Friday, July 12, 2013

Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer's Latest Court Crap Dismissed, Legal Expert Likens Peter's Case To Monty Python Skit About "Man Who Attempted To Jump Across English Channel"

Creative stock photo (day trip to Biloxi before deployment
to Afghanistan) blog post by John Hoff

This blog has refrained from writing about Peter Rickmyer for the past several months under a theory that giving publicity to "Spanky Pete" only encourages him to file more frivolous and vexatious paper in the courts. But, ultimately, I am a blogger. And if somebody can stop me from blogging about ANYTHING, well, then I'm losing and they're winning.

Furthermore, after an experiment of a few months, I've come to the conclusion that...

...the theory doesn't hold water. Spanky sued everybody in the neighborhood BEFORE he became famous for it, long before this blogger began writing about his doings rather, er, extensively. Click here for "blast from the past" blog posting from the good old days when Spanky was called Pete The Pedophile. Ah. Memories.

All Rise! Wait, That's Not What I Meant...

Rickmyer, for those who have been reading this blog for only the past five minutes, is a Level Three Sex Offender who lives in North Minneapolis and has achieved infamy as a frivolous litigant. His right to sue in Hennepin County District Court has been taken away for abusing court process. Or is that MOLESTING court process?

But Peter still tries (ENDLESSLY!!!!!!!) to find ways around the order barring him from filing lawsuits. He has a lawsuit going in federal court right now, for example, which names this blogger. It is tedious. I will write about it, sooner or later, and replicate the documents associated with that, but it is...


Peter has so many nicknames, but TEDIOUS PETER might need to be one of them.

Oh, look, here comes the PETER again. He never gets tired of filing stuff, does he. Here he comes again, that Peter. Oh, look, it's PETER again. Geez, can you believe it, PETER yet AGAIN? 

This must be how a woman in a Thai brothel feels after pulling a double shift. And, unfortunately, this is how the decent people in my neighborhood feel. Our lives, our time, our existence has been MOLESTED FOR YEARS AND YEARS by this sick little stinky pervbot who has one or two impulses, one or two ideas in his cracked and deviant little noggin, all of which are BAD.

Peter Needs To Be Exposed! Wait, That's Not What I Meant...

For a number of years, Spanky has thrown his worthless paper around with little regard to whether this blog gives him publicity. The only difference between publicity and no publicity is that, sometimes, Rickmyer obtains pages from this blog and files those as exhibits along with his worthless quasi-legal paper.

Which is no skin off my back. In fact, I sort of LIKE the idea those blog postings are preserved in the archives of the courts and may live on for centuries. In fact, if I look at the broad historical trend, it would appear that publicizing the actions of Spanky Pete has actually HELPED the situation. Consider, if you will, how all of the following things happened AFTER this blog began writing about Peter.

1.) Peter was declared a frivolous litigant AFTER I blogged about him, which has greatly restricted his ability to sue innocent neighbors. Indeed, the focus of his lawsuits has been to cover the same old ground over and over, often trying to revive his old lawsuits.

2.) Peter was arrested AFTER I blogged about him, click here for article.

3.) Peter was sent to prison for a stretch AFTER I blogged about him, click here.

4.) Peter was removed from a court room, where he was stalking my Northside neighbors, AFTER I blogged about him. Click here. 

There are more examples. But all in all, there was an ugly situation BEFORE Peter became famous, during which neighbors suffered in silence.

And then there was the situation AFTER Peter became famous, in which neighbors suffered (though not in silence) and Peter has received a small portion of his just deserts; restricted, removed, and incarcerated.

Peter is a virus. But documenting and publicizing his legal harassment is disinfecting sunlight.

Tedious Pete Meets Defeat 

Well, recently, Tedious Peter tried to appeal the order which bars him from filing crap in Hennepin County District Court...

Needless to say (though God knows I'll say it anyway) things didn't go well for Spanky Pete. Here's a copy of the judge's order, click here. 

A finely trained legal mind provided the following commentary upon the order, as follows:

There is nothing at all surprising about the order. 

There was no way to make a case dismissed over three years ago appealable.  Its sort of like discovering that, after hours of training and great focus, you are not able to jump over the English Channel after all. Its not even because he wasn't represented by counsel. Most attorneys probably would not have signed their name on an appeal like this. The attorney knows the client is attempting to jump the English Channel and will splash down a few feet from the shore with miles of water that will never be cleared. But, Rickmyer seems to know there is land over there, and believes that if he just tries a little harder. . . maybe. . . This is what is frustrating about dealing with him from my point of view. He doesn't appear to recognize how far he is from a reasonable attempt. If Clark or anyone else is goading him on, they should be ashamed. Not just because its annoying for you (...) and everyone else, but also because its a bit cruel to Rickmyer too. 

And then, to provide a further level of commentary, my legal expert provided a link to the following video, embedded below.



Anonymous said...

Your highly trained legal mind writes like someone in Junior High. Are you sure it isn't you?

Anonymous said...

Fuck that piece of shit P-E-D-O-P-H-I-L-E. Can't wait to shove his newest legal drivel us his ass sideways! I would love to sue his worthless ass for all the lies he spews. Hopefully a Federal Judge will see through him and nail his kiddie spanking ass with sanctions too.

Johnny Northside! said...

I think you meant to type "up" his ass sideways instead of "us" his ass sideways.

Unless you meant to type "use" his ass sideways.

Yes, hopefully there will be some sanctions and attorney fees. But if there isn't a serious and hardcore attempt to ENFORCE those judgments, then what good are they? He will keep doing what he's doing.

Johnny Northside! said...

In response to the "high school" comment...

JNS blog never has and never will quote itself as an anonymous source.

Anonymous said...

"JNS blog never has and never will quote itself as an anonymous source"

Maybe that is what you believe but what about your other personalities? It would come as no surprise to anyone if you were diagnosed as Schizophrenic. After all, you do list yourself twice under blog contributors.

You won't reveal your secret agent source so, how about giving your readers the benefit of at least allowing us to think that your highly trained legal mind really is as you claim by giving us their qualifications.

Johnny Northside! said...

The reason I have two blogger profiles, both under my real name, is because I started the blog under one profile but found it more convenient, later, to use a profile associated with a different email. It's as mundane as that.

The previous statement stands. Best of luck in all your slimy anonymous endeavors.

Anonymous said...

That is not true. You started the second blogger profile( The one with the "!"), and linked them, so you would not have to pay Google for expanded storage. You actually wrote about it in a previous post.
Great way to lie your ass off, and get caught at it.

JNS wrote:
"The reason I have two blogger profiles, both under my real name, is because I started the blog under one profile but found it more convenient, later, to use a profile associated with a different email. It's as mundane as that".

Johnny Northside! said...

Wrong. Just wrong. Anonymous shit bird has all of that wrong.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm looking at the post right now, how wrong can I be. You wrote it, not me. It's in my hard drive of all your saved blog posts.
You clearly write that a friend helped you link the accounts to double your storage because your account had reached capacity and you couldn't post docs.
Call me a liar if you like, but I got the proof. Do I need to post it somewhere to jog your memory? Would you like the date? or can you search your own blog? Maybe that Antijohnny guy would like to see it.

Johnny Northside! said...

Is that the best you have, skid mark? I am pretty sure that I'm doing exactly what I'm allowed to do.

Anonymous said...

John you know what happens when you mess with Jimmy because he owns you.