Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Peter Teachout, Who Fought "The Battle Of Hawthorne EcoVillage" And Founded "Shoe Patrol" Volunteer Unit In North Minneapolis, Promoted To Captain In Afghanistan...

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Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Word comes via Facebook that Peter Teachout, currently serving in Afghanistan, has been promoted from lieutenant to captain. Teachout is pictured on the left in a recent photo, above. 

Before joining the military, Teachout was at the epicenter of a battle to transform the Hawthorne EcoVillage from the most crime-ridden four square blocks in North Minneapolis to...

...one of the most safe and peaceful areas of our neighborhood. 

The  miraculous transformation was the subject of a case study, click here.  Teachout also founded a group of volunteers simply called "Shoe Patrol" to take down footwear dangling from power lines. Many meanings are attached to shoes dangling from power lines in rough neighborhoods. None of the meanings are good. 

Teachout continues to own and manage a few rental properties in North Minneapolis. This inevitably leads to challenges, each of which Teachout dutifully and competently faces. He is one of the good landlords. 

Though far away from us, Teachout is near in our thoughts and prayers and, well, on Facebook. 

This blogger longs for the day when Teachout's dangerous duties in foreign lands will come to an end, he will render a final military salute, and then march back to our neighborhood as a civilian to once again provide his amazing and transformative leadership. 

Though Teachout wouldn't care much for the comparison, I'll say it anyway: How happy I would be to once again play Stalin to his Lenin. 

To Captain Teachout: 

Come home safe, sir, from the shadow of the Valley of Death. Here is a super-churchy YouTube video tribute, just for you. 

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Anonymous said...

This is the MAN!!! This guy deserves some kind of special life medal for everything that he has done and will do. These type of human beings come around not too often. Good Luck, Peter, I only wish I could have half the impact you have had.