Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Following The Money" In The Jordan Neighborhood

"Scammer cash image"

The "Jordan Livability Blog" continues to pump out information about the fascinating JACC controversy. Here's a link to a new post about yet more financial revelations, click here.

Of course, that's a Word Press blog, so you have to be logged in to comment...unlike this Blogspot blog, where anonymous comments are possible by anybody with internet access.

Yeah, I have my little internet preferences:

Dells, not Apples.

Blogspot, not Word Press.

Meat from gray squirrels, not red.

Oh, wait...that last one isn't really an INTERNET preference.

ADDENDUM: The Jordan Livability blog has now had its preferences changed, and it is "open comment." Heaven help us!

(Do not click "Read More")

1 comment:

kanoyes said...

I have to disagree on the PCs (Dells) internet things. PCs are clunky and extremely annoying when it comes to anything computer related. In my opinion, they make better counterweights for demolition equipment than they do computers. Ever seen the movie "Office Space"? There is a scene where they take sledgehammers to a copy machine in a field. Deserving fate for PCs? Yes. Maybe put the fear of god into them to work as well as an Apple.

Using Firefox on my Apples, I have had no problems. The functionality is smooth and almost intuitive. Internet Explorer on the other hand has been a head mashing obstacle course to me in the past...