Sunday, December 28, 2014

Report Of Armed Robbery At 3319 Aldrich Ave. N. Sends One JNS Blog Reader Digging Into The Story And Scrutinizing "Goff Holdings, LLC"

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff (because it's so hard to
quickly obtain suitable stock photos I sometimes just use what I've got)

One of my faithful blog readers sent me an email and I asked permission to republish it, minus the name. I'm glad to see that my readers do their own digging into their own stories, but then it's a question of where they will publish their information...

Facebook forums like North Vent are wildly popular in my rapidly-transforming neighborhood, but not completely anonymous. 

So despite the popularity of these Northside Facebook forums--which I happily admit have eclipsed the muckraking role of this blog--there is still a place for this blogger, especially when people want to cough up info but don't want to be linked to the info. 

And thus this email, as follows, links added by JNS blog:

Johnny - while doing some computer work tonight I was listening to the scanner.  Heard an armed robbery of dwelling at 3319 Aldrich.  It caught my attention for some reason.  I checked the address on the county property records and see it is owned by a Goff Holdings LLC, with the taxpayer a Kesone Burns.  Lo and behold, Mr. Burns is on your very own jail roster of 8-29-11 to 10-17-11 at the same address.

Now Ms. Goff is a stock broker/planner of some repute.  She has moved a lot from one firm to another and developed something of a reputation as being rather, shall we say, bossy.  She also sued the city some time ago for some vague car damage involving a garbage truck or something similar and I may have even mentioned her name before to you.

Anyway, seems the house was robbed by two black males, both armed. 

Hmmm.  Oh well, maybe just another bad guy getting robbed by other bad guys.  Thought it would be more interesting...

To which JNS blog replies: 

Kesone Dorsey Burns (DOB 11/02/83) only has traffic violations on his MNCIS record, which I pulled up to check. He does have an interesting little trail of civil cases, including one that references Goff Holdings LLC. 

The Goff Holdings case is an eviction action, and it followed on the heels of two other eviction actions by different companies against Kesone Burns. There's also a child support case. 

Based on what I see in the online record, it may be that an eviction action was filed but eviction didn't actually take place. It's hard to say. Burns certainly has a connection to that address, and so does Goff Holdings LLC. But there's no indication Burns is what I'd call a "bad guy," at least not based upon his record in Minnesota. 

But it is the habit of JNS blog to go where reader interest leads and, in this case, reader interest leads to 3319 Aldrich Ave. N. 

And, in North Minneapolis, landowners with the word "Holdings" in the name of their LLC must be watched closely. Generally they appear upon my radar in a minor way and then within a year or two, watch out, the whole show has gone south like a flock of Canada geese, leaving a trail of fetid droppings all the way to South America. 

As it turns out, this isn't the first time I've heard of "Goff Holdings, LLC." In 2013 yet ANOTHER reader sent me an email, mentioning researching some properties for sale in North Minneapolis and coming across "Goff Holdings" on certain listings. 

That reader wrote as follows: 
(The properties) were picked up for a song with no visible investment since last purchased from the pictures posted.  For kicks, I checked out the address of the owner, Brian and Janel Goff who live at 1901 Logan Ave. S.   Here is the last posted picture of the house on the MLS!  

I would say these folks definitely have double standards.  The (photo shown above) is for themselves and then there are the ghetto properties in North Minneapolis for oh well you know those people. 

Mmmm hmmm. The out-of-neighborhood investors drink their fine wine and kick back with soft feet upon antique mahogany tables, leaving our neighborhood to stew in its longstanding historical misery. When called to account for the suffering they create to make a filthy buck to squander on high living, they wrap themselves in an American flag and shout "capitalism" until they are hoarse. 

And by the way...

This blogger isn't going to get into a whole big thing about the use of that MLS photo. It is used here for purposed of First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, contrasting the opulent, upscale lifestyle of the Goffs with the downscale, run-down houses they are involved with in North Minneapolis. The photo is not being used to market houses but for pure political speech.  

I look forward to the next time I hear the name "Goff Holdings LLC." Now, like Paul Bertelson in 2009, they are "on my radar." 


Anonymous said...

Perhaps because the Facebook forums wouldn't allow that type of statement. ''Two BLACK males'' I shall be on the look out for them in North Minneapolis. Thanks for the heads up! What race are Brain and Janel? I hate filthy landlords and I want to be on the look out for them too.

Anonymous said...

Brian Goff is a colossal douche. He also owns/owned a bunch of apartments in the Bossen Terrace area of South Minneapolis. If I'm not mistaken there was a murder at one of those dumps not long ago. See: 5754 Bossen Terrace

Sue Jacobson said...

Oh Anonymous, so politically correct! Of course ANY forum would allow the truth. If the perps are black call them black, if the perps are white, call them white, if the perps are asian, call them asian, if the perps are American Indian, call them American Indian. I mean come on. I bet Brian and Janel are white folks. I too hate slum lords. I too hate crime. Just tell the complete truth.

Anonymous said...

The truth will never be told because "only white people commit hate crimes" and white people are the only one's that get "called" on their shit. Let us, onetime, put the boot on the other foot.
You know what the hell I am talking about, also.

Anonymous said...

Well put. I checked out the Goff FB page at one point in 2013 and found pictures documenting the opulence of the Goff family lifestyle. Opulence is really the only word one can use when viewing childhood birthdays feted in damask-papered rooms furnished with 18th-century style gilded chairs, crystal vases and and you say, mahogany coffee tables. I wonder if the Goffs tell their children to thank their indigent peers in their prayers for all the equity North Minneapolis has bled for their comfort.

Johnny Northside! said...

Mahogany coffee tables? For real? I must have been channeling something from the universe when I wrote that line...or inferring the interior from the exterior, and inferring correctly if the anonymous comment is to be believed.

Would love to get some of those pictures and a link to the source of the pictures sent to my email.

Anonymous said...

Ever hear the phrase First World problem?

At least it didn't get to the Supreme Court!~


Anonymous said...

Both Brian and Janel have FB pages. There are some photos of the interior of their home.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

“We help families, business owners, not-for-profits,” she said. “My team and I are dedicated to helping our clients develop their own personalized plan to match their goals, advising them on how to identify what that is and make informed decisions.”

Read more:

Johnny Northside! said...

I'm happy to discuss the opulence but I don't feel the need to publish those photos at this point.


brian g said...

I came across your blog and would like about the comments you made about me my wife and family. My wife and I donate a substantial amount of money every year to many non profit organizations throughout mn. My wife even was given the volunteer of the year for her efforts. I despise someone making negative comments about my wife without knowing anything about her. Also in response to photos of our home, don't forget about the 80-100. Hours per week of work over 10 years to have nice things. Also don't forget about all the personal things you give up when working that much that most people take for granted. Everyone can have and achieve whatever they want, they just need to be prepared to work 80-100 per week and give up a lot of personal things. In regards to the property in question 3319 Aldrich ave, that property was sold at the time of the event and the city hadn't updated there records. I personally only invested in North Minneapolis after discussing this with the top inspections official of Minneapolis. I explained how I wanted to help and said it would be a good idea. So I delve in

brian g said...

I would like you to know I haven't made a dime from any properties I purchased in North Minneapolis and spent millions of dollars renovating them. We required strict background checks and never rented to convicted felons. Whoever as we all know people who can pass a background check can have friends or meet people with bad habits. If you put people with bad habits together with other people with bad habits only worse things can happen. We have a societal problem on a scale never seen before. We have transient people with bad habits that move from one living space to another but never actual address the real issues at hand. I've spoke with city officials, police officers about this problem and I'm always told they same things, as long as these people don't live in our city. So on goes the cycle of people moving in and out causing problems and the landlord is always at fault. There are good landlords there are bad landlords there are good people there are bad people, I just want people before they jump to conclusions that just because a landlord has a problem tenant that there a problem landlord. I feel that the work I did to help people in North Minneapolis was appreciated by those I rented to. No treated each tenant like I wanted to be treated, I discounted rent, gave breaks when necessary to help people out. Not once did I rent to someone I wouldn't have wanted to know as a friend. I lived in a low income area of Minneapolis out of college to save money and I had to deal with assault, robery and drug dealing everyday. These people need help from society as a whole and we are all to blame. I have since sold every property I owned in north Minneapolis except one and the only reason I did is the tenants. I wanted to protect there living arrangements. A few years ago a black couple approached me to rent to them, they were desperate and needing a place immediately. They passed a background check and I even reduced there rent to $300 under market. The tenants would call me on the first every month to make sure I received there rent. Not too long ago i received a call from the wife and she told me her husband had died from cancer. I didn't even know, she didn't even tell me. I adore her for her courage and have even helped pay her water bill. I can honestly say I agree with everyone on her, investors shouldn't own any properties in North Minneapolis and should sell everyone to an owner occupant and not buy any. No one is making any money in North Minneapolis and if anyone things people are making money in North Minneapolis your clueless. The only regret I have is actually investing any money in North Minneapolis. I was told by the head of inspections that every property in North Minneapolis not purchased would have been torn down and I thought this would have been a tragedy. Higher costs less housing. If I wouldn't have purchased properties in North Minneapolis I would be richer, happier, and have a less stressful life. So in closing I only want the best for any person whether fortunate for there hard work, less fortunate for a lack of schooling. Or addicted a bad habit, hopefully the find help from someone, maybe from some of you. My recommendation to all is that you lobby the city of Minneapolis to change the law so no single family home can be owned by an investor. So I agree no investment company or person should buy single family homes in Minneapolis they should be owned by owner occupants. Piece out and happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Anyone in real estate knows that the Goff name has been involved in real estate and land development for well over 60 years. These goofs inherited a bundle...and will end up losing it eventually...unless it is in a trust fund!

Anonymous said...

Do I get to be judge, jury and executioner?

Johnny Northside! said...

I do have your email, Mr. Goff, responding to what I wrote and I do intend to publish it. I have simply been busy. I am happy to publish your comments but do still intend to publish your email.

Anonymous said...

Now I guess it is a bad thing to have money with goodness in your heart...and what the hell is your purpose in life,John? I know you have a purpose and what you bring to NoMi is really respectful but you can't assume that rich folk's don't have a heart.
Even though I have basically nothing I still have to treat any one person like an equal even though I know we are not on the same matter what level. I love you and what you are doing because not a lot of people have the time or balls to do it. Drive on, brother.

Anonymous said...

Sweet meltdown Goff.

Anonymous said...

So there goes that 4 you, JNS. Picking on ordinary decent people again, as usual...intimidating them and upsetting them by mentioning their families. God, what a collosal cad u r. How do u sleep at night? Do u ever wake up in the middle of the night and wonder whether or not all the crap u have thrown against the wall about people is still sticking. Another innocent victim on ur dumb-ass, ignorant and mean-spirited blog. 'my readers doing their own investigating.' Your a jerk.

Anonymous said...

"My recommendation to all is that you lobby the city of Minneapolis to change the law so no single family home can be owned by an investor. So I agree no investment company or person should buy single family homes in Minneapolis they should be owned by owner occupants."

Dang... I laughed all the way through this post chomping at the bit to write a scathing response until I read these last comments.

Now, if Brian would only lead by example I might even admire him!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Johnny Northside! said...

"You're." Note how the contraction is spelled instead of the possessive form "Your."

"You're a jerk."

Anonymous said...

To Jan 8 at 5:56. You have got to be kidding!! How would you ever get enough qualified buyers to buy all the rental single family homes and what would you do with all the idiot tenants that live in them now? You just get from making a run to Colorado???

Anonymous said...

"You're." Note how the contraction is spelled instead of the possessive form "Your."
This is an epidemic. It is the most common mistake It's in e-mails, yahoo comments it's everywhere. The grade schools need to cover this better.