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Colorful And Foul Facebook Free-For-All Attempts To Link Story On JNS Blog About Jabari Roosevelt Johnson To Recent Federal Indictments Of Minneapolis Gang Members...

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair
Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

To view the conversation being referenced in this blog post, go to the Facebook page of Nitelen Jackson and view the November 27 conversation. 

This story is complicated and convoluted, filled with supposition and innuendo, (by others, not this blogger) so follow closely, if you will, while I attempt to break it down and make it plain.

Recently, there were a bunch of federal indictments in Minneapolis with nearly a dozen gang members arrested and indicted for conspiracy, click here for the press release by the United States Department of Justice. One of those arrested, and pictured above, is Nitelen Jackson. Before he was under federal indictment, this blogger noticed Jackson's prolific criminal record coupled with an equally prolific use of Facebook to document his...

...bad (but exciting and colorful) lifestyle choices. 

Nitelen Jackson was already in prison when named in the recent federal indictment. Naturally, friends and associates of the indicted gang members are wondering, "Who is the snitch? Who ratted us out?"

Some of them believe they have found the answer, and their answer is within a run-of-the-mill JNS blog story written December 27 of last year, click here for that story. It is a colorful but fairly routine story of a man named Jabari Roosevelt Johnson who allegedly robbed his former prison cellmate who had done the foolish kindness of giving Johnson a ride. 

According to the crystal clear words of the criminal complaint, when arrested for the alleged robbery of his former prison pal JABARI R. JOHNSON OFFERED TO GIVE UP SOME OTHERS INVOLVED IN CRIMES. 

No criticism is meant by this blogger of Johnson. I am simply writing the relevant facts, here, both actual and alleged. In the wake of the federal indictments, a long and colorful (and often foul and scary) Facebook conversation has taken place upon the page of Nitelen "King Nite" Jackson. Though Jackson is incarcerated, his Facebook page lives on; no doubt under the control of somebody within his incredibly extensive social circle.

So that "somebody" posted information about the Roosevent Johnson story originally published on this blog, using the illustration above. And this sparked more 248 comments written in an "online urban dialect" which attempted to link Johnson's desperate offer to be an informant to the recent federal gang indictments. These commenters expressed their opinions...mostly variations upon a theme of "I am appalled and I therefore I shake my head in an appalled fashion. For myself, I would adhere to a strict moral and/or cultural code and never play the reviled role of a turncoat to my boon companions." 

Words to that effect. 

Other commenters--including one with the last name of Johnson--attempted to defend Jabari Johnson and say there was no proven link between Johnson and the federal indictments. One commenter went so far as to say this blogger had made the whole thing up and somehow manufactured the criminal complaint documents that I published. This blogger denies making up that story or any story. In North Minneapolis, as in all other places on the planet, truth is interesting enough without embellishment. 

Due to persistent technical difficulties this blogger has when I attempt to copy and paste large segments of Facebook conversation into my blog format, I am unable to reproduce the entire Facebook conversation in its original format. I can add it to the end of this blog post, scrambled together "jail roster" style, for the sake of posterity. But viewing the November 27, 2014 conversation is simple if you have a Facebook account. 

Warning. this is not "family friendly" viewing, especially a portion of the conversation in which sexually explicit insults are freely traded, for example: 

If I had enough time, I would attempt one of the "translations of urban dialect" for which this blogger has achieved a small degree of fame and notoriety. As it is, holidays and family are keeping me busy. Readers will have to attempt their own translations.

Here, for the sake of posterity, in case this Facebook conversation "of the people, by the people, and for the people" should ever "perish from the earth," I have preserved the conversation in an unsatisfying, squashed-together "jailhouse roster style." 

The actual conversation (for the third time, here) can be found on Nitelen Jackson's Facebook page. 

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 Emma Teamhuey KekeCity yikes November 28 at 12:41am · 2 Matika Rip Matt Johnson Do u get it cause i dont ? November 28 at 12:45am · 3 Emma Teamhuey KekeCity idk who buddy is but I get it November 28 at 12:47am · 1 Matika Rip Matt Johnson I keep reading it...lbs November 28 at 12:48am · 7 Emma Teamhuey KekeCity lol slow ass November 28 at 12:49am · 2 Shamonique Skoobyworld Henderson Meee tooo tika November 28 at 12:49am · 1 Emma Teamhuey KekeCity y'all jux special November 28 at 12:51am · 2 Kourtney Spearman I get it looks like somebody by the last name of Johnson was offering names so he could be let go November 28 at 12:58am · 46 Dutch Rugar That nigga a rat!!- November 28 at 12:59am · 12 Self Made #johnson 🙊🙉🙈 November 28 at 1:01am · 33 Matika Rip Matt Johnson This looks dumb as hell tho i aint even finna get into it December 1 at 2:35pm · Edited · 3 Majinieke 'moody' Thompson Matika ain't for none November 28 at 1:04am · Edited · 6 Kourtney Spearman this shit is funny & crazy at same time but go hard tika November 28 at 1:03am · 6 Emma Teamhuey KekeCity did I jux start sum on here by commenting November 28 at 1:03am · 1 Self Made Kourtney Spearman okay November 28 at 1:04am · 2 Kourtney Spearman let me get back to sipping November 28 at 1:07am · 6 Matika Rip Matt Johnson yall plays naw i aint gone do it November 28 at 1:09am · 2 Kourtney Spearman Do it for the book Matika Rip Matt Johnson November 28 at 1:10am · 1 Matika Rip Matt Johnson i cant stand you & Self Made November 28 at 1:11am · 2 Emma Teamhuey KekeCity y'all play all Damn day November 28 at 1:11am Self Made Matika Rip Matt Johnson defend yo man girl don't let nobody tell u different November 28 at 1:13am · 12 Kourtney Spearman What she said November 28 at 1:13am · 2 Matika Rip Matt Johnson Im his lawyer yall bet not leave it to me shiit he'll be coming home soon yall a really be mad November 28 at 1:14am · 4 Emma Teamhuey KekeCity cuz I'm riding wit mines til the wheels fall off.... FREE TRAY FUCK THE FEDZ November 28 at 1:15am · 3 Majinieke 'moody' Thompson Now I'm confused lbs November 28 at 1:16am · 7 Tylisa Rodgers THIS THE FUNNIEST SHIT EVER !!! November 28 at 1:17am · 4 Majinieke 'moody' Thompson I'm sure riding with mine. But he a real one, and they don't fold Free Nite... November 28 at 1:18am · 47 Emma Teamhuey KekeCity MATIKA HUH.... YU LOST ME BOO November 28 at 1:18am · 1 Tylisa Rodgers Free BRANDON , this shit been real !! November 28 at 1:18am · 14 Self Made Emma Teamhuey KekeCity never heard tray was telling but Matika Rip Matt Johnson IMA act like I ain't see that cuz ion even know how to respond wit out offending anybody November 28 at 1:19am · 1 Lilmoe Rip Pudda Loc do anybody kno who LB IS????? November 28 at 1:19am · 7 Kourtney Spearman I want be mad , I'll be happy for you !Let put it in your hands attorney Matika Rip Matt Johnson November 28 at 1:19am · 3 Kourtney Spearman Free Parnell even tho he has nothing to do with this free Bae ass November 28 at 1:20am · 13 Matika Rip Matt Johnson A lawyer does what ever to get them home pidd ! Yall is crazy i dont even know what to say i was being funny November 28 at 1:21am · 2 Emma Teamhuey KekeCity Self Made duhhhhhhhhhhh he ain't tellin nva have n nva will he a real Nigga nd he got told on. November 28 at 1:22am · 1 Kourtney Spearman I thought you meant you was gone break him out but I guess everyone else felt some other way , can yall fill me in November 28 at 1:22am · 3 Emma Teamhuey KekeCity I was confused pidd dats why I asked November 28 at 1:24am · 1 Self Made I was thinking she was gone join the teller teller team n pop hold Bari down November 28 at 1:26am · 14 Kourtney Spearman , IM Self Made November 28 at 1:27am · Edited · 4 Self Made Ijs free DA real man November 28 at 1:28am · 2 Kourtney Spearman TIK hold it down , barnone for life , tik I love you okay I'm done playing yall November 28 at 1:29am · 8 Tylisa Rodgers Ctfu November 28 at 1:31am · 4 Self Made Kourtney Spearman Bari world. babe is Bari telling "barely" ,ok I'm done November 28 at 1:32am · 18 Emma Teamhuey KekeCity I'm tooooooo drunk for dis shit lol November 28 at 1:33am · 2 Shanell Bell 🙊🙉🙈I'm ... On that note FREE MY MAN November 28 at 1:33am · 11 Kourtney Spearman me to I just wanted a laugh and I got a couple November 28 at 1:33am · 4 Kourtney Spearman No Self Made those are laylow real initials . Wrong guy November 28 at 1:39am · 2 Majinieke 'moody' Thompson Erica Kane November 28 at 1:39am · 2 Self Made Aw okaii boo November 28 at 1:39am LaKeisha Cole-Neverson Yea his fat ass took everybody down lbs shit got real Majinieke 'moody' Thompson November 28 at 1:42am · 18 Majinieke 'moody' Thompson I'm so mad wth November 28 at 1:45am · 2 LaKeisha Cole-Neverson Yea he will be home real soon!! Ummkayy November 28 at 1:46am · 11 Majinieke 'moody' Thompson Shit getting TOO real November 28 at 1:53am · 3 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 1:54am · 23 Majinieke 'moody' Thompson November 28 at 1:54am · 2 LaKeisha Cole-Neverson Bari... November 28 at 1:55am · 15 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 1:56am · 13 Sha'Brea Maxwell Sips Tea Baee! November 28 at 1:56am · 7 Sha'Brea Maxwell LB is not laylow y'all dumb as hell! Lbs November 28 at 2:00am · 7 Matika Rip Matt Johnson Who is it ??? November 28 at 2:01am Majinieke 'moody' Thompson Lb ain't lay low tho... November 28 at 2:05am · 7 Majinieke 'moody' Thompson I been figured that, I'm just saying is he in jail? November 28 at 2:06am · 1 Matika Rip Matt Johnson I dont think so November 28 at 2:07am Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey No he not In jail... November 28 at 2:07am Shavonte Powell Who TH is lb?!!!! My lurking ass! November 28 at 2:15am · 2 Majinieke 'moody' Thompson Some business owner lol November 28 at 2:21am · 1 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Free my homies tho..... November 28 at 2:24am Matika Rip Matt Johnson November 28 at 2:26am Dutch Rugar Free All My Nigga Fuck The Law Fuck The Ops!! November 28 at 2:38am · 6 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 2:51am Dutch Rugar That nigga is in jail transferring cause the homies in there fuck that nigga these niggaz aint tuff they telling period if bitches think thats cool hang yo self its levels to this shit!! Free Do Dirt!! November 28 at 2:54am · Edited · 12 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 3:17am Shanika Manaj Kiesha u funny AF Cuzo Erica Kane November 28 at 4:13am · 1 Shavell Gurley November 28 at 5:44am Shanika Manaj ^^^ November 28 at 5:45am · 2 Shavell Gurley But this shit right here funny asl too November 28 at 5:52am · 1 Onna Martin November 28 at 5:52am · 1 Lexus Toomuchforu Champion Bitch Shavell Gurley u aint no gurly u a Coleman ctfu j/p November 28 at 6:20am · 1 Lexus Toomuchforu Champion Ctfu I can't wit u Shavell Gurley okayyy November 28 at 6:22am · 1 Shavell Gurley I can't with him ooooook Lexus Toomuchforu Champion November 28 at 6:23am Lexus Toomuchforu Champion Sip tea..... November 28 at 6:23am Lexus Toomuchforu Champion November 28 at 6:24am Lexus Toomuchforu Champion BLAHHHHHHH.........BITCH I JUST FELL OUT DA CAR CTFU November 28 at 6:27am · 2 Tellz Tha MagnificentOne Damn buddy sung the hell out this song . November 28 at 6:29am · 4 Lexus Toomuchforu Champion Hahahahaha bitch I can't breathe bitch im dying flat line___________________________!!! November 28 at 6:31am Shavell Gurley How bout yo cousin out he said "I'm baaaack pop out" Lexus Toomuchforu Champion wth wrong wit him lmao November 28 at 6:33am · 3 Lexus Toomuchforu Champion Gurl how bout I seen dat ctfu November 28 at 6:34am · 2 Shavell Gurley Gurl taytay better watch out ctfu Lexus Toomuchforu Champion November 28 at 6:35am · 2 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey but she don't see what y'all see barely November 28 at 6:35am · 3 Shavell Gurley Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey I haaaaate u November 28 at 6:36am · 1 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Hey bitch don't delete me! I read this over and over! Again and I still can't see it lol November 28 at 6:37am · 1 Lexus Toomuchforu Champion Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey now u kno yo ass is out November 28 at 6:38am Shavell Gurley I'm dying over here Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 6:39am Tamisha Getitgirl Stillstanding November 28 at 7:42am Quane'e Sledge He even lied on me tf November 28 at 7:55am · 3 Shavell Gurley On 4nem lord nem and bro nem u bout the only real Nigga left Quane'e Sledge November 28 at 7:56am · 1 June Lowend Lil bossie pray for me my niggas coming home pidd we been strong since day 1 im mad is hell if we would of stayed together not fuccin with nobody we would of been good these niggas was trying to take us out since day 1 tbh we didnt wont for shit n mf didnt like that keep the grass cut so u can see the snakes coming frfr free my brothers November 28 at 8:12am · 20 Omar Jackson All y'all hoes and goofys thought that nigga was the man till now. Smh wat about all that other shit with niggas tell he ain't the only one November 28 at 8:15am · 14 June Lowend On me i can smell n see a snake coming my way pidd November 28 at 8:16am · 7 Quane'e Sledge Everybody telling if you ask me November 28 at 8:18am · 6 June Lowend 4 x 10 November 28 at 8:18am June Lowend Omm Quane'e Sledge November 28 at 8:19am · 1 Omar Jackson Fuck bar nun fuck block money. I'm original. All that's new shit so I know I ain't one of the 5. November 28 at 8:23am · 6 Shavell Gurley Omar STFU yo irritating ass..Nigga u ain't shit lol Self Jackson November 28 at 8:24am · 2 Omar Jackson MF on this statues look goofy as shit. Majority of u MF on here he probably was just fucking November 28 at 8:24am · 12 Shavell Gurley Merch ! November 28 at 8:25am · 2 Omar Jackson Hml asap lord important November 28 at 8:26am June Lowend Lmao Self Jackson November 28 at 8:26am · 2 Shavell Gurley I Dont think he was talking bout u trap Quane'e Sledge November 28 at 8:31am · 1 Omar Jackson Everybody doing this shit now but when a real nigga like myself was like fuck dude. Them same niggas in that jam with him was like. He cool. Money don't make u real. November 28 at 8:31am · 14 Quane'e Sledge It don't matter ijs November 28 at 8:32am Quane'e Sledge And half u mfkrs a tell if they threw 10/20 in yo face ijs this shit ain't for everybody PIDD mfkr tired of hearing bout this shit niggas telling everyday BEEN telling but this one is the trending topic smh November 28 at 8:36am · 6 Iesha Nguyen 🙈🙉🙊 FREE Quis Moe Woods! November 28 at 8:40am · 12 Matika Rip Matt Johnson U not blocked man November 28 at 8:40am · 2 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey I know he was the law when they called the police on my car on Penn fuck November 28 at 8:43am · 2 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Who was fucking him though! I'll wait November 28 at 8:43am Matika Rip Matt Johnson How about you is too should of been with his ass giving out license plates sending mfers to jail cause you mad bitch u police too November 28 at 8:45am · 4 Shavell Gurley y'all I cant November 28 at 8:46am Omar Jackson Quane'e Sledge come on G not chu u. U know u a real nigga. November 28 at 8:46am · 2 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey bitch mad for what hoe your scary ass was scared tired getting your ass beat lil bitch..... Never once called no police hoe.... And no bitch I wasn't fucking him! you ran down homie hopper ass lil bitch November 28 at 8:47am · 6 Shanell Desiree Catchings November 28 at 8:47am · 10 Quane'e Sledge Ik ik I just felt a certain way cause before this a mfkr couldn't tell me shit. This shit hurt my heart frfr dude went out like a sucker #intoodeep November 28 at 8:48am · 5 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Doing all these what you get out his ass is the question cheese went in on his ass he still was on this pussy lil bitch November 28 at 8:48am · 1 BD Jordan Self Jackson what's good bro November 28 at 8:49am · 1 Chevy Beenmovedon Devine November 28 at 8:49am · 2 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey bout to lose his life over this pussy! November 28 at 8:50am · 3 Shanell Desiree Catchings Yall Clownin Mann !! Givin the Op Ass Niggas Sum to Talk About !! November 28 at 8:50am · 14 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Steady coming to my job giving me money lil bitch you better ask about me! Lil ass girl November 28 at 8:51am Chevy Beenmovedon Devine Didn't I tell yall hoes be ready to fight calling they nigga a snitch bitch yo clown ass dismissed November 28 at 8:51am · 2 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Just like these opp ass bitches November 28 at 8:52am · 1 Matika Rip Matt Johnson BITCH U DID U BEEN A CALLING THE LAW ASS BITCH FOR YEARS ...& IDK WHAT U WAS MAD AT IM NT FINNA DO THIS WIT YO MAN WIG WEARING OLD LADY LOOKIN ASS BITCH U IS FINNA BE BLOCKED BYE November 28 at 8:52am · 8 Shanell Desiree Catchings Yea but still just fb to much ... mfs seen the papers nshit leave it alone yall grown as hell arguin back n forth .. he not here to defend him self so now yall just finna argue with eachotha all day !! November 28 at 8:58am · 9 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Your homeless ran down thot lil bitch u mad he a snitch face it hoe with ur opp ass hang with niggas that killed your brother! Who I call the police on bitch you can't name a soul! Yeap I can wear what I want but I ain't broke or homeless and bitch your still ran threw and you fucking the homies for free! November 28 at 8:58am · 12 Matika Rip Matt Johnson HOE AINT SHIT FREE ABOUT ME HOE WHAT BOUT U YOU BACKPAGE WORKING 60$ PUSSY SPECIAL HAVING ASS BITCH STFU U FINNA BE BLOCKED November 28 at 8:59am · 5 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Bitch I can't argue with a bitch that ain't got shit or nothing to lose but a cell phone and a o I d number go to your room!! November 28 at 8:59am Matika Rip Matt Johnson & HOMELESS BITCH I HEARD YOU LIVE A BOX November 28 at 9:00am · 3 Omar Jackson I'm the realest nigga out here. November 28 at 9:00am · 1 Shanell Desiree Catchings Just Stop Yall !! November 28 at 9:01am · 3 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey bitch you mad I'm in the club 60 dollars ain't enuff you going to see tricks for hours and only get 100 dollars... Your so called sis been put you out there why you staying at her crib.... Broke lil goofy hoe is you made or naw November 28 at 9:02am Matika Rip Matt Johnson U AINT GOT SHIT BITCH BUT OLD ASS RAGADY ASS MAGNUM & 599$ RENT HOE CHOW DOWN I SPEND MORE THAN ON MY BABY IN A MONTH YOU 40 YEAR OLD POSUM LOOKIN ASS BITCH YO PUSSY BURNT UP U BEEN BUSSIN FOR YEARS BITCH November 28 at 9:02am · 8 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey You can't get shit with your name hoe all you do is steal and your so called sister take you to her trick and you only get 100 dollars November 28 at 9:04am Matika Rip Matt Johnson BITCH I WILL NEVER HAVE TO SELL MY PUSSY ON MY SON & EVERYBDY KNOW THT NOW HERE GO THE LIES IM FINNA FR BLOCK YO DIRTY SKIN HAVING ASS SICK ASS BITCH November 28 at 9:04am · 3 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 9:05am · 2 Matika Rip Matt Johnson AT ALL November 28 at 9:06am Kourtney Spearman Emma Teamhuey KekeCity look what you done started November 28 at 9:06am · 2 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 9:06am · 12 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 9:08am · 18 Shavell Gurley Hold up I steal like a mfkr!!! November 28 at 9:08am · 2 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 9:10am · 9 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Go get your buckets November 28 at 9:11am Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey You worried bout my pussy damn you want to do this motherfucker its still tight! you can't never amount to what the fuck I had or got that cheap ass impala that yu only put 1000 and was still paying notes! On top of that you still owe on the car... So I think you need to step your pussy game up! Why you was fucking my brother in my mom crib for free! Bitch you a lost soul! Frfr November 28 at 9:17am · 2 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 9:19am Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 9:20am · 1 Chevy Beenmovedon Devine one thing I could never do is fuck wit anybody that even affiliate with niggas that killed my brother cuzn or dog fucc ion no wtf that shit became Okay at but bitch u have no morals or respect Okay carry on November 28 at 9:22am · 18 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey You done fuck everybody from our side so you ain't have no choice but to run over there! I swear you just sucked lil ty dick bitch! You lil nasty thot! My pussy ran down but you clearly trying to fuck after me bitch you are the weakest link gOODBYE November 28 at 9:23am · 2 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 9:24am Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe I don't want to be messy but oh well ai dad told me one if the niggas on thus status talking shit is the police matter fact ain't u suppose to be in jail on a gun charge but yet u on this status wait ctfu ain't u the reason why they went to prison and talked to poppa and came and got ai that was right before all this shit happen tf November 28 at 9:26am · 3 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe All I'm saying is bari ain't the only one that folded possible and I'm positive November 28 at 9:27am · 4 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe Oops let me get back to these stores November 28 at 9:28am · Edited · 3 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe I can't with you! November 28 at 9:29am · 1 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe Frfr November 28 at 9:32am · 1 LaKeisha Cole-Neverson I got 150$$ on a bitch neck... Nd she ain't even worth that lbs .. but I want that bitch frfr November 28 at 9:37am · 6 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe ^^^^ ctfu November 28 at 9:38am Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Her scary ass leave her alone before she tell November 28 at 9:38am · 2 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe I don't feel like arguing ctfu November 28 at 9:39am · 2 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe I swear but lowkey he never one of the realist left I think is bitches is the realist left never fold November 28 at 9:48am · 5 Omar Jackson Bytch fuck u and ai and his dad. Bytch if I'm snitching he'll be the last nigga to tell on bytch.. BooBoo with yo dirty ass. If I told on a MF show me. And ain't ai out bytch November 28 at 9:53am Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe Bitch nigga Fuck u and ai tf your mad af lol November 28 at 9:54am · 2 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe Damn wait am I talking bout yo punk ass tf your a bitch u hoe ass nigga November 28 at 9:56am · 1 Omar Jackson Fuck dude if he running around downing my name bytch with yo dirty ass and who's u to be try a come at me bytch I'm O da MF Great fuckyoutalknbout November 28 at 9:57am · 1 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe And dirty bitch I steal to much and bitch nigga I do this for my kids not me and go talk shit to his hype ass daddy cuz they the ones said u snitching November 28 at 9:57am · 5 Omar Jackson They smoking and u repeating it tho. Smh me snitching on him. What I'm getting out of that. Smh November 28 at 9:59am · 1 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe Bitch plz I never been dirty always had my own never had my hand out tf and I'm booboo tf a bitch that's realer then half these niggas duhh November 28 at 10:01am · Edited · 6 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe Idk ask them November 28 at 10:00am Omar Jackson That's funny because that nigga was just try a shop with me a couple weeks ago lmao smh November 28 at 10:03am · 1 Self Made November 28 at 10:04am Omar Jackson Shorty just don't repeat shit u hear that how shit get started November 28 at 10:04am Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe That's crazy cuz the show said u telling November 28 at 10:04am Omar Jackson That's why I told him I was cool on him niggas always wanna throw my name under the bus because I don't be around to speak for myself. But fuck niggas period. November 28 at 10:06am · 1 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe Damn November 28 at 10:07am Matika Rip Matt Johnson THTS WHY U MAD BITCH U WANT EVERY NIGGA U FUCK LIL TY AINT GOT NOTHING TO DO WIT SHIT BITCH U MAD STAY HOE CAUSE ALL THIS SHIT U TALKN BOUT DNT EVEN MATTER YOU PROSITUTE HERPES HAVING ASS LOOKIN SICK BY THE FACE ASS BITCH ALL YOU GOOD FOR IS CONTAMINATING NIGGAS WITH THT NASTY ASS PUSSY MAKING THESE POSTS & BEING THE NOTHING ASS FAKE GETTIN MONEY ASS BITCH U IS U BEEN WANTIN A RESPONSE FROM ME IDK Y DONT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE YOU GOT TOO MUCH TIME ON YO ASS FOR THIS BUT OKAY IM FR DONE November 28 at 10:10am · Edited · 8 Matika Rip Matt Johnson & BITCH YOUR LOST OF "NIGGAS YOU FUCKED " LIST TRIPLE MINES PLEASE BELIEVE ME FUCK OUT OF HERE YOUR PUSSY MILES R GONE BITCH November 28 at 10:12am · Edited · 7 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe Ai started the investigation ( my chest hurt) cuz when his police ass sent the police to kick down risha door and came to my shit that's all they was asking for was guns November 28 at 10:13am · 3 Omar Jackson Shorty just know I don't know were or who house that is I ain't never ben to yo house I ain't never hung around bro to even know what kind of shit bro was into. Like I said niggas will throw my name under the bus because I don't be around to stand up for myself. Now when was the last time u seen me shorty November 28 at 10:25am Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe Never said u had shit to do wit that but they said u da reason why they came to talk to ai and poppa November 28 at 10:27am · 3 Nikita Nyree 🏃 November 28 at 10:29am Champaigne Christensen I always knew dude was suspect. Can all these snitches take their asses back to Chicago. #TooEarlyForThisShit smh November 28 at 10:31am · 9 Omar Jackson Shorty well idk u go for what u want. But just know I don't get in trouble so if I'm snitching I would be in some kind of magnum of charger car and caked up. But IMA just stay in my lane. November 28 at 10:33am Pull'upPoppa Locc lmao please keep poppa out this shit. he a straight lame and never been on shit. So a mfer could never have sent the feds to talk to me lol i only catch domestics sorry !!!!!! November 28 at 10:41am · 29 Champaigne Christensen "I only catch domestics"! Hell naw November 28 at 10:42am · 2 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe Oh tell them to keep u outta they said it not me November 28 at 10:42am · 1 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe And I'm just being real bari ain't the only one who told November 28 at 10:43am · 3 Omar Jackson Oms I'm lame as hell fuck them hoes thought tryna down one of last realest niggas name out here. Ctfubdas November 28 at 10:44am · 2 Pull'upPoppa Locc baby girl i ain't mad at you, I'm stating what i think would like a mfer to say about me that's all. November 28 at 10:49am · 2 Self Made Pull'upPoppa Locc up oms only thing Ai got on his record is domestic yalll mfz no touting drug slanging mfz got it mixed up but I did hear that shit about Omar dont know how true but it was out there November 28 at 10:50am Taysosa Boone November 28 at 10:51am · 6 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe On my kids ai the police frfr but I guess if y'all not police stay away from the police November 28 at 10:52am · 2 Omar Jackson Self Made u eat shorts you'll love to believe that. Shorty this me I don't be or do or have done or seen a nigga do shit u just like to eat my shorts. All u gotta do is ask and booboo ugly ass should of never brought my name up on this status just because she topping bari hoe ass. Fuck y'all talking bout. November 28 at 11:00am · 1 Omar Jackson I don't give AF who snitching I don't fuck with niggas so fuck all them niggas fuck u talking bout. November 28 at 11:01am · 1 Self Made Self Jackson I ain't eating shit pussy I said I heard the same shit yo hoe ass feel some type of way I never said it was true tf get yo weak ass out of here nigga don't come for me cuz ion give a fuck about u nigga u ain't did shit to me I jus said that shit was going around stop acting like jus cuz booboo said its some new nigga u heard the shit before to boi yo lame ass jus pissed me off November 28 at 11:03am Self Made Jrome LowEnd stop liken shit this clown jus made a bitch mad November 28 at 11:05am Jrome McPherson We got te realize this ain't about none of us , this is about our brothers being locked down behind some rats words.! November 28 at 11:07am · 10 Darealboodaboo Billa Radcliffe Bitch I never did shit wit bari he telling and a few more niggas and if u that mad find a bitch that can whoop me tf November 28 at 11:08am · 10 Self Made Jrome LowEnd frfr ion give a fuck about a nigga unless its my bd or my brothers n I know them niggas a never fold 💯💯💯💯 I'm off this tho Self Jackson don't say shit else to me cuz yo ass font matter to me November 28 at 11:11am London Vs Aquafina #RipCrack #Freedaguys November 28 at 11:16am · 8 Omar Jackson I stay in my own lane. November 28 at 11:29am · 1 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey I could never be mad at you! For fucking for free you ran down black old oil spill bitch you need to be ashamed of yourself.... You still broke with all them miles on your pussy.... For free.... You doing all these dicks still aint got shit nothing! That's shows me you a bum bitch and your pussy ain't shit you dried up ass walking chalk.... November 28 at 11:38am · 5 Dolo Harris Shout out to everybody thats reading the comments but aint commenting and liking shit.... We noisey ass hell hahahaha November 28 at 11:59am · 63 Robert Norfhitman Amos At the end of the day everybody tuff until them Feds come Feds is A whole different level than state when they kno how to push buttons must niggaz snitching on county pc hold 36 hours n that's 💯 November 28 at 12:09pm · 8 Stanley Powell Guess who ain't telling November 28 at 12:19pm · 10 LaKeisha Cole-Neverson Dried up ass walking chalk I'm deaddddddd November 28 at 12:20pm · 3 Mercedes Williams Dolo you funny AF November 28 at 12:29pm · Edited · 2 Dolo Harris Lol over trying hard not to like shit hahaha but over here dying at the roasting session hahaha November 28 at 12:31pm · 17 Mercedes Williams Aye I start reading this shit last night and woke back up to this shit I'm ctfu November 28 at 12:38pm · 8 Iesha Jackson O my November 28 at 12:48pm · 2 Doy Johns November 28 at 1:06pm · 11 Matika Rip Matt Johnson i had called u sis fuck hoes they gone always talk thats all they been doing ? Wya doe November 28 at 1:31pm · 2 LaKeisha Cole-Neverson Who Latoya Rodgers November 28 at 1:33pm LaKeisha Cole-Neverson When I was 16 I'm scared now lbs November 28 at 1:38pm · 3 Tylisa Rodgers Toya call me November 28 at 1:38pm Quis Trust'None Ain't Nun Wrong With Stealing S/o My Boosters November 28 at 1:39pm · 16 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey here goes the circus November 28 at 1:43pm Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Same too you always talking November 28 at 1:44pm Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 1:47pm LaKeisha Cole-Neverson well since they coming for yu I'm coming for the oil spill POPOUT November 28 at 1:52pm · 1 Matika Rip Matt Johnson look your a clown November 28 at 1:52pm · 2 LaKeisha Cole-Neverson I m a clown yu a goofy.. When we Old Nd gray I'm still beating yo ass!! November 28 at 1:53pm · 2 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey Umkkayyy you know I don't give no fuck frfr November 28 at 1:54pm · 1 Matika Rip Matt Johnson Look at who really mad tho damn bitch aint tht much hate in the world November 28 at 1:56pm · 2 LaKeisha Cole-Neverson No hate.. I'm getting kites from the county jail.. GREEN LIGHT ITS A GO ON TIKA!!! They know I'm gonna get the job done!!! November 28 at 1:59pm · 4 Matika Rip Matt Johnson Whos in the county ? November 28 at 2:00pm · 1 LaKeisha Cole-Neverson It don't matter!!!! Don't be surprised when I knock on d November 28 at 2:04pm Matika Rip Matt Johnson when u what ? November 28 at 2:05pm · 1 LaKeisha Cole-Neverson When I knock on that door .. Make sure yu come out Nd play November 28 at 2:07pm · 1 Dolo Harris Toya inbox me plz... $$$ November 28 at 2:17pm · Edited · 1 Dolo Harris Sheesh,!!!! November 28 at 2:21pm · 1 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey these hoes be thinking they know me! sorry you didn't pass the test I'm glad y'all be watching though November 28 at 2:25pm · 1 Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 2:29pm Jayden Mz-Bundlez WiLey November 28 at 2:29pm Matika Rip Matt Johnson Me too im finna call u November 28 at 2:33pm · 2 Shanell Desiree Catchings Idk why yall saying he snitch on this fed shit cuz DONT NOBODY KNOW YET .. The shit just got started ... & These papers is from johnny northside !!! these not real papers !! Lol i just wanted to say that .. cuz these not real papers johnny nprthside jist be sayin shit to !!! November 28 at 5:36pm · 5 Ra'Mona Larenzo Dierra Watley smh November 28 at 5:40pm Brittney Graham Yies November 28 at 5:51pm · 1


Anonymous said...

NO COMMENT....except...Nitelin,(RELATIVES TELL HIM SINCE HE AIN"T GOT NO ACCESS) decide if you like to suck dick and be a tight end or a receiver because you ain't gettin' no female anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

the fellow behind him is his new girlfriend

Johnny Northside! said...

The girlfriend comment is foul. I do not agree with it or see much value in the comment but I am publishing it in a spirit of free expression. Individuals who want to express positive opinions about Mr. Jackson and the individual pictured behind him are also free to do so.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am rejecting a foul and sexually explicit comment much worse and much longer than the "girlfriend" comment.

Anonymous said...

WHY? with all of the destruction they have brought upon our community you give these boody bitches respect? Future fucking boody giving up bitches? I donot getchoo BRO.

Johnny Northside! said...

Rejecting another sexually explicit and over-the-top comment. Clean it up, anonymous commenters.

Anonymous said...

This comment is sexually inexplicit, and under-the-top. Just noting how culturally deprived I feel, not having a Facebook account. Troubled in being shut away from sensing the direction the evolution of modern English is taking. All that and more, I am missing. Please publish this comment to share my hurt. Also, do you sense that perhaps the standardized tests of reading proficiency are likely to trend toward including Facebook excerpting of the kind you publish as reading examples for test taker interpretation? That might be a step in a new direction for the test moguls. Not that it would extend to polls and elections. That's Verboten.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Johnny Northside for providing the "other" story so eloquently. I am in awe of the topics you have written about. My thoughts drift off to the black lives matter racial division movement. Clearly they need to look within their own people and stop this insanity of killing each other.

However, i must say after reading the FB comments it is clear that these uneducated people in this lifestyle will not change. If only they were smart enough to see be they do it to themselves and if they worked as a team they could find love and prosper. Instead they are filled with hate and shackled to the karma it brings.

So sad....may God have mercy on the innocent children these people birth

Anonymous said...


Johnny Northside! said...

I've said it before and maybe in the future I'll just stop saying it and ignore the comments I am not publishing. I will not publish graphic, sexually explicit "jailhouse sex" commentary. The best of luck on your future commenting endeavors.

Johnny Northside! said...

Racist comment rejected.

Not JNS posting under anonymous but really a different anonymous said...

Typos in the post, name should be
"Jabari Roosevelt Johnson"

Who reportedly was arrested yet again fairly recently. With mugshot.

Name: Jabari Roosevelt Johnson

Location: Anoka, Minnesota

Age: 24 years

Processing Date: 01-22-2015
Booking Charges:


Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, catch and release program still in high gear, why even bother to cuff em and stuff em?

Johnny Northside! said...

This blog post had a typo in the name "Roosevelt." That typo has now been corrected. The typo happened because there was a similar typo in a previous story, and it carried over. Correction has been made to THAT story as well.

Thank you to the commenter who drew this matter to my attention.