Thursday, February 5, 2009

Loose, Speculative Theories On The Jordan Phone Bill Mystery Photo

Somebody who is smart enough to keep his/her name out of the Jordan neighborhood controversy sent me an email with theories about why the Sprint phone bills--which recently fell into the hands of the "New Majority" board members--look the way they do and are, good heavens, really HIGH.

Here are his/her exact words, unedited.

I looked at...

...the spending patterns for the cell phone bills and there is a hell of a lot that doesn't look right to me. But what really jumped out at me is that if one was going to do this, why the varying amounts? The reason the amounts seemed off was because most plans have an unlimited, everything and anything plan. And Sprint/Nextel has arguably the best one out there.

Most anything/everything plans are about $140/mo, and Sprint's is $100. That gives you unlimited minutes, web browsing, picture mail, texting, and any other basic service I'm missing. And the initial answer to why they didn't use a flat-rate cost that covers everything is that they were being wasteful with other people's money. But they weren't stupid...okay, that's an operative word. Let's say they were intentional about maximizing other people's money for their benefit. So the question still remains, why the varying amounts?

I think the answer is one of three things, and perhaps all of them at different times:

One, they were paying multiple people's cell phone bills with the debit card.

Two, they were buying a lot of cell phones and/or accessories, or

Three,they were overpaying what was owed and then having the cell phone company cut them a refund check instead of returning the amount to the debit card.

Anyway, that's my two cents on why the cell phone bills look the way they do.


Anonymous said...

i've been saying for a long time that there is more than one phone bill being paid by JACC. Also, why the different wireless companies??

Hey Jerry - give back your brand new blackberry, ya thief!

Anonymous said...

Sounds about right to me, so where are all the defenders of the "old board" don't all Jordanians have $6000 cell bills a year?

Anonymous said...

anyone know how the old board is paying Jerry since he is employed by them? also can anyone produce what work he has done for the community since January? he seems to be MIA. can he file unemployment against the new board? do you think he used the $1,500 check he wrote to himself to help Ben pay for jill clark? has anyone considered filing a complaint to the CPA board for the unethical and possibly illegal behavior of the bookkeeper chosen by the old board? can I see a list of the real things Jerry claims to have done during his tenure? it's all rhetoric from what I can tell.

As they say, just follow the money................