Tuesday, September 30, 2014

As Death Of 4-Month-Old Baby Girl "Egypt Bell" Is Investigated, Citizen "Google Detectives" Are Unearthing Troubling Facts Not Published By Mainstream Media...

Image from Georgia Mugshot Gallery Dot Com, which gives notice its mugshots are
from public sources and not copyrighted, blog post by John Hoff

Another Dead Baby In North Minneapolis 

Mainstream media such as Fox 9 are reporting troubling information about the death of 4-month-old Egypt Bell, whose mother is identified by family members as "Shalynda Raino." 

Name Is The Same

A person named Shalynda Raino is pictured above in a mugshot from Fulton County, Georgia, and it's an extraordinarily uncommon name, AND there is troubling overlap in criminal charges faced by a "Shalynda Raino" locally in North Minneapolis ("domestic violence") and the person with that name who faced "family violence" and "cruelty to children" charges in Fulton County, Georgia. 

Click here for a link to that Georgia info.

Where Mainstream Media Falls Short, Google Fills The Gap

A reader emailed me, and like so often happens with this blog it simply becomes my role to...

...take the info dug up by a reader using nothing more than Google, compile it, polish it up, toss in some expressive sentences and voila--! A perfectly good blog story. But is there any real digging? Any leap of journalistic skill or intuition?

No. I am an aggregator of info. Plus I'm the guy who is willing to publish it and take the heat; no small service, THAT. For this service I make a fortune. Paid in the currency of karma. 

It should be pointed out anybody can do this: Punch a name into Google and another phrase like "mug shot" to turn up what might be a fresh lead on a mainstream media story which broke in the last few hours. 

And then go a step further! Just compare the information in the mainstream media story to court system info from MNCIS. I will be getting to that... 

Well, let's get to it right now.

Unpaid Debts To Criminal Justice System 

In 2006, Shalyna Raino of North Minneapolis (55411) was charged with "theft, theft, receiving stolen property" and given a pretrial diversion in 2006, but the diversion didn't work out so well. Ultimately, she pled guilty to receiving stolen property and the two theft charges were dropped. All these years later, Raino still owes the court system fifty bucks on this case.

In 2009, she pleaded guilty to domestic assault. Her sentence of 1 year was stayed and she received credit for 6 days. There were repeated probation violation hearings. She still owes the court system $333 on this old charge.

In March of this year she pled guilty to a theft charge. And, per the usual pattern, she still owes money on this charge: $128.

Charge Of "Cruelty To Children" 

Now examining the person with the same exact name whose mugshot appears on the site from Georgia, the site says Shalynda Raino was booked June 9, 2012 and released June 14, 2012. The site says she was booked on warrants of "family violence" and "cruelty to children," but bond was only $1,500 and $500, respectively. 

It appears that "cruelty to children" is a real bargain in Georgia, in terms of bail.

The date of the "Georgia matter," which was the summer of 2012, fits easily between the 2009 and 2014 criminal matters for the "Minneapolis Shalynda." 

So are the "Georgia Shalynda" and the "North Minneapolis Shalynda" one and the same person? Or an incredible coincidence? It's the role of a blogger to ask that question. Something as simple as a BIRTHDAY on the Georgia site could nail this down 100 percent, but I don't have that. It is my longstanding practice in cases like these to put relevant, interesting info in front of readers and state my lack of 100 percent certainty. It should be noted the woman pictured in the Fox 9 video looks JUST LIKE the woman in the mugshot, which gets us to about 98.6 percent certainty. 

This much is certain: If mainstream media won't run down leads from compelling information easily turned up on Google, then readers who feel a need to dig beneath the surface of stories (like readers who live in the same troubled neighborhood, within earshot of the never ending parade of dead North Minneapolis children) will find that info on Google, and bloggers will blog it.  


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth:

The name RAINO, SHALYNDA appears to be associated with case 13CR398511 in STATE COURT FULTON COUNTY GA.
The Plea and Arraignment calendar dated 12/06/2013 For Judge Eric Richardson shows

50 -
CASE 13CR398511

Battery - Family Violence (1st Offense) Misd; Cruelty To Children-3rd Degree

06/09/2012; 06/09/2012



RACE: Black


DOB: 08/01/1986


FILE DATE: 08/29/2013


Anonymous said...

You have spelled the name "Shaylanda" and "Shaylana" but I think all the sources you quote have it as "Shalynda".

Anonymous said...

They are the same - from someone who is close to her.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Johnny. Karma, both good & bad, is priceless!

Johnny Northside! said...

A crudely worded comment has been rejected but can be summarized as follows: There are many people in North Minneapolis ill-suited for being parents and they should practice safe sex.

Johnny Northside! said...

Thank you for pointing out that spelling error with her first name and, yes, fortunately all the sources spell it the same.

I have made correction.

Johnny Northside! said...

Birthday matches. The certainty it is the same person goes from 98.6 percent to 100 percent. But we still await the results of the autopsy on that poor little baby girl.

Anonymous said...

Also of possible interest is the information apparently associated with case 13CR398511

06/09/2012; 06/09/2012"


"FILE DATE: 08/29/2013"


"The Plea and Arraignment calendar dated 12/06/2013"

Anonymous said...

The death of an innocent child has something to do with karma? That is crazy talk.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is that many people around here simply should not procreate. I'd like to know what kind of assistance she was on.

Johnny Northside! said...

Graphic commentary rejected.

Johnny Northside! said...

The commenter about "karma" is going out of his/her way to misread what was clearly written.

Johnny Northside! said...

One website reporting these as possible aliases:

Shalyndo Raino
Shalynda Armwood
Shalynda Arwood

Antwan Bell said...

Autopsy results was POSITIONAL ASPHYXIATION. Shalynda "Friends" dropped her off at home (2415 Emerson) at 3am. Shalynda slept with Egypt (deceased child) on a leather couch in living room. She was HIGHLY INTOXICATED!
She smothered her baby by laying on her. Crime examiners made sure that they documented the alcohol level. Funeral set for 12noon And the baby father paid for arrangements, burial and also the white dress that she will be buried in. Shalynda has been suicidal and pissy drunk since the incident. The warrant that she have in Georgia is because of her abusive action towards her husband Derrick Armwood. She continued to hit Derrick, he then grabbed their son Zion while she continued to smack him. She hit Zion as well. The police was called and Shalynda was arrested. She have a warrant for her arrest because she wasn't suppose to have contact with Derrick (Her husband) or Zion (Thier son) but she continued to call when released from jail. Derrick has since then remarried and moved to China with Zion and new wife. Shalynda came back to Minnesota and met Gregory Bell. She gotten pregnant with Egypt. Gregory Bell paid for Funeral arrangements all while. Shalynda has been suicidal and drunk. She was admitted to the hospital 2 times for suicidal attempts. She was released from North Memorial 10/9/14

Johnny Northside! said...

Truly awful. You have a lot of detail but I don't know how to confirm ANY of this. You can email me if you have some kind of proof, anything.

Antwan Bell said...

This is the truth. What is your email address? Also in the report in Georgia do it give any information on the victim name? The victims are Derrick Armwood (Shalynda Husband) and Zion Armwood (Both her and Derrick only son)

Johnny Northside! said...

No, Mr. Bell, sir, the information I got from Georgia doesn't give me the names of the victims. It's just s summary.

My email is hoffjohnw@gmail.com

Antwan Bell said...

Contact the Hennepin County Medical Examiner Office. Gregory is my Brother, I've been knowing Shalynda since she was 14 years old. We got into a argument about being drunk with my niece. She changed phone numbers and blocked us off Facebook. My brother Greg called Child Protection on Shalynda 3 weeks ago. It was too late

Johnny Northside! said...

The Medical Examiner isn't going to give me anything until they give it to all the other media. Can you send me ANY kind of documentation, links to info, anything? I'm interested but I don't just take comments published by whoever and run with that when writing stories. I need to be able to confirm what is being said and who is saying it.

Do you have any photos of Egypt Bell?

Johnny Northside! said...

Note the readers: The posting above was answered with an email containing what I asked for. Unfortunately I got a bit busy but will be catching up soon, I hope.

Johnny Northside! said...

A comment published with redactions as follows:

You are a piece of work son. Big fat XXXX got drunk and fell asleep on top of shorty. I hope the (here the commenter wishes death on the mother, makes a comment containing a stereotype, and incorporates that stereotype into his crude imaginary death scenario)

Fuck you and your blog you phony asshole.

Anonymous said...

You are no detective, you are just a bully. A cyber bully who harasses people.