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JNS Blog Digs Deeply Into Recent "Loud Pack" Arrests And Charges, PART ONE OF TWO...

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WCCO as well as other media recently covered the arrests of three "Loud Pack" gang members; Dementry Loyd, 19, Montrelle Collins, 20, and Marlon Collins, 21. The charges include burglary and shooting into a woman's house while she was running inside with her children. The three actually shouted the words "Loud Pack" as they ran from the scene of the house shooting.

One can't help but wonder where these three psychopaths were on the night of the shooting of 3-year-old Terrell Mayes.

This isn't the first time Marlon Collins has been featured on this blog. I wrote about Marlon Collins on Christmas Eve of last year when...

He was accused of burglary, click here for that article. Likewise, Montrelle Collins was featured on this blog back in April of 2012, also accused of burglary, click here for THAT article. 

Word is prosecutors noticed a "pattern" with some of the burglaries. The prosecutor's office published a press release about making the streets safer by the arrest of these three individuals. The press release included copies of nine (!) criminal complaints documenting the alleged crime spree, and by the word "alleged" I mean the Hennepin County Attorney says they did it and I believe every word as though the accusation came from the lips of Jesus Christ. I also believe certain young men should be able to get time knocked off their prison sentences if they will agree to a vasectomy.

Here are some of the criminal complaint documents, linked as follows.

1.) Dementry James Loyd fires gun during argument, ALLEGEDLY.

2.) Dementry, caught with all kinds of loot, ALLEGEDLY.

3.) Dementry, once again caught with all kinds of loot, and a stolen gun, ALLEGEDLY.

4.) Dementry, involved in shooting up a house at 37th and Fremont, ALLEGEDLY.

5.) Marlon Terrelle Collins, involved in shooting up a house at 3330 Oliver Ave. N., ALLEGEDLY.

6.) Marlon Collins, involved in shooting up the house near 37th and Fremont and yelling "Loud Pack" to announce gang affiliation, ALLEGEDLY. (Same incident as Item 4)

7.) Marlon Collins, involved in "aid/abet receive stolen firearm," a felony, ALLEGEDLY.

8.) Montrelle Lee Collins, "aid/abet receive stolen firearm," a felony, and being a prohibited person in possession of a gun, ALLEGEDLY, all of which stems from the same incident described in Item 7 with the other Collins.

9.) Montrelle Collins, involved in the same shooting incident at 3330 Oliver Ave. N., ALLEGEDLY.

My, that was a lot of documents. Mingled amid the various accusations are two things JNS blog thrives upon: names and addresses. So let's look at all the specific addresses listed in these criminal complaints, as well as the names of other alleged defendants, shall we?

3718 Morgan Avenue North

The four complaints against Dementry Loyd all list 3718 Morgan Ave. N. as his street address. (It should be noted that Loyd also is accused of using the aliases of Deaentry Loyd, Demetry Loyd, and James Loyd, but let's concentrate on the address, shall we?)

The house at 3718 Morgan Ave. N. is a rental owned by Otis Ferguson of 3243 5th Ave. S., Minneapolis. That name doesn't ring any bells for me. Could it be one of our up-and-coming slumlords? He's on my radar now, that's for sure.

1533 Penn Ave. N.

At one time, both defendants named "Collins" resided at this address. I assume they are related, and I assume the relationship may be mentioned somewhere deep in the tangled pile of criminal facts alleged in the complaints, and I figure either they're brothers or cousins but I'm still trying to nail down a sentence somewhere that confirms a blood relationship between the Criminal Collinses.

Digging up facts about 1533 Penn Ave. N. is much easier. The property is a rental owned by Joseph Boone of 222 Reid Road, Garysburg, NC. This is an address associated with Christopher Lee Nix, who has an extensive criminal record and (interestingly) the same middle name as Montrelle Lee Collins. Nix used 1533 Penn Ave. N. as an address during a period of incarceration, click here for previous blog post. There have been accusations of home repairs being done without a permit at this address, see 4TH Precinct CARE Task Force website. 

Joseph Boone is also the owner of 1527 Penn Ave. N., which is quite nearby, and is ALSO associated with a troublesome character, Danny Wayne Fisher, who has been accused in the past of being a non-compliant predatory offender. 

4259 Penn Ave. N. (Upper)

Though one of the complaints mentions Montrelle Collins residing, for a time, at 1533 Penn Ave. N., he is listed at two other addresses on the two criminal complaints. First, he's listed at 4259 Penn Ave. N. (Upper) and second his LKA (Last Known Address) is listed as 1600 Penn Ave. N.

The rental property at 4259 Penn Ave. N. is owned by Sean A. Buress of 905 Van White Memorial Blvd. A business named "Asi Health Care" is listed at 4259 Penn Ave. N., which seems rather odd since there's just two internet listings for that business name at that address and NOTHING turns up with the business filings for the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office. There are some entities with the same name in other cities, including one in Chicago.

This certainly smells like the kind of "scammy business name built upon thin air" that so often turns up associated with various North Minneapolis addresses once you start digging. I would think a real and established business would turn up more hits on Google.

1600 Penn Ave. N.

This second address associated with Montrelle Collins is owned by Minneapolis Public Housing Authority.


1421 44th Ave. N.

This is the address where police turned up Dementry Loyd with a bunch of loot, thanks to the owner of an iPad with a GPS tracking device who was able to direct police to 1421 44th Ave. N. Stories about GPS devices leading to the apprehension of thieves keep appearing in the media, and one begins to think the day will come when stealing valuable electronics will become virtually impossible.

In the meantime...

The property at 1421 44th Ave. N. is owned by Richard J. Grimes, with the taxpayer listed as RJG LLC. Business names associated with this address are Drain Man and Lingerie Baskets, Inc. (RJG LLC is also associated with a property at 3214 Queen Ave. N., the scene of shots fired) Though I can't find a listing with the Secretary of State for Lingerie Baskets, there is an LLC and an assumed name for "Drain Man" owned by David Mattila.

3330 Oliver Ave. N.

Shots were fired into this house because Marlon Collins and another guy named Hamp Townsell were "beefing" on Facebook with somebody who lived at the house, according to police and prosecutors. The house is not listed as a homestead, but doesn't have a rental license, either. It's owned by Sara L. Lavelle of 3634 4th St. N.

Taking Names...Well, Next Time

That completes the list of addresses associated with these three defendants in the course of nine (count them, NINE) criminal complaints.

In my next blog posting about this topic, I will extract names from the criminal complaints and start digging deeply into the background of those names. 


Anonymous said...

loyd is descendent of Willie Loyd who was the former leader of the Gay Vice Lords in chicago and was the most profitable trick turning organization their in that town. i am sure the waste will keep up the rep.

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With the recent comments and threads down, your blog is uninteresting and has lost what was the most vital link to any on going discussions or any way to connect the dots.
Too bad it is very dull now and wasn't very organized to begin with, and quite biased towards the favoritism of white people.

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To AnonyASS 8:41AM
If you don't like it, don't tune in, simple!

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Should write about don allen's 2 theft convictions.

Anonymous said...

More info 4:50.

Johnny Northside! said...

Go to Irving Inquisition blog for more info about any old charges against Don Allen and how those charges were resolved. That would involve the time Don Allen stole from the bedridden veteran at a VA hospital. Shame, shame, shame.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to "Irving Inquisition"? Have heard nothing from them for like a year!!

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, more than a year, actually.

Go ask the Irving Inquisition what's up. I am not their spokesmodel. But suffice to say, those who can't take the heat should stay out of the kitchen.

Johnny Northside! said...

Item 4 did not have a live link. That is fixed, now.

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Montrelle is also a relative of nizzel George and the individual funny mo upped the gun on at the gas station

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Dementry was arrested for attempted burglary earlier this month.

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Montrelle got released from jail this week

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Yea he out on bond cause i bonded him out so what that mean?

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Sounds like your the faggot for saying that Fu-Ness

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Try again MF cause they're not related you stupid MF cause you thought wrong you sound like a LowEnd C.I