Thursday, February 5, 2009

Soon, Nothing But Memories For The Poor Widdle Sex Offender's Home

Photo By John Hoff

Word comes from Kevin Gulden of PPL (though Kevin certainly didn't PHRASE it this way) the former home of Poor Widdle Sex Offender Junaid Maalik will be coming down soon. Already, signs are blocking off the parking on the street so demolition equipment and dumpsters can get into the area by 3024 6th St. N, which is rather close to 3020 6th St. N--where everybody and their brother knows and/or believes crack is being constantly dealt, with the police apparently unable to stop it. 

How tragic it would be if, oh, some kind of MISTAKE were made because of a one-digit typo and, oh my, the wrong house were to get DEMOLISHED?!!!! (Sarcasm font broken, manually notifying the reader)

In the past few months, the unsecured screen door has been constantly banging in the wind, like a restless poltergeist. This photo captures that. I hope to soon have a photo of a big, bare patch of ground, Backhoe of Doom, etc. But I'm working a day job, now, so I hope readers will help step up, keep forwarding material to share here with our changing, re-vital-ize-'n community. 

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