Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Possible Gas Leak At Crappy Khan "Murder House" Threatened Whole Neighborhood With Explosion Hazard At 6 AM This Morning, WHEN IS THE CITY GOING TO TAKE ALL THIS S.O.B.'S RENTAL LICENSES? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW IN NOMI...

Creative stock photo, not North Minneapolis, blog
post by John Hoff. Photo depicts burning trash
dump behind vehicle at a base in Afghanistan. This 
does not depict a vehicle on fire. 

According to information from some good citizen in the neighborhood, which was forwarded to me by email, this morning there was a possible gas leak at 2401 Ilion Ave. N., the location of a recent homicide reported extensively here on JNS blog. The Minneapolis fire department and emergency crews from Centerpoint Energy and Xcel responded. JNS believes MPD was probably on the scene as well though that fact was not reported to me.

The house is reportedly empty since the arrest of the leaseholders after the recent homicide incident. One citizen, speaking well for all of us, wrote as follows:

"This is yet another example of Khan's inability or refusal to maintain his property to meet basic safety requirements."

To which I say: The man is a phenomenon. He is, quite possibly, the world's most successful terrorist because he uses an utterly new form of warfare I will hereby label "passive aggressive slumlord terrorism."

Consider, if you will:

Here an entire American neighborhood has been put in fear of imminent explosion, and what happens to Khan as a result?


Unlike terrorists who set off bombs and are hunted down like filthy rabid dogs, Mahmoud Khan is free to terrorize our neighborhood repeatedly because all these problems at his properties (murders, a dead teen's body being found in a garage, criminal tenants, mysterious fires and now a near-explosion) look like accident and neglect, not a purposeful course of action to BLEED OUR COUNTRY AND PUT AMERICANS IN HARM'S WAY.

Khan should be arrested and criminally charged with, like, EVERYTHING. 


Anonymous said...

Never is your answer because this city is too full of mamby pamby dickless liberal shits.

Johnny Northside! said...

The phrase you mean is "namby pampy."

I think there are plenty of public officials who WANT to do something about Khan but there are, after all, rules and laws and procedures to be followed.

Anonymous said...

Since when does Wikipedia qualify as a reference?