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FOX 9 Calls North Minneapolis A "Virtual Dumping Ground" For Level Three Sex Offenders, But Teases Viewers With Blurred Sex Offender Pictures...Here's The Guy They Were Talking About In Association With Recent Child Abduction Story...

MNDOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post
by John Hoff

Don't tease me, FOX 9. 

When your station does a story about how the 55411 zip code is a "virtual dumping ground" for Level Three Sex Offenders, you know that's my pet issue. (Heaven knows it's nobody else's pet issue, since local politicians have seemingly walked away from the "dumping ground" conundrum after expressing so much interest in the summer of 2013 and as late as January of this year) 

When you, Fox 9, talk about the "dumping ground" in a story about the recent abduction (and release) of a little girl in my neighborhood, and the ongoing search for a white suspect in his 20s, you know how interested people in my neighborhood are in that story. This blogger has been looking for some kind of fresh angle ever since the story broke, but it's my policy that I only publish new facts rather than just adding another layer of yacking commentary.

Well, thank you, FOX 9, for your teasing and blurred out little story which allows me to dig up new facts, even if it's just new facts underlying the assertions in your story...

Commenting on the search for the abduction suspect, FOX 9 reporter Tom Lyden says that two and a half miles away from the 55411 zip code, there's a suspect whose description and MO perfectly match the guy who snatched the little girl on the 3100 block of James Ave. North. FOX 9 then proceeds to show a picture of that sex offender, but they blur out the picture.

Geez, FOX 9, I thought it was the job of reporters to dig up information and the government to hide it, not the other way around. The picture you are blurring out is available on the MNDOC Level Three Sex Offender website, along with all the particulars about his MO. When I saw the blurred out image, I told myself "I've seen that picture somewhere before." In fact, if I paused the video I could even read the name of the probation officer, Bobby Chevalier-Jones. 

More on HER in a moment. 

Yup, the blurred out image shown by FOX 9 is Bernard Clement Schug, whose image was featured on this blog in January of this year in a commentary about the "dumping ground" issue and high level statements about a "zip code moratorium" on more dumping. It should be noted that "moratorium" is a word used by JNS blog. No politician in our neighborhood wants to be pinned down to a definite promise like that, even while making vague promises (link to musical tribute) to fight on this issue. 

Now Bernard Schug (and his ever-so-blurred-out-image) are in the news because he lives within striking distance of where the abduction happened, fits the MO of the suspect, and he's the right age and race. Experts say sex offenders strike "near but not too near" their homes. 

However, to my knowledge, Schug hasn't been charged with anything. Schug may be innocent with an airtight alibi and it's all a horrible coincidence, including that horribly coincidental profile of his with that (horribly coincidental) slight mustache. 

I'll make it easy for readers to compare and contrast and draw their own conclusions by putting Schug's photo (the real one, not blurred out like FOX 9 does things) near images captured by a vigilant neighbor's security camera of the abduction suspect.

So where was Bernard Schug when the abduction happened? Inquiring minds would like to know in NoMi. 

If Schug's probation conditions include using the internet, he is free to send this blogger an email and I will publish what he has to say, within reason. 

As for that "matching MO," here's what the MNDOC website says about Mr. Schug:

Offense Information:
Offender has a history of sexual conduct and contact with female minor victims (age 5-11). Conduct included exposure. Contact included fondling. Offender gained access to victims by approaching them in public. Offender was not known to victims.


Schug's full address is not known to this blogger, however he is currently listed on the 4600 block of Lyndale Ave. N. in the 55412 zip code. If anybody knows the address and the landlord, whisper it in the blogger's virtual ear. Thanks. 

Now about Schug's supervising agent, Bobby Chevalier Jones...

The issue of sex offenders has been hot in my neighborhood for a couple of years, and in the course of many discussions it has been learned there are two factions within that portion of the Minnesota Department of Corrections involving probation officers who keep track of Level Three Sex Offenders, no easy task. 

One faction is made up of naive bleeding hearts who extend trust and kindness, and a while ago (among my tight group of friends) this blogger dubbed that group the Free To Frolic Faction. 

Bobby Chevalier-Jones represents embodies the mindset of that faction. 

Also, "F" is the sixth letter of the alphabet. I just wanted to take the time to point that out. 

The other extreme (and I say "extreme" in a completely supportive way) is represented by Will McDonald. That faction wisely considers Level Three Sex Offenders to be vicious animals who SHOULD be locked up indefinitely, but society has made a horrible mistake and let them loose (primarily in poor minority neighborhoods like the 55411 zip code dumping ground) and now folks like Will McDonald need to lessen the damage as much as possible. 

That faction I have dubbed "The Zoo Keepers."

This blogger is also willing to assume there is a middle of the road faction, which I hereby dub "The Chickens" or "The Road Kill" or "The Road Killed Chickens." 

I haven't quite decided. The proper nickname needs time to jell. 

So there you have it. FOX 9 teases, but Johnny Northside exposes. 

No hard feelings, FOX 9. Maybe you should look into the issue of a Level Three Sex Offender who has been wanted on an outstanding warrant by the State of Oklahoma since 1990. 

I'll give you a hint. His photo was blurred out in that story you just did. 


Anonymous said...

Another very excellent read.
And once again, greetings from the
Fan Club!

Anonymous said...

Will quit henn co. Someone should go to that block and look for the one level house with chain link fence and 2 dogs like described by police.

Sue said...

In the segment on Channel 9 I am fairly sure they said that the suspect they were talking about lived in NE and they showed the Lowry bridge. So if Schug really is the suspect perhaps he is living at an address he has not reported. That alone should be enough for the police to find him and have a chat.
I did see the blurred out photo of Spanky Pete and it brought a sardonic smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

Tear them a new asshole, Johnny, and let the motherfucker bleed. If this is the guy, you deserve a another medal to go along with your war-time ribbons and medals.
Pedophile Pete's days are numbered so he will stay in the crosshairs...fuck that pervert and fuck Oklahoma and Minnesota. Balls to the walls all of you fucking CHOMOS!!!

Johnny Northside! said...

I make no assertions "this is the guy." I only assert "this is the guy Fox 9 blurred out."

Johnny Northside! said...

The photo is definitely Schug. Freeze the frame, look and compare to his information on the MNDOC Level Three Offender website.

I noticed the issue with the address in the FOX 9 story versus on the MNDOC website, but often that website is not immediately updated which may account for the difference. FOX 9 may have developed information they didn't put out over the airwaves because television rarely gets caught up in the details like bloggers.

Johnny Northside! said...

In fact...if you freeze the frame of the FOX 9 story, you can actually make out the address by block number, his release date, his MO, the statute he violated...

You can see ALL that stuff by freezing the frame and determine it's the same guy. So why was FOX 9 making an assertion about the address which is different than the Lyndale Ave. N. address on the MNDOC page for that suspect? You got me.

But that's the guy they were talking about. That's his MNDOC page, his age, his MO and, well, compare the profiles. I'm going to be checking the jail roster frequently for any new developments.

Johnny Northside! said...

The police are all over it, I am sure. If somebody wants to look for the house and send this blog a picture, or hold a protest on that block, or whatever law-abiding activity, well, have yourself a time.

Anonymous said...

This is what makes your blog one of my daily must reads, along with The Last Refuge. Hold their feet to the sunlight! Wolverines!

Anonymous said...

Of course no one else reports this: YOU are the one obsessed with sexual offenders. Also, you present misinformation when you write that offenders re-offend near where they live. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every study done to date shows that the small number of offenders who re-offend do so well away from their residences. You might be credible if you presented actual facts, instead of just writing whatever comes to that addled mind of yours.

Anonymous said...

Will McDonald did not "quit" Hennepin County. Hennepin County quit him. He left for a better opportunity with the Department of Corrections. The direction and leadership of Hennepin County Probation is going down the toilet bowl.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this guy using the internet at the library this fall. Parents, watch your kids internet activities and who they are talking to.

Anonymous said...

More documented unethical behavior. You have no intention of ever changing if you get a law license.

Johnny Northside! said...

The Fox 9 information about offenses that are committed near but not right near the home of the sex offenders speaks for itself. These are the most dangerous human beings in society and yet time and time again sicko apologists come forth and try to say, "Oh, EVERY STUDY PROVES they're not THAT dangerous."

Anonymous said...

I wish one of those sex offenders would violate you in every one of your orifices!
The mere thought of such thoughts are offensive to a sex offender. Maybe if you had your cornhole violated it would finally shut that gaping hole on your face known as your mouth.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am rejecting a comment.

I am not, however, sitting in moral judgment of the comment. Not after I wrote and sang a song on YouTube called "Ball Chopping Axes."

Anonymous said...

Post it and You Tube the shit John because you bring a lot of humor and genuine feeling and really ought to look in to being a personal humorist journalist.

MCullen NE said...

Wow anonymous Jan 8, 2015 is very scary. I have known many abused girls and most is family but to act like this abduction is nothing is sick. Whoever you are I really don't care and you are sick.
John thank you for caring and pushing for the city to do something about the obvious dumping of very sick I can't even say people. I know of a group home over there that has some very dangerous folks too not sexually but violent. It is not right how they dump on North Mpls.