Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Interesting Twist With An Old Book Of Matches

Photo By Jeanie Hoholik

Word reaches me that a relative of the person who once owned "Worwa's Restaurant" has made contact with "Jennifer the Flipper," hoping to lay hands on the old book of matches Jennifer found in a house she purchased, click here.

I think it's pretty cool how the blogosphere creates person-to-person connections in the real world and, therefore, basically mints the currency of "social capital." That's why I try to blog like a maniac, and I encourage others to blog about our cool, colorful struggle to make North Minneapolis something better.

I'm convinced the blogosphere can "virtually" pull us upward!

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jeanie Hoholik said...

I like that you are interested in our stuff. I have a bunch more pics to show you. Jennifer's new rehab is going to be her best ever. (Every one is better than the next.) A Jordan dream home, fer sher. Look out for the pics, I have a ton.