Saturday, February 7, 2009

Makeshift Movie Sound Studios In North Minneapolis

Photos By John Hoff

Jake and Gabe of 612 Authentic continue to press forward with their documentary, "The Adventures of Johnny Northside: A Subprime Mess." Recently, they had me... some excerpts from this blog, which will become audio portions of the documentary. Some of my favorites included "Evil Pink Pony" and my conversation with "The Devil." These are the times when I discover how many different characters live inside me, and have their own individual voices.

Last time when we needed a "sound studio," we used Peter Teachout's attic. (Photo above) The insulation is thick and creates studio-quality sound. This worked out well when I was house sitting Peter's residence for a week while he and the family went to Disneyland.

(Yeah, I wasn't going to blog about the fact they were away until they got BACK. Duh)

This time, (second photo) we used a different location in North Minneapolis, hanging thick quilts on a bathroom sink and over a shower curtain, creating an instant sound studio. As long as I kept my mouth really close to the quilt, it seemed to work. Maybe after the movie is made, Jake and Gabe will have ANOTHER hit on their hands: the MAKING of "The Adventures of Johnny Northside: A Subprime Mess."

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Tell us, the readers- How did did the lending situation get to this point?