Thursday, December 11, 2014

Recent Homicide Victim Antonio Flood Had Fresh Conviction For Liquor In The Park, Was Murdered While On Probation...

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blog post by John Hoff

Antonio Marcus Flood, age 42, DOB 11/02/72 is the most recent homicide victim in North Minneapolis, click here for Star Tribune article. Flood was shot on the 2600 block of Penn Avenue. He clung to life for most of a week, but ultimately died. 

 Twenty-sixth and Penn was also the site of a bus shooting which claimed the life of Drew "The Chef" Billingsley. There have been other deadly and almost-deadly incidents at that location, as well. 

Flood was fresh off a conviction for "Liquor in the Park." It was only November 24 of last month that Flood was convicted for this minor crime, and he still owed the court system the sum of...

...$78. A charge for drug  paraphernalia was dismissed. Application was made for a deferred payment. No cases show up on the civil side of MNCIS. The deceased Mr. Flood is something of a mystery, but one small clue turned up...

Incredibly, Flood was featured here on JNS blog in a minor and almost accidental way. When I wrote recently about the detention of Alfred Delano Flowers, Jr., and I copied and pasted a portion of the jail roster, Flood's name appeared.  

2014029784FLOOD, ANTONIO.MARCUS11/2/1972NPA, LAKEVILLE, MN 55411/7/2014.23:43
2014029495FLOWERS, ALFRED.DELANO11/9/19923106 CHICAGO AV S, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 5540711/5/2014.04:29
2014026765FLOWERS, VERNELL.LAMONT10/27/19943418 SNELLING AV SOUTH, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 5540610/7/2014.13:53
The letters "NPA" stand for "no permanent address," of course, which cuts off the trail of facts...for the moment. 

Nobody has been arrested in Flood's murder. 


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Black lives matter!

Anonymous said...

WHAT? They actually charge people with open bottle?

Hope this is something new because I have witnessed dozens of open bottle violations around my home.

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Liquor in the in the rear and don't run til the cops get near.