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Attempted Murder Charges Against The Patterson Brothers, Alleged To Be Members Of The "Scarface" Gang, Who Are Bitter Enemies Of "Taliban/YNT" Street Gang...

MN DOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Click here to view the criminal complaint.

Murder, I Wrote (Well, Attempted Murder) 

It was back in July when I wrote about Trae Patterson (pictured above) and a guy who turned out to be his brother, Tyrel Lamar Patterson, sitting next to each other on the jail roster. Back in July the murders were coming so fast I couldn't catch up. I was actually looking for a jail booking for a RECENT murder when I came upon charges against the Patterson brothers stemming from an incident in April. 

Well, despite two more fatal North Minneapolis shootings eight hours apart, click here and word of yet another shooting (unknown if it was fatal) a block from my house at 22nd and Aldrich Ave. N., I am actually catching up a little...

At least until more details become available in the new slough of murders, which will inevitably lead to more checking of police records to see if, for example, the alleged murderer was granted a furlough for a funeral. 

No, sorry, I do not yet know WHOSE funeral. Yes, I know ya'll "want to know in NoMi." 

So do I.

Paralyzed From The Neck Down

When police arrived at a shooting scene on the 2800 block of James Ave. N., a victim whose initials are JJL was lying on the ground, looking like he'd been shot in the face. It turned out he'd been shot in the chin and the neck, among other places on his body, and was paralyzed from the neck down. But his mouth still worked, and that mouth identified both the Patterson brothers as his assailants. 

JJL said he was at a party where members of the Taliban/YNT gang were present, as well as the Scarface gang. (YNT stands for "Young N Thuggin") These gangs are rival so both of them arriving at the party was trouble, of course. 

While members of the party were distracted by a fight, Trae Patterson allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot JJL. Then Tyrel shot at JJL while JJL was on the ground. Tyrel allegedly told onlookers to just let JJL die. 

JJL claims he could even remember the gun that shot him, a "Ducie sig, all black" which the police say is a .22 caliber semiautomatic handgun. However, spent shells from a .45 and a 9 millimeter were also recovered from the scene. I'll bet crime scene specialists got overtime at that bloody mess. 

Say Hello To My Little YouTube Embed 

Police say the Patterson brothers are members of the "Scarface" gang, named after Al Pacino's character in the movie by the same name.

The movie has developed a cult following among some individuals who are involved in gang related activity and other bad lifestyle choices. 

A Troubled Property With Troubled People 

The police complaint says Trae Patterson resides at the residence where JJL was shot. The jail roster documents Trae Patterson living at 2816 James Ave. North. Though I didn't know it was the site of the shooting at the time I wrote those two previous blog posts, I did manage to document that the house is a rental property belonging to Robert Zeman and was part of a big HUD "lead paint settlement" some years back. 

"Patterson" is one of half a dozen surnames alleged by a high ranking community source to be members of North Minneapolis "crime families" who are involved in a disproportionate amount of crime in a multi-generational way. 

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