Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Latest News From The Jordan Neighborhood

The "New Majority" JACC board in Jordan is planning to have a meeting on Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. at 2009 James Ave. N., and I have a copy of the proposed agenda. Some items include an update on "court action" and "offers of help from outside agencies." There will also be an "open comment, questions" at the end of the meeting. That part should be fun. Or not. Depending on your definition of "fun." 

Word on the street is the pastor of the Jordan New Life Community Church asked members of the Old Majority to leave and not have their headquarters there anymore, feeling he was "deceived." This is, however, unconfirmed and comes from a supporter of the "New Majority." This blog continues to be open to receiving info from all sides of this controversy.

There is also word the "Old Majority" is planning to have their own board meeting at about the same time. If I had to guess, one of the first items might be dealing with that whole "lack of a quorum issue," since at least 8 board members are needed for a quorum and the Old Majority has, by my count, four. 

My prediction: they'll appoint Al Flowers and some other supporter on some kind of emergency basis. 

ADDENDUM: This blog post updated for accuracy. Eight, not five board members are apparently needed for a quorum. 

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Anonymous said...

"the Old Majority has, by my count, four."

In his original outburst, Al Flowers claimed that "four residents" told him that the election was illegal. What a funny co-incidence! I wonder who those four residents could be?

Anonymous said...

Predictability on Parade! After careful consideration, Al McFarlane and convicted hot check writer Randy Staten bravely speak out on the side of the office-machine thieves!

Lawsuit to settle charges: HIJACK AT JACC
Friday, 06 February 2009 23:35 Al McFarlane, Editor-In-Chief

Press conference organizers had Al Flowers forcibly ejected when he questioned the legality of their actions. Photo: Pat Carney

Michael Browne and three other Jordan neighborhood residents are “misleading” Jordan Area Community Council (JACC) and the community at large by engaging in unlawful acts, according to allegations made by Attorney Benjamin L. Myers, board vice chair of the embattled community organization.
In a letter dated January 19, 2009, Myers charged “unlawful acts” occurred on January 14 when those named engaged in a “direct violation of this organization’s By-Laws by ‘removing’ the previously elected 2008 Executive Board.”

Myers said he advised Browne and others that their actions were unlawful and in direct violation of the organization’s bylaws and of Minnesota Statutes that govern such organizations. Myers said Browne, PJ Hubbard, Robert Hudson and Anne McCandless have presented themselves as the Executive Committee when if fact, they are not.

Myers said in the letter he is advising the group to “cease and desist from any further misrepresentation to anyone.” He said failure to do so may result in legal action taken against the group, and he said he would file a formal grievance alleging the group “breached fiduciary duty to the organization.”

The letter to Browne followed a letter to JACC Executive Director Jerry Moore signed by JACC Board Chair E. B. Brown, seeking to clarify Moore’s status as executive director of the organization.
“I am writing in regards to recent confusion that may have arisen as to your employment status. It is my understanding that you received a letter from Mr. Michael Browne on or about January 14, 2009, advising you that you were being terminated for ‘misconduct.” Please be advised that pursuant to your employment contract you are still an employee of this organization and are expected to comply with your agreement,” E.B. Brown wrote.

Northside DFL leader Natonia Johnson called the development disturbing. In a note to Myers, she said, “Ben, this is very disturbing to say the least. I feel sorry for what is happening at JACC. Moreover, I feel sorry for the residents JACC is supposed to be serving. Lastly, the behavior of several people involved in this feud is very unsettling. It appears to me that there is a serious undertone of racism and control. I have lived in North Minneapolis for some time and I have never seen anything like this. I hope this situation can get resolved soon. However, the behavior of some of the people involved, including city staff and representatives, has left a lasting scar on the JACC community.”
One of the residents charged in Myers’s complaints, Anne McCandless, issued a press release describing her side of the conflict. She wrote, “On January 12, 2009, an election was held for new directors to the Jordan Area Community Council Board of Directors bringing the number of directors to 15. … On January 14, the new board held its first board meeting. A new board executive committee was elected by a majority of the directors. This replaced the old leadership, a core group of four elected directors and the outgoing board chair. The board also voted to terminate the employment of the executive director, Mr. Jerry Moore, immediately.”

The Rev. Randolph Staten called the actions by Browne and McCandless “piracy being legitimized by city council members” referring the 5th Ward Councilmember Don Samuels and 4th Ward Councilmember Barb Johnson, who issued a letter saying they “recognized” the new executive board, and implying their expression of support carried legal status of the City Council. “Such statements are absolutely wrong, improper and illegal,” Staten said.

Samuels and Johnson sent a letter signed January 16 to Michael Browne as “board chair” claiming to “officially recognize the newly elected board and officers.”

A press conference called by Brown and McCandless for January 17 erupted in mayhem momentarily when Al Flowers’ questioning the legality of the proceedings resulted in his being ejected from the meeting by Minneapolis Police officers.

Anonymous said...

"Miller said NRP officials noticed a pattern where the council spent more than 90 percent of the $210,000 it has received since 2008 on staff salaries and other administrative costs."

Al Flowers and Jerry Moore are fighting for the right of Northside leaders everywhere to hand out Northside funds to their cronies without fear of scrutiny! How dare Northside residents try to divert these rightful crony-payments to actual projects that might improve the quality of life for massive numbers of Northside chidren--that's elitist!

Anonymous said...

For JACC to have a quorum, they must have more than 50% of the elected board members present. Since there are 15 elected board members, there must be 8 present for there to be a quorum.

Johnny Northside said...

Well, if the "Old Majority" wants to achieve a quorum, they will have to either change the rules or hold some kind of "emergency election" and round up four more board members. I just can't imagine the Old Majority will sit on their hands and say, "Darn, we can't come up with a quorum." That wouldn't fit the pattern we've seen so far.

Anonymous said...

Come now, anyone who believes Al McFarland is a credible source should seriously consider retaining Jill Clark to defend them in a civil commitment. Wait, nevermind...