Thursday, July 4, 2013

Home Where Boy Was Found Hanged On Clothesline Was Apparently "House With Issues"

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Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

After this blog wrote a story attempting to pinpoint the house where a 10-year-old boy was found hanged on the clothesline, click here, a reader sent me the following info:

According to this article, click here, it was a neighbor who lives directly across the alley who found the boy hanging on the clothesline. That neighbor, Ethel Bonner, lives at 3219 Aldrich Ave. N. 

Attached is a screen shot of her house and a house with major issues across the alley. Maybe this can help...

JNS blog is grateful for the info. I have still not been able to pinpoint the house with 100 percent accuracy because, for one thing, as of last night there is no crime scene tape and no memorial at the spot. This blog does not encourage "street memorials," but they do sometimes help pinpoint locations where incidents happen. I continue to believe, with 95 percent certainty, the house where this tragic and bizarre event happened is 3222 Bryant Ave. N. which is the only condemned and vacant building on the 3200 block of Bryant Ave. N.

If this death was not an accident, then this blog is less inclined to suspect the child's unknown neighborhood playmates than to consider, with dark suspicion, the overwhelming number of Level Three Sex Offenders who have been dumped in our neighborhood. 


Anonymous said...

Having looked at the news story and compared it to satellite imagery on Bing there is little doubt in my mind that you have the address correct.

Anonymous said...

The house having issues has lot to due with the community having issues. And the community having issues has a lot to due with the bureaucracies within the the state .The statistical odds that he accidental hanging are quite low. Even with the propensity of severe neglect from single mothers in this neighborhood. This could be a James Bulger like killing. Given the statistics like he wasn't probably playing alone , He probably was with all his cousins or given the statistics that there are a lot of criminals whom enjoy boys his age in the neighborhood. I can't imagine why this was so quickly swept under the rug as far as media. Don't they usually love this . Is it just not news the way this welfare state works. Keep the section eight coming , keep all the single mothers housed with the criminals . I will truly rejoice if I ever see the day when all my taxes aren't given to the lazy criminals and the ignorant assholes in the suburbs collecting their government section 8 .You people suck. North mpls. is not an island, everyone in north is used to it we see it all day ,try to keep Minnesota nice. Minnesota nice = segregation, get it!