Tuesday, July 2, 2013

JNS Blog Attempts To Pinpoint "Boy Hanging On Clothesline" Property On 3200 Block Of Bryant Ave. N.

Creative stock photo, Combat Outpost Arian, blog
post by John Hoff

The whole city of Minneapolis is shocked by stories of the recent death of a 10-year-old boy from Georgia, found hanging on a clothesline behind a house on the "3200 block of Bryant Ave. N." This blog has never been satisfied with the kind of nonspecific "block number journalism" practiced by members of the mainstream media, and so has attempted to pinpoint the address. This blogger is about 95 percent certain the house is 3222 Bryant Avenue North...

I have carefully checked the online City of Minneapolis property profile of every property on that particular block. There is a house owned by the City of Minneapolis at 3201 Bryant Ave. N., and there is a rental owned by notorious slumlord Mahmoud Khan, but the only empty and vacant house on that block is 3222 Bryant Ave. N.

Perusal of images of the house online with news stories about the death of the 10-year-old boy also appears to confirm this is the property due to the greenish siding and the white houses to either side of the property, and the general style of the house.

The house in question is owned by Harbour Portfolio VI LP of Dallas, Texas. This entity has been featured previously on JNS blog, click here. They are involved in buying up distressed properties and do not have a positive reputation. 


Anonymous said...

Jesus, John; leave it alone. Such a twisted personality.

Anonymous said...

Why does the city of Minneapolis let any one person or entity buy property and then let them run roughshod on the neighborhood? Who the hell is in charge of housing inspection? They should have been fired a long time ago. Why is North Minneapolis being treated like shit? Who lets these conglomerates buy up this property when the city knows that they will not be maintained?
Rybak is a piece of shit and is full of himself with no chance of getting elected to anything else and needs to hurry his exit and go suck some ass over at the Democratic National Party headquarters for his next job.

Anonymous said...

Did the Star Tribune even bother putting a story up about this tragedy? I can't find mention of it anywhere on their site.

Anonymous said...

This is so incredibly tragic! I hope they find answers to what happened to that young boy and how it happened.

I found a little on Harbour - the type of business they are:

Unfortunately they probably own other properties in N. Mpls & other areas with lots of "distressed" property.

Johnny Northside! said...

I think Rybak has done a fine job for this city and my neighborhood. But you have your own opinion and, well, that's your opinion. Groundless though it may be.

Anonymous said...

This is a terrible tragedy no matter how it happened. It is such a sad thing to think about. I hope no children had to see this.