Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sheanitta Jade Cox Charged In Incident Involving "Three adults, one child and a large amount of suspected heroin" (Allegedly)

Opium den image, Wikipedia creative commons, click here
for non-required attribution, blog post by John Hoff

Click here for the criminal complaint.

In July of this year, Minneapolis police searched a residence on "the 100th block of 59th" street in Minneapolis. The residence may not be in my neighborhood, but arrested at the residence was North Minneapolis resident Sheanitta Jade Cox. 

Police reportedly found "a large amount of suspected heroin," $3,241 in US currency, a digital scale and a 40 SW Springfield Armory handgun. 

I just think you can't find a more classy gun brand than...

...Springfield Armory. 

Colt, Remington, Winchester, these all have their charms but Springfield Armory? That's the armory that built America, my friend. It pains me deeply to see a firearm like that in the hands of a drug dealer (alleged drug dealer) instead of some low-end, crappy brand like Hi-Point. 

Hi-Point. For those times you have $500 for a gun and you just spent $300 on beer. Or heroin. Allegedly. 

Anyway, Sheanitta Cox reportedly claimed she was just holding the heroin for somebody. ("Here, girl, hold my heroin I'll be back in a minute") ("Allegedly") Police tested the stuff and determined it was, indeed, heroin, allegedly, and weighed 171 grams. 

Two other adults were present at the ever-so-alleged "heroin house," and one child. The complaint doesn't list anymore information about the child such as age, sex or relationship ("alleged relationship") to the adults at the house. 

Cox reportedly lives at 1518 Emerson Ave. N., Apartment #1. The building is owned by Tony E. Petersen of Brooklyn Park but the taxpayer is listed as "1518 Emerson Ave North LLC." 

This was also the address where Brianna Jones was murdered, click here for previous coverage on JNS blog. It is a troubled address that has made frequent appearances on the Hennepin County Jail Roster.  


Anonymous said...

Springfield Armory? That's the armory that built America, my friend.,_Inc.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, check out this story regarding a drug bust involving a LOT of cocaine smuggled from Arizona to Minnesota.

The Nomi hook? Houston Oliver is listed as the property owner of 1502 W Broadway, a problem property that was the scene of a major police raid two days ago.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, could you post a more racist photo?

Johnny Northside! said...

It's a stock photo of an opium den. You get on Google, look under images of an opium den, find the image that's available for use under a creative common license, and THIS is what ends up at the top of the heap.

Anonymous said...

Racist???? You fux CRACK ME UP!!!!