Thursday, July 25, 2013

Derry Darnell Evans, Jr. Accused Of Burglarizing His Cousin, Then Trying To Intimidate Her As A Witness By Firing A Gun In Her Direction...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Derry Darnell Evans is, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Hennepin County Attorney, click here, much worse than an ordinary Northside criminal. This guy allegedly burglarized his female COUSIN. Most Northside criminals have the decency to rob and burglarize people who aren't their own blood relatives.

After the burglary, Evans and the cousin kept having verbal altercations on the subject of the burglary. See, that's the problem with robbing a relative. You'll keep running into them.

So Evans allegedly decided it was time for his cousin to shut up about the burglary. According to the criminal complaint, Evans was a passenger in a tan Tahoe van, license plate 179 HCV, and this van pulled up right beside the cousin on James Avenue North...

Evans, who was in the front passenger seat, displayed a handgun and then fired twice in the direction of the cousin and another witness.

Apparently, Evans needs to ask himself "What part of 'My cousin will call the cops on me' do I not understand?"

The cousin called the cops. Again.

The Tahoe turned up at 3331 Colfax Ave. N., which has been on the vacant building registration since March of last year. The vehicle accelerated into the alley at a high rate of speed, but then stopped. If I had to guess, police had the vehicle cut off at the other end of the alley.

Police recovered one discharged cartridge casing where the shooting took place and obtained an audio tape from the cousin in which Derry reportedly admits to being involved in the burglary.

To make this even more of a family feud situation, the driver of the Tahoe was Trezjuan Caprise Sims, who is the BROTHER of the victim whose house was burglarized. Sims says his sister MADE UP THE ENTIRE STORY.

Derry faces five charges over this alleged incident.

His residence is listed on the criminal complaint as 1616 Plymouth Ave. N. Apartment 102, an address that does not exist.

I believe the correct address is "1516 Plymouth Ave. N.," which are townhouse apartments. 


Anonymous said...

She's very brave to keep reporting him. The guys (victim's cousin and brother) are vile.

Anonymous said...

Therese Fucking nuts

Anonymous said...

They should really be ashamed of they self .family are not who let somebody rob the own sister ? I hope the both get locked up .....get a job do something with they self what kind of family dose that I hope she never talk are look they way good luck to her I hope everything play out right for her ..

Anonymous said...

Smh that's real fucked up hope the lock they ass under the jail in fuck the brother in his ass

Anonymous said...

Derry Darnell Evans is a charm school dropout, okay?
So lay-off the poor Sap!
It's hard for me to comprehend why everybody always picking on him.
The curriculum at said charm school was difficult to say the least.
It was like the Harvard of charm schools, okay?

Anonymous said...

Derry Evans is more than what your making of him johnny he is a father and brother a son that brings joy to every one and your sources are so wrong the story so twisted that its funny and one the first sources and a witness and family member is telling you that so you can say what you want but I know he wouldn't hurt a soul heisis a big cuddle bear who us living his life it maybe different from yours but ask your self does that make him a bad person

Anonymous said...

That guy Castro that kidnapped and raped those women in Cleveland was a father a brother and a son also so that disqualifies those requirements! Next.

Anonymous said...

Lol that have to be the craziest shit ever what looser rob his own sister beside a drug head

Anonymous said...

Thats Tre Freaky && Check Moe ... Ctfu Yall ass a fool .... Den Hit yo own fam !