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Henry Lee Devon Moore Arrested For Attempted Murder, Investigators Used Facebook Profile For Suspect Identification...(CORRECTED BLOG POST)

Facebook image used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism, also (JNS blog asserts) public safety exception to
copyright, also photo may be part of police evidence and, if so,
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John Hoff

(Corrected blog post: Two suspects were identified from Facebook by police, allegedly, one of which is Dwayne A. Garner and the other is Henry Lee Devon Moore. Neither use their real name on Facebook. An incorrect version of this blog post appeared for a few hours online until it was drawn to my attention by a commenter that I had switched up the Facebood information between Henry Lee Devon Moore and Dwayne Garner. Therefore this blog post was taken offline, corrected, and put back online with correction here noted. 

JNS blog strives for accuracy. When error is drawn to my attention, I leap to make correction and I make a public note of the correction)  

Without further explanation or ado...

Click here for the criminal complaint.

A Shooting In Front Of An Apartment Complex

Henry Lee Devon Moore, who is also accused of a vicious robbery at the Northside UnBank, is now also charged with murder. He was reportedly identified by police based upon Moore's Facebook profile, which uses the name Henry Bouffants Moore. An alleged co-conspirator, Dwayne A. Garner, reportedly uses the Facebook profile FinessKing Sto, click here for that profile. JNS blog will get around to writing about THAT Facebook profile later.  

It should be noted the criminal complaint says "FitnessKing" when it is, in fact, "FinessKing." 

According to the criminal complaint, on October 23 multiple shots rang out on the 1700 block of Glenwood Ave. N. in front of a housing complex and police who responded to the scene found...

...a victim lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the base of his neck and a contusion the size of a golf ball on his forehead. Bleeding but coherent, the victim was able to share some information. 

Words Exchanged, Followed By A Shooting, Allegedly 

Six shell casings were located at the scene, as well as a fired bullet. The story told by the victim in excruciating detail, in summary, involved two groups of males encountering each other and words being exchanged near the Skyline Market. Some of the incident was captured on surveillance video from the market. Eventually, one of the males ended up shot, allegedly by Moore and/or his accomplice Garner. 

Is it wrong to be bored by shootings when they happen so often in North Minneapolis and consist of constant variations on the same tired themes of "disses," disputed drug territory, and conflict over the affections of a woman? 

Clues Found On Facebook 

From my point of view, the criminal complaint doesn't get interesting until this sentence right here:

Investigators received information that one of the shooters had been located on Facebook. 

Police believe they have found their man in the Facebook profile of Henry Bouffants Moore. And the URL of the profile shows the name originally used was "King Bezzie." 

King Bezzie, This Is Your Life 

The profile (here's another link to it) shows a man whose life appears to revolve around marijuana. In the "About" section he describes himself as "Head Honcho At Da Trap House." There is a link to a profile for Da Trap House which includes several pictures of marijuana and this cannibis confection, pictured below, which is described as "straight from Colorado." 

As with so many North Minneapolis Facebook profiles, there are many pictures of languid, sensuous smoke blowing:

There are many pictures (I'm not publishing them) of Moore posing with a little girl about four years old. In one picture, she's in the background as he throws a gang sign. It is clear Moore loves this little girl (presumably his daughter) very much.

But that doesn't keep him away from bad companions and unproductive lifestyle choices...all enthusiastically shared on Facebook. 

Beneath his "vanity name" on Facebook, (that's the term the police used instead of "alias") Moore has the following nickname: Hobo. In one picture, which I am not publishing, the word "Hobo" appears tattooed on the lower back of a woman.

Alleged Shooter Knew Murder Victim Billingsley? 

Also a familiar image appears on the profile, an image which has been published before on JNS blog. It's an image of Drew "The Chef" Billingsley, a murder victim who died on the Bloody No. 19" bus route.

King Of The Brooklyn Center Denny's 

Here's something that saddens me about North Minneapolis Facebook profiles. On the one hand, I can understand taking a photo of a plate of homemade soul food. That is a beautiful and unique thing. 

But to take a photo of the food at Denny's or perhaps IHOP? And then publish the photo on Facebook? It shows an impoverished way of thinking to imagine you are eating like a king because you're able to afford Denny's. 

This happens not just once, but several times on Moore's Facebook profile. In fact, even some photos which appeared to be homemade soul food at first glance turn out to be, upon closer examination, just food from some buffet piled on a plate.

"Boss shit" Garner writes of this image. Which provides me a thin excuse to provide a link to the song Like A Boss as musical commentary. Of the image below, he writes "Boss shit me n da gang."

A Common Northside Tragedy; Rinse, Lather, Repeat 

It is difficult to look at this man's Facebook profile, heavy with pictures of his young child and a woman (with "Hobo" tattoo) who I presume to be the child's mother, and all those unintentionally humble photos of food, and not see this man's humanity. I find myself hoping the police are wrong, and Henry Lee Devon Moore DID NOT commit this attempted murder, and it's all a horrible mistake, and he will be cleared and reunited with his little girl.

Legally, Moore is innocent until proven guilty. 

But the historical pattern is that police and prosecutors are seldom wrong when they press murder and attempted murder charges. Somewhere on the Northside tonight, there is a child who will be missing her father because, allegedly, men on the streets of North Minneapolis couldn't walk by each other without words being exchanged and the incident turning into a near-deadly shooting. 

Maybe if these young men were required to wear body cameras...?


But then again...



Anonymous said...

Dwayne A. Garner's fb profile is FinessKing Sto

Anonymous said...

Self cleaning oven never rests.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of these asshole dinosaurs that will soon be roosting in some jail while future generations(in the annals) laugh at their collective stupid behavior and wonder what the fuck was going on back in the late twentieth and early twenty first century.

Anonymous said...

Naw YU need to do more research sir , y'all wayyyyy off

Anonymous said...

that's very intuitive how you commented on them taking pictures I'm going out to eat someplace I'm actually a poor person I do the same thing lol because I'm just happy when I have a meal growing up in a broken home sometimes we don't even have food at home the only time I would eat would be the school lunch it was crazy

Carey Joe Howell said...

That's both crazy and sad. No one should go hungry and certainly no child should go hungry. I don't care who it is. That's just wrong.

Johnny Northside! said...

Link went dead for FinessKing Sto.

Guess I didn't write up that guy quickly enough, ha.

Anonymous said...

its people like henry moore that give north mpls a a bad rep- he's an animal and he belongs in a cage and as far as i'm concerned i hope he gets max

Anonymous said...

He's indicating how much dick he's going to take up his ass in Stillwater.

Anonymous said...

Before he screams for his mother, is what I mean.

Johnny Northside! said...

The "dick" comment is offense and foul but I am publishing it for purposes of a First Amendment discussion. Such comments, while lacking in meaningful content, may serve a cathartic purpose. Undoubtedly, North Minneapolis residents are traumatized by crime and such comments may serve to let them vent a little.

Anonymous said...

Put you in a cage Ok he is not a animal

Anonymous said...

Here is the update on this blog: Dwayne case got dismissed and he's free! That's right free, cause he didn't commit a murder!

Johnny Northside! said...

Can you send me any confirmation that charges were dropped?