Saturday, September 13, 2014

Former "NoMi Blog Wars" Combatants Find Common Ground As Don Allen Of IBNN Republishes JNS Blog Article About Badly Paid AmeriCorps Tutors Who Should Be Filling Slots In North Minneapolis School System..

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"Two voices can speak more loudly than one," I said to Don Allen, my former blogging foe who is now participating with me in a "NoMi blog wars cease fire." 

Don Allen is, like me, a devoted father and has concerns about quality school systems for our children. After I wrote an article about badly paid AmeriCorps tutors who are supposed to be filling slots in the North Minneapolis school system, I thought to myself that Don Allen might agree with the article and, furthermore...

...Allen has more contacts with the Minneapolis Public School System than I do. So I gave Don Allen permission to republish the article on his blog and sure enough he did. 

Click here for a link.

The article was also republished by Twin Cities Daily Planet.

So it would appear the issue of those low paid tutors has been well aired. Now comes the part where I was hoping Don Allen's ability to shake up the school system (yes, I am acknowledging his ability to shake things up) will come in handy.

Of those 150 open positions, how many are filled now with the school year started? If I had to guess, the number wouldn't require all the fingers upon one hand, let alone both. 

And why is that? 

Obviously because they are paid so badly. 

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Anonymous said...

If you fella's stay on the up and up, your force could make a difference. My only hesitant thought might be your Alpha personalities clash and you go back to the trash.
Please work together and forget about dogging each other and forge together against the poverty pimp's. Those are the guy's (take your pick) that are lining their pocket's with the blood of our BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!