Friday, September 12, 2014

E & L Food Mart Has Been Reborn And The Result Does NOT Appear To Be A Neighborhood "Inconvenience Store"

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

When E & L Food Mart burned down, some of my neighbors and regular readers took a hard line which could be summarized as follows: 

Good riddance and I hope it never comes back. 

Well, E & L is back, now known as E & L Supermarket and Deli, and after a spontaneous late night visit to the business I am both surprised and pleased to report...

...the business is very clean inside, well stocked, and doesn't have the sad and sordid feeling of an "inconvenience store" which was the main complaint of decent folks in the neighborhood about the former E & L Food Mart. This "New E & L" is the kind of store people need and deserve in our neighborhood instead of what we so often get. 

(Wally's Foods, cough cough) 

This blog can only hope the reborn and reincarnated E and L Super Market and Deli continues to maintain its cleanliness, excellent lighting, and fine selection of fresh products. I didn't see any real bargains to be had but, well, bargains aren't a common feature of convenience stores, after all. 

I would LIKE to think that some of the harsh commentary on this blog (well, not JUST this blog) could have helped contribute to this positive development in North Minneapolis neighborhood revitalization. I would LIKE to think burning criticisms by neighbors about the old business contributed to an attitude in the store owners along the lines of "I'll show them, I'll make it the nicest convenience store EVER" but, well...

Cause and effect is very hard to prove in the blogging business. 

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