Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rashid "Tip Toe" Hill Allegedly Robbed Two Victims, Then Shot At Them...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

According to a criminal complaint against Rashid Hakim Hill, a couple of men were driving around the vicinity of 40th Ave. N. and Humboldt Ave. N. when one of the men recognized a guy known as "Tip Top."

Apparently neither of them knew "Tip Top's" real name, but that was just fine. Tip Top was allowed to get into their vehicle, a Chevy Impala.

Cynical Northsider that I am, I can't help but think this sounds like these two men were...


Well, in any case, Hill got inside the Impala and soon pulled out a gun and put it to the head of one victim...

"Give me all your shit now!" Hill reportedly said. The first victim handed over $400 in cash which he was carrying around, why? Who drives around North Minneapolis with $400 cash? Well, anyway, the victim handed it over along with his cell phone. The second victim only had $20 cash. This adds up to exactly $420.

I'm just saying.

Instead of just walking away from the vehicle, Hill allegedly turned and fired two shots at his victims. Hill then got into a Neon and drove away. The victims gave chase until they saw police in pursuit of the Neon. At some point Hill got out of the vehicle while it was still moving and ran. Police repeatedly yelled for him to stop but he didn't. They found him behind a house on the 4200 block of James Ave. N.

No firearm was found with the defendant. I assume it was tossed from a window and is now back in the hands of some criminal who looked in the snowy gutter and thought, "This is my lucky day!" Police did find what appeared to be a bullet hole in the impala.

Rashid Hill's address is reportedly 3600 Morgan Ave. N., a single family home owned by somebody named Raynette D. Bryant.

Hill remains in jail with bail set at $200,000 on two felony charges of robbery, two felony charges of assault, and one count of fleeing police in a motor vehicle.


Anonymous said...

A fucking Neon? Wooo, big pimp'in gang bang'in! Fucking trash.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. Hill (DOB 2/21/1991) had a misdemeanor disorderly conduct offsense back in 2010. Apparently he's "graduated" to bigger things. Congratulations, Graduate!

Anonymous said...

Don't denigrate the Neon. He's a frugal thief.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the poster that's common response was to tell everyone else to "GO KILL THEMSELVES."

I really miss our discourse where I would say something intelligent or insightful and you would respond by using incorrect grammar, spelling, and punctuation while swearing and trying to tell everyone how you really felt.

I'm still curious as to what exactly a "bithches" is. I have tried to look it up on google and the urban dictionary, but no one seems to know what that term means. Please help me figure it out. I'm losing sleep!!!!

Anonymous said...

4:09 Maybe he took his own advice?