Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mortgage Fraudster Larry "Maximum" Maxwell Moved To Steele County Jail Due To Prison Overcrowding...

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

Larry "Maximum" Maxwell, who was sent to prison for 18 counts related to a Northside mortgage fraud (click here for a somewhat comprehensive list of articles from this blog) was recently moved to the Steele County Jail due to prison overcrowding.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections Victim Assistance Program has "assured" Larry Maxwell's victims that he will not be released until April 22, 2020, but this odd and sudden shuffling of prisoners has left Maxwell's victims feeling less than secure in such assurances.

The Steele County Jail is in Owatonna, Minnesota. It is a lovely town with a number of well-preserved historical buildings, none of which Larry Maxwell will see unless there is some kind of view from the jail. 


Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that Maxwell's fraud was abetted by Halisi Edwards-Staten, the broker of record for Maxwell's real estate license. Excuse me - DOCTOR Halisi Edwards-Staten. She's now a psychologist in Atlanta. Funny how the same names show up over & over in Minneapolis. Edwards. Staten. No wonder Marcea Staten finally left for La Jolla, CA, taking her loot from her Medtronic days. Good to know that Maxwell got more time in prison than most murderers.

Johnny Northside! said...

This blog post has been corrected to reflect the fact the Steele County Jail (as well as a number of lovely historic buildings) are in Owatonna, not Faribault.

Though Faribault may have some historic buildings, too.

Anonymous said...


Is there an actual relationship between the two persons named Staten?

Anonymous said...

Don't drop the soap Larry! You'll be sorry!
Oh and the atrocious case of hemorrhoids you have? They are fondly referred to as "Speed Bumps" by the other Inmates.

Anonymous said...

County jails suck for prisoners because there are no services, progreamming or benefits, so they simply sit in their cell or pods all day.

I know people who WANT to go to prison, rather than sit in jail... there's more for them to do there.

Anonymous said...

a house does not make a homie, and maxwell will remain good to the last drop even if someone decides to suddenly drop him wid a left hook and he flys over a
loose railing singing the Maxwell 80s hit " I always feel that somebody's watching me".. there is..i want my money back larry