Sunday, July 6, 2014

It's A Homicidal Form Of "Deja Vu All Over Again!" While Trae Patterson, 22, Sits In Jail On Two Murder Charges (Possibly ATTEMPTED Murder Charges) A Guy Named Tyrel Lamar Patterson, 25, Faces Nearly Identical Charges And Sits In The Same Jail, And One Space Away On The Jail Roster!

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See previous article, written, like, MINUTES AGO. Trae Patterson is charged with two counts of second degree murder. Could be attempted murder, the roster has a tendency to muddle that particular charge. And assault. Bail set at half a million. NO, it's not part of the Fourth of July spasm of murders, these arrests took place back in MAY and no other media caught the story to tell us any details. Mainstream media are too high and mighty to sift through the jail roster like a blue heron trying to stab minnows with its beak. 

Well, last evening this blogger started at the letter "A" on the jail roster, and started working my way through the surnames. Last night I arrived at Trae Patterson, and today I wrote about him. Feeling satisfied, feeling a sense of accomplishment, I clicked on the next name in my "March To The Z," Tyrel Lamar Patterson, age 25. (DOB 4/13/89) 

WHIZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! There went another ball into the cage and I have to SWING AT IT! Patterson (this NEXT Patterson, Tyrel Lamar Patterson ) faces IDENTICAL charges, and was arrested on 5/27/14, one day earlier than the OTHER Patterson. (Cousin? Brother? What the heck?) 

Tyrel is held on identical bail of half a million dollars. He faces...

...identical charges, one count of assault and two counts of second degree murder, not premeditated. (Here insert that caveat again, thank you) 

There is, however, in addition to the assault and murder charges a Department of Corrections hold. 

Well, I'm all over THAT. MNCIS might be down on Sundays, but MN DOC is NOT. 

MNCIS shows Tyrel Lamar Patterson (pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the spelling of that first name) "under supervision" at a "non-DOC facility." However, in December of last year, this blog was reporting on a "Tyrell" (note spelling) "Lamar Patterson" who was headed back to prison, click here for that article. MURDER was NOT one of the reasons he was headed back to prison. 

So what's the deal? In December he was headed back to prison, now in July he's missing a letter from his name and sitting in the Hennepin County jail on a MN DOC hold and facing assault and two murder charges? 

And there's ANOTHER Patterson facing similar charges? Did the revolving door of justice revolve THAT FAST? Meanwhile, I'm looking for any arrests connected to the CURRENT murders and what am I turning up? Some OTHER murder(s)! 

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