police arrested him, but by calling around he managed to find out it was "Roger." JNS blog went to the jail roster and located the only man arrested yesterday named Roger, who is Roger Miceli-Gonzalez, held on probable cause with no bail for alleged Criminal Sexual Conduct.

Roger's address is listed as "unknown." His birthday is 8/2/1989.

His name only turns up two hits on Google not counting what this blog is pumping into the blogosphere: A Minnesota State High School League which takes forever to upload. Roger's full name is buried in there somewhere, but who knows where? I notice there are a lot of sports teams of young boys mentioned in the document, though.

Huh. Worrisome.

He was also on some kind of "Mpls North Community" bowling team. Go to Item 47 on this document, click here. 

JNS blog has not yet attempted to run a MNCIS criminal records check because, well, hyphenated names are the devil to MNCIS and I do not look forward to the task.

I will share more as more info comes my way. Kudos to the brave Northside neighbors who formed the "Anti-CHOMO Posse" and kept this (alleged) creep from getting away. 


Anonymous said...

Apparent person with same name in grade 12 in 2008 in the document at this link. See pages 15 and 18." A Minnesota State High School League which takes forever to upload."

Apparently a person with same name and in grade 12 in 2008 in the bowling results at the second link. " Go to Item 47 on this document, click here."

Anonymous said...

So you need to fix the last name, you refer to him as Gomez then Gonzalez....thank you.

Johnny Northside! said...

Sorry about that typo. It is, in fact, Miceli-Gonzalez. Here is a copy and paste from the jail roster:

Booking Number: 2013018711
Date of Birth: 8/2/1989
Sheriff's Custody: IN CUSTODY . .
Housing Location: MINNEAPOLIS CITY HALL Address
Received Date/Time: 7/9/2013.. 18:33
Case/Count Description of Charge Charged By Reason for Arrest Severity of Charge State of Charge Bail Information Court Appearance Date/Time Court Appearance Location

Anonymous said...

One of those boys is my Grandson. I am so thankful that these boys are not MISSING today. My son showed GREAT restraint in NOT blowing that Chimo's head off! He used good sense in calling the police. A learning experience for all the children.

Johnny Northside! said...

I know, Montana. I'm so glad your son didn't blow that guy's head off. Also, the two little guys had the presence of mind to get away and run to your son. The whole thing is bad all around but think how much worse it could have been.

Anonymous said...

....and Remember to have your chomo spayed or neutered,
Bob Barker

Johnny Northside! said...

Comment rejected making criminal accusations against the father of one of the boys, which the commenter incorrectly describes as the "FATHER OF THE TWO BOYS." And commenter writes all in ALL CAPS like a crazy man, too.

I know the father of the boy. What you are saying is false and I am rejecting it. Thanks for playing, and here is your free Turtle Wax.

Choke on it.

Anonymous said...