Tuesday, September 2, 2014

JNS Blog Acknowledges That Don Allen Of IBNN Is Trying To Get To The Bottom Of The Death Of Major Topps...

Social media image of Don Allen, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

For a couple of years, this blog has more or less razzed IBNN blogger Don Allen about not getting to the bottom of the story about the mysterious death of Major Topps, as Allen had publicly promised. 

Now with "ceasefire breaking out all over" in the North Minneapolis blog wars, this blogger wishes to acknowledge that Allen recently...

...posted a video on YouTube which features an unsolicited phone call from a "Pastor Nate Allen" which airs purported facts about Major Topps. Click here to view that video on YouTube. 

I will also say that one of the reasons I razzed Don Allen so much is, frankly, I figured Don Allen could get to the bottom of that story and I figured I couldn't. And I truly believed somebody needed to get that story and, in effect, lance that boil and drain out the poison pus of an awful, deeply rooted issue in the community. 

Therefore...I kept pushing and razzing Don Allen to do something I couldn't do myself. Just blog politics as usual. 

But today, with Don Allen politely drawing my attention to the YouTube video he posted on September 1, it's only right that I acknowledge Don Allen managed to get something, ANYTHING, ANYBODY talking about what happened with Major Topps. 

I do seem to recall that Paul Walsh of the Star Tribune told me, long ago, that if anybody would speak "on the record" about Major Topps the Star Tribune would interview that person. 

Star Tribune? The ball is in your court. 


Anonymous said...

Oh give me a break. Don Allen makes stuff up and pulls info out of his butt.
He is the least credible blogger on the WWW.
IBNN news is nothing but his opinions and fictional accounts of stories he make up.
He has no proof of anything he writes. And his podcast is equally filled with false information.
Don Allen is a convicted swindler, and he about as trustworthy as Clyde Barrow.

Anonymous said...

The Reverend Nate Allen (ex- Minnesota Viking?) has the pin point analysis on the poverty pimps that for years have ripped off the black community and exploited them.
This is not breaking news. What confuses me is that the black community continues to accept individual crooks like Moss(granddaddy race baiter) Flowers(goddamn sick joke) Big Mac Afee (who has his own "secret" sauce)and senile ass Edwards (who consumes his own boogers on his cable act).
Certain parts of North Minneapolis will be screwed for eternity with these assholes, or any one somebody similar, representing their interests.

Anonymous said...

John, on to more serious subject's.... how can we defeat ISIS?
Will you two quit playing patty-cakes, patty-cakes baker man? Getting along with Don the fakest way you can? You should both retire from the blogging world.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the "Reverend" for not doing right by his child & pressing charges when he had a chance. He actually said his sons whole name too. Wow. The wife co-signing in the background is just classy. I don't have dog in the fight. So, to hell with all of the other ramblings.

Johnny Northside! said...

I do not know who is this Reverend Nate Allen and whether he's a former Viking or what. No idea. I am calling out this story because it's the right thing to do.

Johnny Northside! said...

Though the conflicts I have had with Don Allen are a matter of record, I do not believe that recorded phone call was in any way made up. The phone call speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Well, INVESTIGATE WHO THE HELL NATE ALLEN is and back up your convenient bullshit for investigating shit. You talk a lot of crap....and leave people hanging, white boy. Fucking instigator is all you are...getting ready for a high class lawyer who does not PLAY SHIT to come after you.

Johnny Northside! said...

Is it the same Nate Allen who once played for the Vikings? The same Nate Allen who was charged in 1977 in an assault case?